FANDOM the round about to Hollow Bastion, go to the new warp hole on the left.....from there you'll be at Hollow Bastion again!!..>_>..

Hollow Bastion Logo KH

We have a little chat with Beast about Belle....hmm seems Beast wants in...join him or not, your choice....

Now go up that falls and to the next area, then go to the Castle Entrance, from there go to the Library and on the 2nd tier you'll find Belle.

Belle and Beast have a small reunion, Belle also gives us intel on why the princesses are still here. Talk to Belle again...and we get

Divine Rose KH

Now SAVE and head for the entrance Hall then the Lift Stop, there...go to the Castle Gates.

From there beat up the heartless then press the contraption, then press the next contraption.

You remember this right?...we wait for Heartless to appear then re-press the contraption to take us to the other side.

Now make your way to the Lift Stop and press the contraption, then go to the Great Crest, press the contraption, then to to the Lift Stop then to the High Tower to make your way up the steps to the next Lift Stop to the Castle Chapel.

SAVE then talk to the princesses.

We get more intel on what happened...onto the next area then to the Grand Hall.

Beat up the Heartless then go to the treasure chests on the edges, one of them is....

Oblivion KH

Now onto the final keyhole....

OoooOoohhhh you have to be Alyssa Zaidelle kidding me....that thing was inside the Keyhole!?!?!?!.....Bring it ram baka....

Heartless Battle: Behemoth
Behemoth KH
HP: 1050 ~ 1350
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: **


The aim.. is the horn on his head. Ok his attacks...he can stomp on ya' best to dodge that, he can easily attack you with his feet, so best to stay away from that, he can become stunned and drop his horn, attack it but watch out as he'll counter with some white thunder onto you, best to dodge roll it. He can cause energy to be release from his horn and attack you, DODGE IT. The basis is this, attack the horn, dodge his attacks..simple, and remember to always heal!

Bye bye ram baka and now..we get Omega Arts....Sora and the gang then has a little chat with Leon, Aerith and Yuffie...mainly about the doesn't sit right for Sora because they can't see each other again.... "We may never meet again, but we wi-"............<LA says things while in mute>......................... ..anyways..Sora locks the final Keyhole!!!!...yay!!

The princesses has a little chat with Sora concerning Ansem...the princesses then give Sora an upgrade for fire yay!!!...

Now Stormies we will be venturing into the world of Heartless in the next section....seeya there....

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