After wailing on the production staff who again are now unconscious...again..let's move on...

Time to go back to Traverse Town!...

Traverse Town Logo KH

Ok first stop the Item shop...get some potions maybe a weapon for Donald or Goofy, then find Yuffie near the post, talk to her to find Leon.

Leon seems to be in the underground cavern in the 2nd District..ok to the Second District!.

Go to the Alleyway then find a grated gates..Trinity it to get through....

Swim to get to Leon....

A keyhole yep..the gang talk about the Keyhole and one being in the this world....

Talk to Leon about the Gummi..Aerith says that Cid CID!

We also get Earthshine from Leon....ok?

Once we talk to Cid..hmm seems the Nav Gummi allows us to go to new places...sweet Aye sir!!!

Cid gives us a drop off a an old house in the Third District....k!

Wow..what was....ok to the Third District...

Upon getting to the Door..cast fire and it'll open, then jump on the stones then make your way to the back of the house...

Empty......waaaaa Kairi!?!?! is he?....Merlin?...ahh ok??

Notso empty anymores!!!..right.

Seems the king has asked Merlin to help Sora in the ways of magic, ok?...also the Fairy Godmother!!!...right..SAVE then talk to Merlin..

He puts the book THERE...guess we need to find some missing pages....

We then talk to Fairy Godmother..seems the Earthshine was a SUMMON and not just a summon......SIMBA!!!!!

SAVE and get the to CID's AGAIN!!!

We pass by the Third District..and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa RIKU!!!!!!!!...this ain't a dream right?...errrr....we have a smal chat with Riku..then he uhhhh....disappears...

Now time to go to the Thrid District and find a small house on the second level....

Maleficent?..Ansem?...hmmmm....awful indeed...

Waaaa Maleficent...and RIKU!!!....this ain't good...really not good....

YAY!..we get an upgrade on our Gummi.....Aerith then talks about bells in the 2nd District..above the gizmo shop....ok to the Second District!!

Go to the Gizmo Shop and go to the next area, there climb a ladder, then beat up some Heartless then Trinity..from there pull the rope 3 times to make the bells ring.....and waaaa...the fountain's moving....and...a KEYHOLE!!!

Go to it!

Ahhh shucks...Guard Armor..BEAT HIM UP!!!

A waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?....this is bad....

Guard Armor KH -> Opposite Armor KH

Heartless Battle: Opposite Armor
Opposite Armor KH
HP: 900-Torso, Gauntlets-135, Hammerlegs-270
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: ******


Just like the Guard Armor, he can detach his parts to attack you, he can also charge at you, worse is that he's sorta now an aerial target.....>_>. He can spin his arms, and use his head as a spinner as well....aside from his attacks, dodge and take down his parts, until the Torso the only thing left....from there the only attack the Armor will do is create a cannon to fire...DODGE that then attack as normal...after his Torso is down..well....GOODBYE ARMOR!!

We learn Aero!

Yay!..we seal another Keyhole!...and we get another Gummi CID!.

He's by the Second District's main big door's(in the 1st District).

Ok so Cid is in the Gummi Business huh?..ok, this world done....again....SAVE up in the Accessory Shop then headout to the world's gate..Stay Tune Stormies!!

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