Ohh god Sora and Donald argues on the we go again!.....anyways the next and only place left, I'll seeya there Stormies!..

Olympus Coliseum Logo KH

Sweetness....I err.....go and grab the treasure chest change your keyblade to Jungle King then go into the Lobby to SAVE..and the now conscious production staff what are you doing?

One of the production staff:Betting!

<LA hits the production staff member>

LA:Baka....this is the games..not a betting ring?..What are you betting on?

One of the production staff: Whether you might get past this section also if Sora might get into and beat the games...

LA:Lot of betting there.....well for the first bet, if I do get past this section, WHICH I WILL, I'll make the people who betted against have the royal punishment

<All the production staff gulps>

LA:And the second, I'd say Sora will win the I suppose you guys will bet against me?

<Production staff all nods>

LA:ok then.........anyways let's get going..after saving talk to the goat thingy-guy??? 0.0

Move that boulder?...ok?.....dang it's heavy, retalk to that goat again....

Wrong guy goat dude....the goat talks about the Games..hmmm.

Donald and Sora says that they are heroes, however now the trying to move the boulder...with fail....>_> to the goat.

Take on the goat trial.

First Trial:Bust all the barrels within the time limit.

Second Trail:Bust all the barrels within the time limit(Some are in somewhat difficult location but it should be easy)

The goat says Sora's not to bad, however Sora can't get into the games...oooooooo.

We get Thunder Magic!

Ok now get out the Lobby...what the?....James Woods Hades?....he gives you a pass!!!..ok?..go back to the Lobby and SAVE, then talk to the goat.

Yay! to the Games!...the preliminaries!...errrr...ok.

The first round are all heartless so wail on them.....


Round 2 to 5 are all easy Heartless..wail on them...

Eh?..Cloud and Hades having a chat.......whoa.....errrr..this ain't good.

Round 6- All easy heartless....take them out!

KH - ReCoded - Cloud

Final Match-Cloud

  • Ok Cloud can guard, as well as do a "Braver" attack, dodge roll it then attack, be careful of his guards, as he may counterattack. He can also do a charging attack, dodge roll it then wait for his combo slash then attack him.

Win or lose.....same outcome, ya wanna know why?.....!!...

SAVE then go back to the arena.....


Somebody Battle: Cerberus
Cerberus KHII
HP: 600
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: ****


He mainly bites as well as creating energy balls from his mouth and causing small dark spires to come out of the ground, dodge roll them all, he'll also do shockwave move, jump that one. The best time to attack is during his attacks, though risky, it'll take alot of damage, just be careful not to do an onslaught of attacks, as his other heads may cause some damage. Rinse and Repeat, ohh also you can stun Cerberus but deflecting his energy balls.

Down you go!..and yay!...Inferno Band!...

<LA grins>


Aye sir Sora!.....ok...we'll be back.

Phil and Herc has a little talk about the fight with Cerberus......lips sealed.....

Now go to Cloud...

Cloud talks about why he did those things......hmmmmm..I see...ahhh?..We learn Sonic Blade...

Ok time to wrap up here......and Production Staff

<Production staff gulps and starts to panic>

LA:You lost the first bet...

LA:Seeya Stormies, I gotta give the Production Staff their "punishment"!...or wait a minute....

LA:Hades has a little rage fit over Herc..ehhh?...Mal-........ok???..this is bad....

Ok now..Stay Tuned!

<LA clicks knuckles>

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