AA: Alrighty, now that we made peace reign, we are at...Is this Stomach Acid?!!

Director: Me thinks so...We are indide Monstro, what did you think?

Producer: What is a rock doing...THE ROCK IS MOVING ALONE!!

Characters Heartless
World Attack Card Cards Treasures
Friend/Enemy Card Bounty Room of Rewards
Monstro 2 (card)
Soul Eater (card)
Soul Eater
"Reacts to dark power. Riku's strength is higher when he wields darkness in battle."
The King (card)
This card will summon King Mickey, healing Riku slightly, hurting all enemies and stunning them for a short time, and restocking Riku's deck. Stocking these cards will allow you to use the only sleight you can as regular Riku, MM Miracle. It increases the amount you are healed and the damage done to enemies.

AA: Anyway, after the amazing experience of discovering that things inside a whale's belly may not be as they seem...


AA: *cough* From where you start, kill all of the Heartless and strike the door. Synthesize to make a value of 1 or more. In Room 2 do the same and in Room 3, do all the same except for synthesizing to make a value of 2 or more. In Room 4, clear the room of Heartless and strike the door. Synthesize to make a value of 3 or more. In Room 5, after killing all of the Heartless, strike the door. Synthesize with cards that have green borders to make a value of 5 and the Key of Beginnings.

Director: And then, you'll face the Parasite Cage!...Again!

Boss Battle: Parasite Cage
Parasite Cage KH

Right off the bat, combo the Parasite Cage. Before it even has a chance to attack, you'll get the Gimmick Card. The Gimmick Card will make the platforms stop rotating and give you easier access to the Parasite Cage. Now, without the threat of falling into the acid, this boss shouldn't be any trouble at all. He can make a plataform to sink, So watch out where you step!
HP: 770
Attack: 10
Experience: 651
Parasite Cage (card)

Producer: Once you've taken care of Parasite Cage, go back to Room 2 and strike the remaining door. Synthesize to make a value of one or more. After clearing the next room of Heartless, go through the door and you'll return to Castle Oblivion.

AA: And then, We go to...<checks the script>

Director: Neverland, of course. And, we have a special guest for this world!

AA: A guest? someone can enter and come with us?

Director: No...The guest is exactly from this world...You'll see soon enough!

Producer: Onward on the Walkthrough!