*LA grumbles*....well guess what?, half the Production staff left for karaoke for an hour...they'll be back in the next section..some are still here though.......


Anyways.....let's continue...

<In LA's mind:I'm gonna kick their asses if they show up late..for even one second late......GRRRRaahhhHhh!!!>


  • Lock the Final Keyhole in Hollow Bastion.
  • A Strong Magical keyblade such as Lionheart or Oathkeeper.
  • Stop on your shortcut magic commands
  • Mega-Ethers, MP Haste and MP Gifts on everyone


Go to Neverland and talk to Tinker Bell in the Cabin.

Ok before you can depart back to Big Ben, you MUST HAVE PETER PAN WITH YOU!!!, talk to Tink and agree to go......

Nothing here....ohh a it's the Phantom of the Opera!! a Phantom

Heartless Battle: Phantom
Phantom KH
HP: 1200
Difficulty: HARD
Fun Rating: *


Ok firstly this is how you attack him, when his heart changes colors corresponding to the colors...

  • White: Perform a physical attack

Now for his attacks, he will cast Doom on one person (Not Sora on the first one), and if the counter starts counting down from 12, you must cast Stop on one of the minute hand, if you don't make it in time, one of your party members will die and Phantom will cast Doom again to another party member later. He will also cast a giant fireball at you, best to stay within the vicinity of the Clock Tower for you not to be hit. He will also occasionally take a swipe at you if your near him. Just dodge all those attacks as per said and attack him accordingly to his heart color. This is a timed~attacking battle. Just remember the pattern of stopping the Doom counter whenever possible.

And with that..bye bye Phantom.....and for that we get an upgrade for Stop...SWEET!!!....

Now about a tournament eh???

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