Ok now....time for the Platinum Match.....>_> not gonna likey this one Stormies.....


  • Complete the Hades Cup
  • Strong Keyblade(Ultima Weapon at most or Lionheart)
  • Be at Level 80 or over.
  • Second Chance, Dodge Roll, MP Rage.
    • Disable any special abilities such as Ragnarok or Ars Acranum
  • Equip as many Elixirs as possible
  • Curaga in the shortcut menu
  • One Combo Plus and Air Combo Plus
  • Critical Plus if need be.


Then talk to Phil for the Platinum Match......upon going to the arena...well...we get a flashy entrance from some sigils which launches a soldier into the arena..and that soldier brings out a wing, he then takes his really long katana and points it at Sora, well..we gotta fight Sephiroth now... #.#

Somebody Battle: Sephiroth
Sephiroth KH
HP: 1800
Difficulty: ULTRA HARD
Fun Rating: *


He will start by teleporting slashing you, if you get a chance after he strikes you can hit him, he will do this often, he will also cause a huge inferno to show up, stay away from him until it's over then try and attack. He will then start adding new attacks to his already powerful arsenal such as Heartless Angel, you must hit him before he casts it otherwise you will have no MP and 1 HP, he will start teleporting faster as his HP decreases, so quickly counter his attacks. At a certain point, he will start slashing rapidly around the arena, dodge roll or Superglide away from it. At the next certain point, he'll go invincible and throw meteor down and spin them around, dodge them if possible, then he'll finish it off with a huge explosion..HEAL!! straight after. His attacks after that he'll leave darkish orbs that will home in on you and hit you, Sephiroth's attacks will also become stronger and more powerful especially his Spinning slash, counter when you can and attack him, just conserve you MP by his attacks(due to MP Rage) and heal when necessary. His "enraged state" he will do his normal attacks but quicker and stronger, so be on your guard.

And after his defeat..well he just leaves as if nothing happened.....and for a reward....errr...some decent amount of EXP I suppose........riiiight, weird encounter with a one winged angel, tick.

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