AA: So, arriving in Hollow Bastion...

Producer: HEY! Take a look here! Look what it says

AA: Let me see <reads> OMG! This would break the rulez!

Director: But we have to do that, it's the same anyway ¬¬

AA: Eh...This is on the next section! Let's Focus on this one!

Producer: BTW, we need some Organization on this...What about, I read the Story cutscenes, The Director makes the battles and AA takes care of the rest

AA: And when a guest arrives?

Producer: Eehhh...He shares the rest with you!

AA: Hmmm...Ok for me...Anyway, How i was saying...

Characters Heartless
World Attack Card Cards Treasures
Friend/Enemy Card Bounty Room of Rewards
Hollow Bastion 2 (card)
Hollow Bastion
N/A Beast (card)
Rushes at enemies ferociously. If more Beast cards are stocked, more powerful the rush will be.
Reflect Raid
Cloud (card) + Kingdom Key (card) + Kingdom Key (card)
Cloud + Attack Card + Attack Card
Hurl the Keyblade and make it ricochet around to strike many enemies.
Cloud (card) + Stop (card) + Kingdom Key (card)
Cloud + Stop + Attack Card
Cloud singles out an enemy and uses Cross-slash.
Mushu (card)
Mushu's ability to shoot fireballs is available again after Sora summons him for aid. His Sleight for multiple cards is Flare Breath and he is also used in the Firaga Break and Mega Flare Sleights.

AA: Story Background, please

Producer: Right away! *Ahem* Upon Sora's, Donald's, and Goofy's arrival, Belle and Beast are having a conversation. Belle, acting strange, tells Beast that she's going to stay with Maleficent. She leaves Beast, and the three offer their help to Beast, who leaves shortly after. You'll get the Key of Beginnings after the cutscene finishes.

AA: Wonderful! My turn! *Cahem* These Heartless require you to be at high levels, especially the Defender, the toughest Heartless in the game. Either run past all of them or try to fight if you think you're leveled up high enough. Take the door to the west and synthesize using a card with a value of 1 or higher. When you get to Room 2, once again, you have two options: kill all of the Heartless or run and avoid the battles. Take the door to the west and do the same as you did in Room 1, synthesize using a card with a value of 1 or more. Strike the door to the east and use a Moogle Card if you have one. If not, go back to Room 3 and head to the door at the west of the room. Use a card with a value of 6 or higher to get through the door. In Room 4, head to the door at the south of the room and synthesize using a card with a value of 7 or more. In Room 5, kill all of the Heartless and strike the door. Synthesize with the Key of Beginnings, a Magic Card, and a card with a value of 3 or less. You'll reach Room 6, where you'll see a cutscene.

Producer: The three meet Belle and afterward, see her and Maleficent have a conversation. Maleficent leaves and takes Belle with her. You'll get the Key of Guidance.

AA: Go back out the way you came and you'll be in Room 4. Synthesize using a card with a green border, a card with a value of 7 or more, and the Key of Guidance. The next room will have another cutscene.

Producer: Maleficent is trying to make Belle call Beast over and fall for the trap. Sora, Donald, and Goofy intervene, and Beast arrives not long after. Belle tells him to leave because she doesn't want to see him so he won't get hurt by Maleficent. Beast, unfortunately, is hurt emotionally by her words but decides to stand his ground. After he explains why he looks the way he does, Maleficent announces that Beast's heart is purer than Belle's, and decides she's going to take his instead. Belle, however, jumps in front of Beast and takes the attack instead, transforming into a heart which enters Maleficent's scepter. Maleficent leaves and Sora, Donald, and Goofy once again offer to help Beast. You get the Key to Truth after the cutscene.

AA: Go back to Room 3. Head to the door to the east of the room, then head to the north door in this room, and then strike the left door in this room. Synthesize using an Attack Card, a Gimmick Card, and the Key to Truth. After the next cutscene in which Maleficent transforms into a dragon, it'll be boss battle time. (Director, Your Turn!)

Director: Right Away!

Dragonoid Boss Battle: Blue-Eyes White Dragon My mom when she wakes up Maleficent Dragon
Fear my...Uh! I need to brush my teeth!

Maleficent won't be too hard of a boss as long as you're at the right level (which is probably at least 37). Use the usual attacks and combos and avoid her attacks and combos by card breaking or dodge rolling. Thunder, in this case, is a good card to use. It doesn't require getting close and can easily hit the large dragon. Her health reaches a third health bar, but this isn't too big a deal. It isn't as hard as it is time-consuming, which, even then, shouldn't take too much time. The Gimmick Card creates a pile of bricks which allows you to reach her head (her only weak point) more easily. This also keeps Sora from being injured from her stomping attack. However, each stomp destroys some of the bricks. In Re:Chain of Memories, the pile of bricks is replaced with a moving pedestal - Sora can move freely towards Maleficent's head while he is on it. Successfully breaking Maleficent's stomp attack keeps the pedestal aloft, allowing Sora to continue attacking her head. However, note that she is immune to some Sleights.
HP: 1140
Attack: 23
Experience: 2509
Maleficent (Dragon) (card)

AA: So, when the Huffy Puffy Dragon is taken Down, you'll receive her enemy card, Blah Blah Blah... So, Ladies and Gentleman, Prepare yourselves...The next page will be...BIG!!!I think we'll have a guest...

<picks up the phone>

AA: Eh, Can you come now? YAY!

<throws the phone out the window>

Anyway, You cards are over so... Move on!

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