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"Adventure is in the cards."

Welcome! This is my, ArchAngelus's, Walkthrough! This is my first Walkthrough, one of many i hope, So i chose the easiest and simpliest KH game to start first, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories!


Controls are divided into 2 different categories: World Map and Combat

World MapEdit

  • B u = Move up
  • B d = Move down
  • B l = Move left
  • B r = Move right
  • A Button- Nintendo DS = Swing Keyblade. If you hit a door, opens up the Room Synthesis menu. If you his a barrel or some other object, cards or health or moogle point balls may appear.
  • ButtonB = Jump. Hold it down to jump even higher.
  • B start = Opens up the in-game menu. During a cut scene, if held, the cut scene will be skipped.
  • B select = Opens up the level map. Shows current position and rooms that have and haven't been opened.


  • B u + B d + B l + B r: Movement. Tap B l or B r twice quickly to use Dodge Roll, which pass through attacks with no damage taken. Riku can also dodge up and down while in Dark Mode.
  • A Button- Nintendo DS: Use currently selected card.
  • ButtonB: Jump. Hold it for a higher jump. If Riku is in Dark Mode, using it twice allows you to double jump and land behind an enemy.
  • B start: Pause battle.
  • B select: Switch between Normal and Enemy cards in battle.
  • B l1 + B r1 = Select Cards to be used in a Sleight. Tap B l1 OR B r1 to select the cards, then tap both to utilize the sleight

Why am I doing this Walkthrough? Edit

Well, I always wanted to make a Walkthrough that would make people play the game, and also transform a Boring game into a Cool one. In a nutshell, I'm doing this because i actually like it^^ And to the ones that don't have a GBA, and wants to play this game, just download a good emulator and have fun!



Characters Heartless
{{{Characters}}} {{{Heartless}}}
World Attack Card Cards Treasures
Friend/Enemy Card Bounty Room of Rewards
[[File:{{{WN}}} 2 (card).png]]
[[{{{WN}}}#Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories|{{{WN}}}]]
{{{AC}}} {{{Friend}}} {{{Bounty}}} {{{RR}}}

This one is for the Summary at the begginning of each world's page. Be it Sora's or Riku's Story, you'll be seeing this 2 times in each world!


{{{Boss Type}}} Battle: {{{Name}}}

HP: {{{HP}}}
Attack: {{{ATK}}}
Experience: {{{EXP}}}

This is the template used when battling bosses or Important battles...You'll see this often...:D