Ok now go to the warp hole on your right....Deep Jungle Warp then select we'll be in AGRABAH!!...

Agrabah Logo KH

Maleficent and she's everywhere......

The parrot says that Jasmine isn't here....ok?...

7 Princesses, Keyhole...this is an evil chat...and Heartless..Jafar....this is already going bad..

Ok beat up some Heartless then go to the empty house on your left to SAVE.

<Lights go off>

LA:Eh..what the?...production staff why are the lights off?..power outage?..OOOOOOoooiiiiii! Production Staff...

<5 minutes later>

LA:OOOOoooOoooiiiiiiiii!..production staff..

<The next day>

<LA is dazed>

<door opens>

One of the production staff:Ohhhh crap....we left LA here right?.....we're in deep now.....errrrrr.....

<One of the production staff puts a blanket over LA>

<LA rages out>


<LA clicks knuckles>


*Please stand by and watch the fight of Erza Scarlet and Evergreen from Fairy Tail while the "punishment" is in process

LA:Ok let's carry on......

<Production staff all knocked out>

Make your way to the Main Street then go to your left area. Eh?...Jasmine?..PRINCESS!?!...Jafar..and eh..guess how does show up...Jafar >_>...great more Heartless time to beat them up! After that go up to your left , get the treasure chest and release the lock, now go to the door. Now...go to the House on the far right(there's a pole to get u up there), then SAVE then Move the furniture. Eh the Carpet flew all the way to the desert..ok let's go!.

Ok? to the Carpet or SAVE then talk to him.

What the?....Heartless!..beat them ALL UP!

After the rescue..more Heartless show up until this guy brings out a lamp and a GENIE! and errr....removes them from sight!..YAY!....

Aladdin and Genie explains....comically..3 wishes huh.....and one done...ok?...Prince...ehhh Jasmine?!?!....she's in trouble!!!...

Aladdin makes a deal with that Aladdin's last wish to free him from the lamp.

Ok I'd suggest beating up some Heartless then making your way to your right then jumping to the next door, there jump to the next platform with the door. There, jump again and now you see a closed door right?...jump to your right for a secret door. Fro this area beat up the Heartless then release the lock opening the closed door form before. Then backtrack to the closed door.

I'd suggest SAVING at Aladdin's House first before going in there....

Great...Genie NO!!!!..and now Jasmine is in a pot...with a Heartless...WITH POTS!

Heartless Battle: Pot Centipede
Pot Centipede KH
HP: 600
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: **


Ok you need to attack the ends of this Centipede, be careful of his tendrils as they will shock you. Break the pots in between to stun it for a bit, dodge the shocks if possible. The basis is break some of the pots, attack the ends, then dodge the tendrils. Use Thunder to damage him greatly, but be careful to conserve your MP by attacking pots not on the Pot Centipede, so you can heal as well. death scene...Jafar?....he's in the desert!..we get Ray of Light.

SAVE back at Aladdin's House then go to the desert once more.

Ohhh gotta be kidding me.....

Somebody Battle: Cave of Wonders Guardian
Cave of Wonders Guardian KH
HP: 380
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: ***


The main aim, attack his eyes, when you get the chance (when his head is down), attack it. He has some basic attacks such as bringing out Heartless, attacking from his eyes, dodge and hack 'em!!!

Yay!, now let's go in!

Heartless everywhere ok, first thing to do.. fall down. Then go up to the statue and "Call", then go through the next chamber.

After that get the chest then swim up. Then Call again, get the treasure and SAVE. From there go to the Silent Chamber then down the fall. You'll see a statue, touch it. Then go to the secret door....upon going in press Examine. Shot a Fire at it.

Ohhh great....the Keyhole...this ain't good.

Now just head back up to one of the Hall rooms, go through the narrow passage and you'll be at the Treasure Chamber. SAVE then get any treasure then go in....

Maleficent again!...Princess..7...the door?????.....ohhh crap.....

Somebody Battle: Jafar
HP: 500
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: ***


Ok, the main aim, attack jafar, since he levitates and Genie in the way, it's gonna be a bit difficult. Always stay around the outer edges of the battlefield as some of Jafar's magic attacks are area affecting in the center. Attack Jafar when he's on the platform, watch out for his attacks by dodge rolling rinse and repeat, also watch out for Genie's swipes. Also if it's any consolidation, Genie will cheer at you at some point.

We now get Blizzara!! go to Jasmine gotta be kidding me.......

Somebody Battle: Jafar Genie
Jafar (Genie) KHII
HP: 750
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: *****


This boss is EASY, forget about Jafar, go for his lamp in which Iago is carrying, when Iago is in striking distance attack him. The maze like structure of the battlefield will make it easier to attack Iago...or not....Another words, attack the lamp, not Jafar as he's invincible, besides shooting blizzard at him. Also dodge any of Jafar's attack while your trying to attack Jafar's lamp.

Back to your lamp!!!!.....goodbye!!!!

We get Ansem's Report 1 and we get Fira!!

What the?...great. Yay another Keyhole, locked! errr..we gotta leave...

Using Carpet dodge the obstacles and make your way outta there!!

Aladdin gives his next wish..........

Genie's FREEDOM!...yay!!!!

Hades..Riku...Maleficent.....errmmmm..I don't like this.........

.....anyways it seems we get Genie as a Summon!!!!!....yay!!...and this also.

Three Wishes KH

And we learn Green Trinity

Sweetness...SAVE then let's let's go to next section Stormies!!!!

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