Now open the final door...and....


Go to the Secret Place....

We hear a voice...Ansem....Riku?.....

Go to him...

We talk to Riku who then changes into Ansem..he talks about the darkness in people's hearts and then well Sora replies back which makes Ansem really angry...

Somebody Battle: Ansem
HP: 1200
Difficulty: Hard
Fun Rating: **


His Guardian can be troublesome, the guardian can do a 180 dark ball attack, dodge and attack, he can guard Ansem..attack from behind if possible, he can throw dark discs..guard them to counter it. At some point he will tell his Guardian to hit you, don't let him do this as if you do get hit, Guardian will either attack you while your doing your combo or stop you'll know when Ansem brings back his Guardian..Rinse and Repeat and heal when need be.

Now finished....go to the big crevasse that opened up...

This guy again..and eh!'s just Sora!!

Heartless Battle: Darkside
Darkside KH
HP: 900
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: **


Same strategy from waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back then..easy

And now....

Somebody Battle: Ansem
HP: 1500
Difficulty: Hard
Fun Rating: **


Again, this time he has his old moves and some new ones...his old moves are his "Submit" move as well as guarding Ansem...Guardian can allow Ansem to charge through very rapidely..just dodge roll until he stops, or you can counter it then attack, his desperation attack when his HP is low is that he makes Guardian go into the ground and makes him cause roll around Ansem to dodge it, he will start doing that all this battle is similar to the first but with the desperation attack and more attacks.

What?...what've..gotta be kidding me....Donald and Goofy then gets separated and now Sora falls until he hears Riku's voice......time for the final fight!!

Finale Battle: World of Chaos
World of Chaos KHWorld of Chaos- Face KHWorld of Chaos- Main Core KHWorld of Chaos- Room Core KHWorld of Chaos- Small Artillery KH
HP: World of Chaos-1500, Face-1200, Main Core-300, Room Core-30, Artillery Small/Large - 120/240
Difficulty: Hard
Fun Rating: **


Phase 1- Ansem has a few attacks such as spinning his double-edge, as well as onslaughting you with it or attack while dodging it, he can also call "Bit Snipers", defeat them if you wish, he can also casts dark beams to attack you, dodge it or attack Ansem then heal, main aim is to heal and attack Ansem.

Phase 2- Once Ansem is defeated, he goes back into some Sora will now go through the dark portal, there there will be heaps of Shadows..kill them all, then a ROOM CORE will appear..destroy it, next a phasey portal will appear, destroy the artillery near it to fully open the portal the go through it. Now again...but this time Darkballs and Goofy is with you...after defeating the Darkballs, kill off the Room the Face will act up..kill the Face but remember that the Face can "Enrage" damaging you, just float away then attack it, also the Face can cast Thunder at you so watch out for the face opens a portal..go through it and this time it's Invisible and Donald will help...after killing the Invisibles kill off the Room the body forcefield will be aim to destroy the Main Core..once that destroyed Ansem comes back....

Final Phase- Now Ansem will come out of his pod. Ansem will retain his previous moves but he will also have some new ones..again. Ok first he can make World of Chaos suck every ones MP, destroy the ball of blue stuff in each of the three mouths(The Guardian looking face and the two wyvern looking ones), he can also cause a giant explosion which will take some time charging but some laser beams will attack you during that time, attack him then heal after it's done. He can also make Guardian knock you back by flapping his "arms". Please be careful of his lasers as well his spinning double-edge move and his dark explosion move, keep attacking and dodging his attacks and he'll go down.....

And with that...BOOM!!!

Ansem..then asks the door for darkness....but then Sora changes that darkness to light and with that....bye bye Ansem!!!!!

Sora and the gang then goes to the big door and tries to close it...Riku then appears and tries to close the door....ohh great more!?!?!?!??!?!?!.....Mickey then talks to Sora and the gang about closing the door and whatnot and now...the door closes with Riku saying one last thing to Sora..and with that Sora and Mickey both closes the door for good.

Sora then sees Kairi and goes to her.......

Now enjoy the finale Stormies ^^!!!!!!!!!!!

LA:*sniff* *sniff*, I'm not crying...really I'm not...the production staff is making it rain....wait???...what!?!?!...HEY!!!!!!

Sora and Kairi at sunset

LA:Wait up...we're not done yet we still got the sidequests Stormies!!!!!!....if you want that 100%????...yep thought so, let's go!!!!

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