Ok now....time for the Gold Match Stormies!!!!


  • Complete the Hades Cup
  • Strong Keyblade
  • The ability Guard


Then talk to Phil for the Gold Match......upon going to the arena...well a frosty welcome...and I think he wants say goodbye to us.....>_>

Somebody Battle: Ice Titan
Ice Titan KH
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: *****


The aim of the battle is to guard the icicles that the Titan creates to hit the Titan instead. DO NOT CAST AERO, as the icicles will grow bigger and you'll no longer be able to guard it. Titan has a few attacks, such as freezing the area, dodge roll away from his hands, if you do get caught when your health is in yellow health you will freeze. He can stomp his feet, jump that, and also his icicles that he casts which you can use to your advantage. He can create a slick icy ground at you, dodge away from the icy ground or you'll slip..not giving you a chance to guard. Finally Titan can casts ice shards onto the ground spouting out of the ground, dodge roll that until it stops. He throws his icicles in a pattern, just guard at the right time to damage Ice Titan. If enough HP is gone, he'll be stunned giving you a chance to attack his head. Use Ragnarok or Ars Acranum to deal more damage. Rinse and Repeat, mainly on the dodging and guarding. Timing the guard is key to this battle.

Ok, from that we get......nothing.....except some decent EXP......anywa-


LA:Hey what the?...Advertisements?


LA:OoooooOooOiii Production staff get rid of these!!

<Production staff doesn't notice and ignores LA>


<LA goes evil eyed and brings up a baseball bat>

All the production staff:Eeh!!

<Hears dings>

LA:BOKE'S!!! (Knuckle-heads!!!?)...listen you BAKA'S!!! and get rid of these....


LA:ADS!!!!!!!!! <Hears multiple dings>

Production staff:Ayeeeee.....@.#.....

LA:Hmm hmm....seeya Stormies on either the Platinum Match or 100 Acre Woods!!!!

Platinum Match ->

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