Ok first Warp to Neverland then go to the next world.....

Wow..that Gummi passage was harsh, and the music was just creepy, and now..we land....

What Sora knows this place?..huh?

Hollow Bastion Logo KH

Sora talks a bit and then we hear a roar..let's go...but first SAVE then time to jump up some white platforms before...

Riku?..I errr.....Beast lost against Riku and now....what the?..Sora's's RIKU's?!?!?! no way...Donald and Goofy then ditches Sora there as they are following the key, in which Sora is no longer. Beast talks to Sora and soon enough....time to fight our way to the castle. no keyblade, however we have a useless wooden sword....yeah we can outwit, outplay and outlast with that......your main powerhouse at the moment is Beast, but first, our mission is to open that entrance door....

Time to get to the Castle Gates...then drop from it .......go and find the bubble on your most right to transport you to an underground basement, always have Beast attack for you, you can't do anything right now without your keyblade, let Beast take care of the grunt work for now. Once in the basement.....

SAVE, now for a puzzle...but first have Beast destroy the wall, now go into the next bubble. From there, release the button on your left, then the button in front, then button on the left edge of the wall, then the button on the ground, go into the bubble...

From there press the button on your left to go up, from there, beat up a heartless then press the button to open the gates door...then head back..out of the basement...

To head back out of the basement, just do the reverse order of the buttons...

Now once outside, have Beast take care of the Heartless then go and press the contraption to take you up, then go to the Castle gates and into the door....

Well Beast goes into a trap and then Riku and Sora have a little chat..Sora is about to get hurt by Riku, until Goofy protects Sora..and does Donald, and the great thing which Sora turns it into a nakama heart talk and soon enough..Sora gets his keyblade back....Riku doesn't like this and well....

Somebody Battle: Riku
Riku Replica
HP: 500
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: **


He is swift, and can also counter, the aim is to hack and dodge. Heal if need be, the best time to attack is when Riku has finished his combo attacks, then counterstrike it, then dodge away from his attacks, that or when he jumps. He's also immune to magics so attacking is the only way...Rinse and Repeat

Once Riku is defeated...he runs for it and Beast arrives....great timing Beast..we learn White Trinity.

Now go to the door on your left..for another puzzle..this puzzle is a bit easier than the basement puzzle, the aim, get books into the right "volumes", find them all within the vicinity then slot them in the move the stack of books to open the passage.

Now SAVE at the 2nd tier, from there, grab the book on the table then put that book on the bookcase on your forward left, there it'll show a red button, press it to open the door to the 2nd Tier.... go through the door as we need to find some fragments.

The Heartless insignia fragments

  1. Lit all the candles on the second tier, then cast thunder on the stone, then go to the center.
  2. Hit the 2 pots, the fragment is in the water fountain
  3. Move a pedestal, the fragment is in the treasure chest
  4. Red Trinity a pedestal

After that examine the heartless door 4 times to open the door.

Who's Riku talking to?..this got even more bad....

Now...go to the next area, don't fall off, beat up the heartless both contraptions....from there press the next contraption to take you on a ride to the other side...until heartless appear, destroy them then press the contraption make it continue..from there go down to the next area, then press the contraption to the next area. Now on both sides there is a contraption to push down the 2 blocks blocking your way, just defeat the heartless in each and press the contraption to make the way....

Then just go to the Lift the next area...

The Darkness of the Keyhole..ehhh?!?! Riku with another keyblade? ain't good...walk up a bit...until

Maleficent shows up and babbles, Sora stops this babble and well...

Somebody Battle: Maleficent
Maleficent KHREC
HP: 900
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: ****


Ok firstly attack the pedestal she's on, from that attack her but watch out for her specter strikes, she will also cast metoer onto you, best to dodge by going behind her and attacking. She'll bring up Defenders, forget them and focus on Maleficent. When the stone falls, attack her as much as possible. One of her attacks is to brew a dark storm, focus on the stone then her. She will turn herself into some green mist, just wait for her to turn back to normal and attack the stone. Rinse and Repeat.

Running away?....ok, we get Ansem Report 5. Now SAVE then follow her....

Ohh..look Riku back and that is not Riku....and now Riku plunges his new keyblade onto Maleficent bringin' out her darkness itself...great...

Somebody Battle: Maleficent Dragon
Maleficent- Dragon Form KHBBS
HP: 1200
Difficulty: Hard
Fun Rating: *


She can cause shockwaves and bite you as well as the ever famous green flames she spouts out. Dodge them, just be careful of the green flames as they will continuously attack you. The aim is the head. The dodge aim?...whenever the dragon spouts the green flames, go behind her then attack if you can. Just be careful of all her physical attacks. She'll bring up green flames that home in on you, just dodge roll your way outta there. All in all it's a dodge the green flames and attack strategy.

Green flames....the thorns!!...and now Maleficent is down for the count....and well Riku appears and talks about the Heartless' plans...errr....hey!..

We get head back and SAVE as a new pathway is opened. Go through the area, it's another Lift Stop however you can fall so watch out, go to the last area.....there you'll see the 6 princesses, now go to the top.....

Goofy gets caught up in a forcefield, and can't go in, Sora and Riku has a little chat and well..Sora figures out that Riku is not Riku..but eh!! ANSEM!!!!!..what the?, Donald tries to attack Riku/Ansem and well gets pushed back, Sora then outta no where defends himself as he hears Kairi's voice........time for an epic fight Stormies....

Somebody Battle: Riku/Ansem
Riku- Dark Mode KH
HP: 900
Difficulty: Hard
Fun Rating: *


Ok so if you've just noticed, it's a one on one fight against Riku/Ansem. This may be harder than it looks now. Ok for a start his attacks, he'll feint then attack you, attack, dodge then attack again, he can also counter while your doing your combos, which will cancel your combo, he can also guard so don't attack when he lifts his keyblade up, he can also do a charging attack, just dodge it then try and attack him. When he says "Now witness true power", he'll start his next phase.

In his next phase he'll do stronger moves such as his ground attack will produce shockwaves and his charging attack will also produce an arc shockwave, guard the counter or just dodge then attack him, he will also charge into the ground causing multiple shockwaves to appear, dodge them all, then try and attack him. he will start going on and off these phases until his HP reaches a certain point.

When his HP is at a certain point he'll do his desperation move, he will start by darkening the screen then firing himself in all direction, ending with shockwaves throughout the arena, your only way to dodge is by staying by the edge of the arena near the center, after that he'll just go back to his second phase of attacks, he will do this desperation move more frequently, so you must be able to attack him a bit to lower his HP. Rinse and Repeat the last phase and he should go down.

....Phew that was a long battle..we get Ragnarok....Sora then does the unthinkable and he uses the dark keyblade and STABS HIMSELF!!!!!....WHAT THE SORA NO!!!!!!....

As Sora fades, Kairi so does all the rest of the princesses.

Falling into darkness?!?!...

And guess what the Ansem now arrives and well Riku buys Donald, Goofy and Kairi some time...RUN!!!!!!!!

Now errr....EHHH!!! freakin' way your a Shadow.....well do you want to be Sora again?..follow me..

Go back to the High Tower area, then fall...and then fall again..depending where you fall..the aim is to go back to the Castle Entrance...

Now errr...go to Kairi....Donald hits Sora Heartless and Kairi sees the Heartless as Sora, great Heartless attack..until LIGHT!!!...Sora comes back to normal..and Beast appears too also buying the group

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