Ok Stormies, now time for those tournaments we keep hearing about, sure they're gonna have powerful and a lot of enemies like Matthew Patel, Lucas Lee, Todd Ingram, Roxie Richter, Kyle & Ken Katayanagi and Gideon Graves....their all powerful and all so...ok stop this weird banter let's see what we have here.......

Phil's Cup

Phil Cup Trophy KH
Seed Seed Name Heartless'
9 Jungle Vice Powerwild x 4
Soldier x 3
8 Monkey & Magic Powerwild x 1
Green Requiem x 2
Red Nocturne x 2
Yellow Opera x 5
7 Big Feet Hammerlegs x 1
Powerwild x 4
6 Magic Alert Red Nocturne x 5
Yellow Opera x 5
5 Nightwalkers Large Body x 1
Powerwild x 5
4 Hard Hitters Gauntlets x 1
Blue Rhapsody x 3
Shadow x 4
3 Indomitable Large Body x 2
Green Requiem x 6
2 Wild Corps Gauntlets x 1
Hammerlegs x 1
Powerwild x 4
1 Shadow Battalion Armored Torso x 1
Yellow Opera x 4
Blue Rhapsody x 4


  • Basic: Gravity Element
  • Solo: Mythril Shard
  • Time trial: AP Up (Finish within 3 minutes)

Pegasus Cup

Pegasus Cup Trophy KH
Seed Seed Name Heartless'
9 Ghost Bandits Search Ghost x 2
Bandit x 1
Air Soldier x 3
8 Marauders Bandit x 2
Barrel Spider x 3
Shadow x 4
7 Sluggers Fat Bandit x 1
Large Body x 2
Pot Spider x 1
Barrel Spider x 1
6 Pots & Bolts Pot Spider x 5
Yellow Opera x 3
Green Requiem x 2
5 The Big Combo Fat Bandit x 2
Search Ghost x 4
4 Toadstool Black Fungus x 3
3 Pots & Barrels Pot Spider x 5
Barrel Spider x 5
2 Giant Impact Fat Bandit x 3
Large Body x 2
1 Leon & Yuffie Leon
Somebody Battle: Leon and Yuffie
Leon KHYuffie KH
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: **


Ok so its a two on three fight. I'd suggest attacking Yuffie first since she can heal, whenever she throws her shuriken guard it then attack her, watch out for her counters as well, or just guard that and attack her. Her shining shuriken will be a problem so just dodge roll until its gone, other than that attack her by guarding the shurikens as it will stun her, when she says "Hey ease up?", attack her immediately as she will try and heal. Now onto Leon, his normal attacks are doing a 360 spin and firing fire onto you guard them and attack. He will "power up" making his gunblade twice the size, other than the power boost and his new move in which he charges into the ground, just guard his attacks and attack.


  • Basic: Strike Raid
  • Solo: Mythril
  • Time trial: Defense Up (Finish within 3 minutes)

Hercules Cup

Hercules Cup (Art) KH
Seed Seed Name Heartless'
9 Dusk Vanguard Gargoyle x 5
Shadow x 3
8 Minions of Horror Wight Knight x 4
Air Pirate x 1
Barrel Spider x2
7 Buccaneers Battleship x 1
Pirate x 4
6 Stray Phantoms Gargoyle x 4
Wight Knight x 3
5 Mad Truffle Rare Truffle x 1
4 Cloud Cloud
Somebody Battle: Cloud
KH - ReCoded - Cloud
HP: 300 before rescue, 600 After
Difficulty: Easy ~ Medium
Fun Rating: ***


He still retains his previous moves from Part 6, with the same attacks at that except for one new move he does when his HP is low he'll charge up for a bit the fly around hitting you, best to dodge roll it until he stops, cast Aero if needed, so that his attack damage is lowered. Other than that same strategy as last time.

For a reward, we get....

Metal Chocobo KH

However we're not done with this Cup yet.....

Seed Seed Name Heartless'
3 Dark Squadron Wight Knight x 1
Gargoyle x 2
Pirate x 2
Air Pirate x 2
2 Flying Pirates Battleship x 2
Pirate x 2
Air Pirate x 1
1 Hercules Hercules
Somebody Battle: Hercules
Hercules KHREC
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: ****

Strategy: this is just easy for a final round...the basis is this, when he's glowing throw a barrel at him then attack him. His attacks do some decent damage so don't go overly confident. He can do a headbutt rush, guard it then attack, he can do a punch, dodge roll away from it as it's unblockable a forcefield move...just run away from the area and the spinning sword move...just dodge roll away. Just dodge these attacks and throw the barrels when he's glowing..... easy!

And with that we win the Cup!!!!!!..confetti all around!...


  • Basic: Herc's Shield
  • Solo: Orichalcum
  • Time trial: Power Up (Finish within 3 minutes)

The gang have a little chat..and we learn Yellow Trinity...time to Trinity that boulder eh?....and what do we get?.....a keyhole...time to lock it!

Now if you've completed the Phil, Pegasus and the Herc Cups....we have a small chat with Herc and Phil..and know that chest in the opens!!!!

Olympia KH

BAM!!!..we get SAVE!!!

Hades Cup


  • Beat Phil, Pegasus and Herc Cup
  • A Strong Keyblade, Oblivion is fine
  • MP Haste, Rage, Gift if possible
  • Strong weapons for Donald and Goofy

  • Note:If you get knocked out, you will have to start from the beginning however if you pass every 10th seed, you'll start from the seed after the boss as a checkpoint.
Hades Cup (Art) KH
Seed Seed Name Heartless'
49 Shadow Brothers Soldier x 3
Shadow x 7
48 Wild Dance Wight Knight x 3
Powerwild x 4
47 Terrible Feet Hammerlegs x 1
Pirate x 4
Shadow x 2
46 Dirty Claws Powerwild x 1
Pot Spider x 8
45 Mad Truffle Rare Truffle x 1
44 Yuffie Yuffie
43 Outlaws Bandit x 3
Pirate x 4
42 Dark Garrison Defender x 1
Wight Knight x 3
Soldier x 3
41 Bad Union Bandit x 1
Powerwild x 2
Large Body x 1
Fat Bandit x 1
Soldier x 1
40 Behemoth Behemoth
Heartless Battle: Behemoth
Behemoth KH
HP: 1350
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: **


Same as before, attack the horn and dodge his attacks......

Seed Seed Name Heartless'
39 Red Legion Search Ghost x 1
Red Nocturne x 8
38 Blue Legion Blue Rhapsody x 7
Gargoyle x 2
37 Sorcerous Armor Red Armor x 1
Blue Rhapsody x 2
Red Nocturne x 2
36 Mad Fungus Black Fungus x 1
Green Requiem x 4
35 Spiders & Magic Red Nocturne x 3
Yellow Opera x 3
Pot Spider x 2
34 Optical Trick Sneak Army x 1
Blue Rhapsody x 2
Green Requiem x 4
33 Magic Force Wizard x 1
Red Nocturne x 2
Yellow Opera x 4
Blue Rhapsody x 2
32 Shadow Summoners Wizard x 3
Shadow x 6
31 Mystic Mages Angel Star x 1
Wizard x 4
30 Cerberus Cerberus
Somebody Battle: Cerberus
Cerberus KHII
HP: 900
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: **


Same as before dodge his attacks and hit him!!!!...heal when need to...

For beating Cerberus we get a upgrade for Thunder!

Seed Seed Name Heartless'
29 Sky Raiders Air Soldier x 4
Air Pirate x 3
28 Spookies Search Ghost x 6
27 Terrible Fists Gauntlets x 1
Gargoyle x 5
26 Shadow Storm Shadow x 21
25 Avengers Bandit x 1
Wight Knight x 1
Pirate x 1
Soldier x 1
Powerwild x 1
24 Dark Knights Opposite Armor x 1
Darkball x 6
23 Black Flap Gargoyle x 2
Air Soldier x 3
Air Pirate x 2
22 Night Soarers Wyvern x 3
Search Ghost x 2
Wight Knight x 2
21 Air Corsairs Battleship x 1
Wyvern x 2
Darkball x 4
20 Cloud & Leon Cloud
Somebodies Battle: Cloud and Leon
Cloud KHLeon KH
HP: 600, NA
Difficulty: Medium
Fun Rating: *


Ok this is kinda hard, both Cloud and Leon has their old moves from before, I'd suggest taking out Cloud first, ignore Leon if you can and attack Cloud with either Ragnarok or Ars Acranum to speed things up, then after Cloud is taken care of beat up Leon as per usual. Heal when needed, and use Aero when needed, they are heavy hitters, the both of them.

And for beating the two of them we get...... *sparkle* *sparkle*

Lionheart KH

Now for more......

Seed Seed Name Heartless'
19 The Large Trio Large Body x 3
Wight Knight x 2
18 Blaze Bandits Fat Bandit x 3
Red Nocturne x 4
17 False Angels Angel Star x 2
Wyvern x 2
Large Body x 2
16 Dark Storm Darkball x 21
15 Air Brigade Wyvern x 1
Air Pirate x 1
Air Soldier x 1
Gargoyle x 1
Search Ghost x 1
14 Violent Bunch Fat Bandit x 2
Invisible x 1
Wizard x 2
13 Heavy Warriors Fat Bandit x 2
Defender x 1
Large Body x 2
12 Interceptors Defender x 3
11 Elder Force Invisible x 3
Angel Star x 2
10 Hades Hades
Somebody Battle: Hades
Difficulty: Medium ~ Hard
Fun Rating: **


Now, you can just ignore his attacks and attack him like crazy while healing. He can throw fireballs which you can deflect, as well as going invincible for a bit and doing a firewheel move, dodge roll until it's over. He can finally swings his flaming arms around, dodge and attack, and heal! easy.

For winning we get Ansem Report 8....last 10 seeds Stormies...

Seed Seed Name Heartless'
9 Night Rave Invisible x 1
Darkball x 3
Shadow x 5
8 The Requiem Angel Star x 1
Wizard x 2
Yellow Opera x 2
Blue Rhapsody x 2
Red Nocturne x 2
7 Invisible Fear Sneak Army x 1
Invisible x 3
6 Mad Mushroom White Mushroom x 3
5 Black Storm Shadow x 15
Darkball x 11
4 Twin Mirage Sneak Army x 2
3 Shadow Troopers Wyvern x 9
Wizard x 8
Defender x 2
2 Final Battalion Angel Star x 9
Invisible x 10
Darkball x 10
1 Rock Titan Rock Titan
Somebody Battle: Rock Titan
Rock Titan KH
Difficulty: Easy
Fun Rating: ***


This guy is just too easy...first attack his legs until he falls over, then attack his heads..easy as that, just watch out for his shockwaves from both his heads as well as his legs. He will go back to standing up so attack his legs and repeating the process, just heal when need to and attack him until he goes down.

And now we won the Hades Cup!!!!!!..Yay!!!


  • Basic: Trinity Limit
  • Solo: Save the Queen
  • Time trial: Save the King (Beat the cup within 20 minutes)

LA:OoOoiiii production staff, remember that bet we had at Part 6?

<LA clicks knuckles>

LA:Looks like I win again!!!!

<Production staff panics>

Gold Match ->

Platinum Match ->

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