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  • Lock the Final Keyhole in Hollow Bastion
  • A Strong Keyblade, Oblivion is a good pick
  • Mushu and Tinker Bell
  • Combo Plus, Air Combo Plus and Critical Plus.
  • Stock up on Mega Potions and Mega Ethers
  • Curaga, Aeroga and Thundaga on your shortcut menu.


Go back to Aladdin's House in Agrabah, SAVE then talk to Carpet....agree to go with and then....well....

Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?

Heartless Battle: Kurt Zisa
Kurt Zisa KH
HP: 1500
Difficulty: HARD
Fun Rating: *


Phase 1- he will start by locking up your Magic, your goal is to destroy the dark orbs on his hands, he will counter by sword slashing around himself, wait for him to stop then attack the orbs, once the orbs are destroyed Sora and the rest can use Magic again.

Phase 2- This is when you attack him like crazy, be careful of his head slashes as they will knock you back and take damage.

Phase 3- He will protect himself in a shield, while in this phase he will summon tornadoes, time you dodge out of it as if you don't you will get hit, as well as summoning fire orbs that homes onto Sora, dodge roll them. Best to cast Aero at this time as well. Now for the way to destroy his shield, summon Mushu and continuously fire at his shield, you must be near him for the shield to go down. He will then go back to his Phase 2. Then he'll go to his Phase 1 again and repeat until his HP is at a certain point.

Final Phase-When his HP is at the critical point, he will start spinning around like crazy trying to attack you, the only way to dodge it? Before he comes near you if he is spinning horizontally jump it, when he is spinning vertically just dodge roll it, and attack his magic cancelling orbs. From that he'll go through his Phases from 1(with his crazy spinning move) to 2 to 3 until he dies....

And from that he dies....and we get some decent amount of experience.........well time to go to the next section!!!!!!!..another Superboss Heartless fight....

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