Trinity Marks, we find them everywhere......literally's a lookie at a list of all of them.....and the ones you've missed. also nice layout Production Staff...that wasn't a compliment!!!!

Traverse Town Logo KH
Type Location Notes Reward
Blue First District In front of the restaurant tables. Transported to balcony with Postcard in chest.
First District In the left corner near the world exit. 75-99 munny
Third District In the alley running behind the Lady and the Tramp fountain. 99 munny and Camping Set
Magician's Study On the floor near the main entrance. ? munny and Mega-Ether
Red First District At the end of the short alley behind the Item Shop. Opens access to Alleyway and 99 Puppies chest.
Alleyway On the drainage grate on the end of the alley near the Dalmatian's House. Access to Secret Waterway
Second District On top of the Gizmo Shop roof in Second District, along the back wall. Access to bell which reveals Keyhole.
Green Accessory Shop In the middle of the floor. Lowers ladder to Synthesis Shop.
Yellow Mystical House In the back of the house, on the stack of crates. Access to Power Up.
White Secret Waterway In the middle of the passage, where the short tunnel connects with the main tunnel. Orichalcum
Wonderland Logo KH
Type Location Notes Reward
Blue Lotus Forest In the alcove to the right where you can give the flower a potion. Ether, Potion, Tent and MP balls.
Lotus Forest After the boulder comes out of the flower, grow big and move the boulder into the water, then jump up the Lilly Pads into the hidden area. Camping Set and MP balls.
Green Rabbit Hole Where Sora and the party enter at the beginning of the world. Elixir
Bizarre Room In the fireplace. Mythril Shard
White Lotus Forest In the closed off area that can be reached through the painting on the wall of the Bizarre Room. Lady Luck

Olympus Coliseum Logo KH
Type Location Notes Reward
Blue Coliseum Gates Under the right hand statue. Dalmatians 22, 23, & 24
Coliseum Gates Under the left hand statue. Mythril Shard
Green Coliseum Gates To the left of the main entrance in front of the Tournament Rankings Mythril
Yellow Lobby Next to the stone Phil asks you to move. Olympus Coliseum Keyhole
White Coliseum Gates On the ground in the very center of the area. Violetta

Deep Jungle Logo KH
Type Location Notes Reward
Blue Camp Near the Lab Equipment. Dalmatians 34, 35 & 36
Climbing Trees On the topmost ledge, near the Tree House entrance. Dalmatians 31, 32 & 33
Green Treetop Right in the center of the area. Hard to see because of the foliage on the ground. Mythril Shard
White Cavern of Hearts In front of the Keyhole. Orichalcum
Agrabah Logo KH
Type Location Notes Reward
Blue Bazaar In the middle of the floor. Mega-Ether and Munny
Cave of Wonders Silent Chamber, right in front of the steps. Thunder-G
Red Cave of Wonders Treasure Room, in front of statue. Mythril Shard and Munny
Green Storage Room In front of the shelf. Power Up
Yellow Cave of Wonders Hall, in front of pillar. Gain access to new basement chamber.
White Cave of Wonders Entrance, in the middle of floor. Comet-G

Monstro Logo KH
Type Location Notes Reward
Blue Mouth On the platform on top of the tall rock in the center of the Mouth. Potion x 2, Cottage and Munny
Chamber 5 On the ground right in front of the lower entrance from Chamber 6. Cottage and Munny
Throat In the center of the floor of the room. Mythril Shard and Munny
Green Mouth On the roof of Geppetto's ship; requires High Jump. Mythril Shard
White Chamber 6 In the low-lying area behind the tallest "step". Thundaga-G
Atlantica Logo KH
Type Location Notes Reward
White Triton's Palace On the floor in the center of the spiral shell structure. Orichalcum

Halloween Town Logo KH
Type Location Notes Reward
Red Oogie's Manor In the first room after crossing the bridge. (This trinity cannot be reached after the Oogie's Manor boss is defeated.) Mythril Shard
White Moonlight Hill To the left of the entrance, near a broken segment of wall. Comet-G
Neverland Logo KH
Type Location Notes Reward
Green Cabin In the middle of the floor. Access to Captain's Cabin
Yellow Hold On the left hand door on the upper level. Orichalcum, Dispel-G, Aero spell upgrade and puppies 85, 86 & 87
White On Deck On the Poop deck of the ship. Meteor-G

Hollow Bastion Logo KH
Type Location Notes Reward
Blue Dungeon Center of the room. Mega-Ether, Mega-Potion, Cottage and HP balls
Great Crest Right-hand lower balcony, near the landing point for the large magic lift. Cottage x 2, Megalixir and MP balls
Red Entrance Hall Second floor, in front of the tusked stone statue. Emblem Piece
Green Library Second floor, same area as the table and save point. Reach book on shelf.
White Rising Falls Shallow pool where Riku takes the Keyblade. Firaga-G


Ok the last section is our finale, hope you be there Stormies!!!!

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