Alrighty let's B start this game!!..AYE!, after seeing the Opening..well Sora's eh?

Station of Awakening- Snow White (Art) KH

Eh..who's talking to idea..what door?..this is confusing..ok, move your left analog stick forward, now 3 pedestals will appear, choose a weapon. Press to Jump. There's a Sheild, Staff or Sword, I always go for the staff but choose whatever you want Stormies! Accept the weapon, now you Stormies have to get rid of one weapon, again choose well...

Ohh you have to be kidding me!

Station of Awakening- Cinderella (Art) KH

Now a bit of training I suppose..The HUB will appear on the right bottom screen, showing your HP and for some actual fighting..beat them up pressing B x...more training press B r1 to lock onto your enemies and attack again!..ohh great not again!

Station of Awakening- Princess (Art) KH

Now go to the mysterious door...and press the examine button...a treasure it with the Open a crate will appear, push then break it, to get a Potion. Now for switching to other enemies is pressing B l2, now break that barrel, then proceed to the door.

Eh..what the?...a personality test?'ve gotta be kidding me!, ok talk to the three of them and give your answer...then accept..or not...

Station of Awakening- Aurora (Art) KH

Now walk forward...for a tip on getting to the menu then.....great more of those things...BEAT THEM UP!!! SAVE, yes that's a SAVE POINT, SAVE then....go up those eh?

Station of Awakening- Belle (Art) KH

Now walk forward until...your SHADOW IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!....

??? Battle:  ???
Darkside KH
HP: ???
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: ****


Just hack his arms and if you get the chance to his head, watch out for his attacks, kill the Shadows for health, and go behind that thing and jump when he's doing his charge attack, this battle if you do lose, will continue, so beat this thing up to gain more EXP!!!

Now that huge thing...falls and taking you with it..then.....what darkness no!!!!!!

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