<backstage discussion> Director: We can't get an guest right at the beginning of the Walkthrough!

AA: But we have to! It makes the Walkthrough more popular!

Director:I'll make everything possible, but i can't get it now!

AA: You're SO Incopetent! Why did i hired you anyway?

Director: Because i'm a good friend?

AA: ¬¬...BACK TO WORK!...So where was...

Director: It's already lunch time?


Director: <cries>

AA: *Sigh*...Ok, just a cofee and BACK TO WORK!

Director: YAY!!

AA: New Directors are not as good as the old ones...

</backstage discussion>

So Fellas, The Door has lead us to...Traverse Town?
Characters Heartless
World Attack Card Cards Treasures
Friend/Enemy Card Bounty Room of Rewards
Traverse Town 2 (card)
Traverse Town
N/A N/A N/A Lionheart (card)
"A special attack card with fire-based attacks."

So, Sora encounters himself in Traverse Town, and after some talk sequences, the Unknown wantes to teach him some really he'll teach you the basics...^^ (YAY! First time using this Template!)

Tutorial Battle:  ???

Not really a battle...Just do as the Unknown says and you'll be fine...BTW, did you miss something by now?
HP: ???
Attack: ???
Experience: N/A
Key of Beginnings (card)

Ok, after this, you'll receive the Key of Begginnings card, wich lead you to the first of three parts of the plot of a world. Also after the Battle, you'll realize that Donald and Goofy are now Cards that you can use in any battle, wich can be good, as they are a great help in any stage of the game^^ Anyhow, let's get going!

You're not free yet! You now have to go through the Door, Choosing the cards that you're told to choose. Now, Move toward the save point to initiate an informational group of text boxes that you must go through to continue. After smashing a barrel and fighting a Shadow Heartless, you are given "free" control.

Here begins the most difficult part in the game, gathering cards. You'll have to fight many heartless and get the right cards to open the Doors. However, you already obtained one with the battle with the shadow, so consider it a lucky^^...So, now you have to kill many heartless to get enough cards to go to the Room 2, wich has a crown above it...You know what that means? Exactly, Here you'll use the card you gained from the Unknown battle

Now, another talk sequence and, oh Leon!

Tutorial Battle:  ???
Leon KH

Again, a Tutorial battle...But this time, about card strength and breaks, along with how to use sleights, a large part of the game that you must know and use until the end of the game...Anyway, LEON!
HP: ???
Attack: ???
Experience: N/A
Key of Guidance (card), Simba (card)

After one of the only two Final Fantasy fights in the game (THIS IS FRUSTATING!), You'll receive your first Summon Card, besided the 2nd of 3 plot cards.

...After that, go to Room 3 and use the Key of Guidance card you obtained with the LEON battle before. After the talk sequence, it's adviced for the player to save the progress in Room 1, and then to go to Room 4 using the Key to Truth (card) you received from Room 3, Because, when you open the Room 3...

Boss Battle: Guard Armor
Guard Armor KH

Guard Armor is the first boss, yet is simple enough that it will not send the players to the brink of insanity, yet will not be all that much of a cakewalk. Guard Armor is split into five parts, a body, two legs and two arms. To defeat this boss, all parts must be destroyed. Focusing on either the arms or the legs, take out part of Guard Armor using simple Keyblade cards, healing when necessary. After all the arms and legs are gone, go for the body. Watch out, for the body spins around, seemingly randomly, making this part a little tricky. Break the enemy cards to make this battle simpler and to allow you a couple hits. Another Strategy is to wait until the Gimmick Card drops and use it, as it causes the Guard Armor to collapse and be completely vulnerable for a shot time, Continuing to heal as necessary until the boss is defeated.
HP: 200
Attack: 5
Experience: 48
Guard Armor (card)

Upon defeating Guard armor, Sora is taken to room 11, opening up all of the other rooms to access. Room 11 is a Moment's Reprieve, allowing saving to be done. After saving, which is highly advised, the player should continue through the door to the area between floors in Castle Oblivion.

It should be noted that room 9 is a special room, requiring a golden card found in battle to open. The player would not probably stumble across this rare card so early in the game, but it is possible. Open the door like any of the other doors the game and take the prize, the keyblade Lionheart.

So, We're not going to return here for plot purposes, so, if you wanna follow the exactly plot line, Say goodbye to Traverse Town and go ahead the Door!