Well Stormies one place left....let's go!....I errr...a pirate ship.....crap....this ain't good....

Neverland Logo KH

Riku!?!...again....great Sora and Riku have a little talk and err..KAIRI????!?....grrrr.....dang!?!?.....and we fall......

Eh...ok Hooky?....

The gang has a little chat...with funny flying boy?...and now..Tinker Bell?...another girl!...Tink=foot= Kick

SAVE then let's get going..

Now go up the ladder then to the door on your left, from there go down to the brig, from there go to the other side (there's another ladder). There we have a cutscene...about flying and pixie dust and falling down.....hehe..

Eh?...Wendy isn't one of the Princesses...ok?....


NO NO THAT WENDY YOU BAKA!!!!!....great they know we've escaped...and err....Sora talks to Wendy about Kairi, Kairi??...this ain't good, until the bad guys take the two away, great after them!.

Ok now go to the up where you see a hole on one of the walls, the one on the right will take you to a SAVE point, SAVE then you need to Trinity to get the Ladder up, after that go up it...

Great it's Nega Sora..I mean Anti-Sora...

??? Battle: Anti-Sora
HP: 750
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: ***


Ok, here the deal..I say that alot..I need to say something else instead, anyways, he sinks in before attacking, there counter him, his attacks are brutal so heal when need to. He will then split up, attack all of them then attack him, at some point he'll evaporate before countering, dodge roll it before trying to attack him. He will do this phase but with more copies of himself, soon he'll start dive attacking you, just dodge roll until you can see his health bar again, from there just rinse and repeat and remember to heal!!!

Goodbye..NEGASORA and ooooOooO we get Raven's Claw, I'd suggest you SAVE back at the Cabin then go to the trapdoor and go into it, there Peter ditches leaves Sora's gang for Wendy, now SAVE then get back to the Captain's quarters, from there go to the door on your right from the Anti-Sora battle..

Eh...Hollow Bastion?...great Tink's captured...keyblade or the plank and well Hook runs for it due to a tick tocking croc.....and well..Sora...........

FLIES!!!!!.and we get CURA!!!.time to beat up the heartless!!!!

After that well a prank for Hook then...time to fight or flight???!!!

Somebody Battle: Captain Hook
Captain Hook KH
HP: 900
Difficulty: Medium ~ Hard
Fun Rating: *


Forget about the Heartless, watch out for Hook's present bomb attack as well as Hook's combo sword move, fly away if need be. When you attack just do one combo then fly away as he can counter too. If you can deflect his attacks, combo attack him!. Rinse and Repeat just remember Hook's wind sword combo is dangerous so just fly away.

For a reward we get Ars Arcaunm and Ansem Report 9.

Sora has a little chat about "Believing", until well Tink says something about the Clock Tower?..ok?

And now we just suddenly get there?..huh?....

Now find the clock face with the minute hand not on the 12, hit it to do so.....for...

Locking the keyhole..yep one on Big Ben.....

We get a Navi-G piece!!.

Eh..another of Sora's memories..ohh wait it's the same one...what the?!?....

Riku?, eh?..a roar...a castaway??? Maleficent no!!!!...great Riku's gone even more eviler....

Peter and Wendy have a little chat, and well now Peter allows Tink to be a summon for Sora, wait aren't you just ditching her with Sora?, or is it just me?

So we snagged, bagged and tagged ourselves Tinker Bell, the Glide ability and this...

Fairy Harp KH


Now time to save up and go back to Traverse Town

Traverse Town once again...

Warp drive back to Traverse Town..and find Cid, he's in his usual place.

Once we have the Nav-G piece installed...

Well the gang has another pep talk..and errr..Sora..what's going on? young Kairi, what is this?...a story..or light and dark...what the?....

Ok the Nav-G is finally installed and now we can leave to another worlds, Cid says that this world we're going to is no kiddy business..ehhh..ok, I'll keep that in mind.

Now SAVE in the Accessory Shop before going to the next world......Stay Tuned Stormies!!!!

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