<backstage discussion>

Director: Good News Archie!

AA: MR. ARCHANGELUS FOR YOU! What's the new?

Director: I've got a guest for the Walkthrough!

AA: Really???

Director: The problem is, He wants to make a surprise, even for us! So we don't when he will come :/

AA: These Guests...At least you know who is it?

Director: Now we want to surprise you...But i'll give a hint: He's purple :3

AA: Purple??? ...I hate when people hide something to me...

</backstage discussion>

Ok then, Back to Castle Oblivion...Upon leaving Traverse Town, You Fellas will confronted by a mysterious figure (The one before), but Axel, a member of the organization, will appear to make a challenge to Sora

Organization Battle: Axel
Axel 2 KHD

Axel is the first opponent that will use sleights against you, but will not be the last. One sleight that he likes to throw out is Fire Wall, an attack that creates a flame wall that slowly creeps toward you. To dodge this, break it with a 0 card or a sleight of your own. You can even Dodge Roll through it without getting burned. Ice magic is a good idea to use if you can hit him, but watch out since he is pretty fast. Axel does not move like Sora does, running around, he teleports like crazy all over the place!!! Keep battering him down until you defeat him. Remember to heal when necessary.
HP: 420
Attack: 5
Experience: 75
Fire (card)Agrabah 2 (card)Olympus Coliseum 2 (card)Wonderland 2 (card)Monstro 2 (card)Halloween Town 2 (card)

After defeating Axel, You obtain the first set of world cards, the cards that are used to choose a world, like you did with Traverse Town. Head toward the door and go to Castle Oblivion, Second Floor. When there, another cut scene will occur. After the cut scene, move toward the blu-ish orb like savepoint. There is also an option that let you go to already visited worlds, to get more and rarer cards. But it isn't necessary right now, is it? So, let's vist our first world wihout any tutorial...If you wanna follow me, choose the Agrabah card, and let's go to the Desert!

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