Ok now it seems we have missed some really cool's a little gallery of the ones we missed.

Save the Queen (KHI)Save the King

Dream Rod Dream Shield

Lady Luck KH

Ok let's find them! Aye!

Save the Queen (KHI) Save the Queen Save the Queen (KHI)

Complete the Hades Cup alone, which means starting from the 50th seed to the 1st, Sora, alone must defeat everything there......good luck!

Save the King Save the King Save the King

Complete the Hades Cup within the time limit...good luck!

Dream Rod Dream Rod Dream Rod

Speak to Merlin once you have obtained all 7 three tier spells.....

Dream Shield Dream Shield Dream Shield

Speak to Merlin when you have obtained all 7 Arts from the White's a list on what to do.

  1. First find them
  2. In order to get an Art you must use a magic that the Mushroom "charades" 3 times in a row.
  • White Mushroom shivers = Fire
  • White Mushroom bends down and fans itself = Blizzard
  • A light appears above the White Mushroom = Thunder
  • The White Mushroom falls to the ground = Cure
  • The White Mushroom floats into the air = Gravity
  • The White Mushroom freezes in place = Stop
  • The White Mushroom spins around rapidly = Aero

Lady Luck KH Lady Luck Lady Luck KH

From the Bizzare Room on the side room, light the candles to make a picture appear, from there go into it. Once inside you'll be back to the Lotus Forest, there is a White Trinity, jump on it and there is a treasure chest. Lady Luck is in there.

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