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Donald and Goofy appears in some world and eh?..sees a world go bye bye!

Traverse Town Logo KH

...Pluto then smells something, Donald says it's nothing, but Goofy disagrees but follows Donald anyways..err.. "the key" is right there...Sora wakes up to see Pluto. Sora time to explore, a new world?

Ok first go into the shop on your left to have a chat with a man named Cid then SAV-


<LA opens the closet>

LA:YOU WERE THERE THE ENTIRE TIME PRODUCTION STAFF!?!?!?...And here I thought you just came in late...errr..ok guys get to your stations and let's do this thi-

One of the Production Staff:You llllllllllllllllike Lenalee!!

LA:URUSAI!!!!...that joke was in my previous walkthrough you BAKA

<LA scolds the production staff>

LA:Ok..anyways from the interruption and finding my production staff, SAVE then go out the of the shop.

Now head up top through the stairs to a huge double door, go through it......

Great more Heartless, take them down....after that search around..look through every door in this "district"...and every time....errr......Donald and Goofy misses Sora...dumb luck maybe?

Anyways after all that searching..go back to the First District and go SAVE in the Accessory Shop, then go out....

Err...Squall? Leon?....ohh boy, fight time......

Leon KH1

Leon can fire Fire from his gunblade as well as some decent attacks, just dodge them then attack, win or lose.....the same outcome.... seems Donald and Goofy finds Aerith?...errr...Kairi?..WAAAAA Yuffie!, what was that?....anyways..Yuffie and Leon talks about the Heartless and the Keyblade, with a bit of flash to the intel, now we have a switch scene where Aerith , Yuffie and Leon give off info to their respective people......hmmmmm...Heartless, Darkness, ANSEM!?!?....The guy who likes ice cream in my previous walkthrough!?!?! hmm hmmm who's that guy?.

Ok so first grab any treasure there then SAVE then talk to Leon if your prepared or not...

Joining up with Aerith!..YES!...ohh wait...dangit Heartless!!! time to beat up more Heartless, Leon says to find the leader...hmmm your choice if you want more EXP or nor, anyways go out into the main second district then find the passage on your right...that's where the leader is....

Now...errr..Donald and Goofy tries to fight more Heartless..which eh..kinda fails.......and they land on THE KEY!!!, after that..great now we're blocked, fight time...after the defeat......what is this?'s our boss battle.....0.0....

Heartless Battle: Guard Armor
Guard Armor
HP: Torso-700, Gauntlets-84, Hammerlegs-182
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: *****


Ok the basis of the game is to dodge and hack, his arms will do spins which will hurt, his legs will stomp on you and the Torso will spin it's "torso" when it's only the Torso left....The boss will detach parts to make the battle to his advantage, the way to get rid of it is getting rid of the parts, the boss will also stomp his entire body so watch out for that. All in all this is a hack and dodge boss.

Goodbye..weird Heartless!

Reward is Brave Warrior...

Now Donald and Goofy then talks about having Sora join their group to find the King/Riku and Kairi.....after a funny chat...well Sora joins up. YAY!

Err..what's this...shadowed people..talking about Sora and the Keyblade?..hmmm this ain't good...

Now back in Traverse Town, Leon, Yuffie and Aerith gives us a gift, then Donald and Goofy talks about the Gummi ship, then we learn Fire!, also Dodge roll from Goofy! YAY!..Now before going through that huge door, Sora and co. sees a the Trinity and get some go through the door...

Ok Stormies stay tuned!..cos we're gonna go..CraZy SOON HEHEHEHEHEHHAAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH hmm hmmm....stay tuned...

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