Wow! wow!..alot happen in Hollow Bastion ya? alot ya?...and now it seems were...

<landscape shift>

LA:>_> Traverse Town...once again....ayeee......

Traverse Town Logo KH

LA:Ermm?...what?..ohh yes, someone in this wiki.... "only making an appearance in this walkthrough" DarkestShadow!!!!!!!


LA:So..this is like Wow! eh?..DS being in me walkthrough?

DS:Sure, but if you annoy me I'll leave </sarcasm>

LA:No..I wouldn't....aye!...ok let's get this show on the road eh?

DS:Sure, so I take it we're in traverse town?

LA:Yep, now… did we come back here so quickly?..anyways Sora gives intel on Leon and the others about the keyhole and whatnot…

DS: And then the world explodes or something right? DS..Aerith talks about even more Heartless appearing , the Heartless that had appeared in Hollow Bastion are now good luck there Stormies ^^

DS: Go kill them all, try not to have to much fun, and then....

LA:Time to talk to Cid I suppose, he's in the 1st District as always.....

DS:You've been here enough times to know where to go, so my friendly Stormies, away you go

LA:Putting it nicely there DS, anyways..upon talking to Cid , Cid has a plan to get Sora’s gang back to Hollow going around >_>….anyways…Secret waterway??...huh..time to go back to the 2nd District…


LA:Eh?..DS?.....moshi moshi?

DS:I'm just gonna go over there for a minute


DS:Because I can, and you're the directer person thing

LA:I err..ok?...anyways...go to the Alleyway, then the Secret Waterway entrance…before talking to Kairi go to the Fairy Godmother and Merlin.

Merlin for Spellbinder Spellbinder KH

and talk to the Fairy Godmother for your summons…now time to go back down to the cavern….

DS:People will talk, Sora will probably say something heroic, and I'm not even sure whats going on in the story right now :P

LA:I err....right ok DS???? :S

DS:What I don't have the game on me, you take it from here ;)

LA:Guess I got no-

DS:Hey LA is that that Lenalee person over there?

LA:EH!!!!! WHERE WHERE!?!?!??!..WHERE IS SHE♥♥♥♥♥♥???

DS:You llllllllllllllllllllllllike her

<LA gets stress marks over the head and says:PRODUCTION STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

<LA wails on the production staff for 5 minutes>

LA:Hmm to Kairi..then the mural huh?..Go up to it..and we now get another Nav-G…as we return well..

Kairi and Sora has another chat……just listen Stormies….

As the chat ends Kairi gives Sora her lucky charm..another words…..a keyblade!!!

Oathkeeper KH

DS:Ooh shiny

LA:That it is.....Now back to Cid..we talk to him…and 3 seconds later…he’s installed it…..riiiight…with that SAVE at the Accessory Shop and then depart back to Hollow Bastion

DS:And with that I do believe it is time for me to depart

LA:Already aww...ohh well thanks for being here DS!!!!

DS: Bye!

LA:Bye! DS!!!! errr..production staff we need a little chat

<LA clicks knuckles>

LA:Seeya Stormies..I'm LA, Good Night and Big Balls...I mean Big Hearts Stormies!!!!

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