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Welcome to LegendAqua's (that's me) Kingdom Hearts walkthrough! This is my third (of many) walkthroughs and many more will be written after this one is completed! You should also know, my readers, that you will hence forth be known as Storms or Stormies, for easy identification.

Now this walkthrough is gonna go back to the good old days when you used to play Kingdom Hearts!!!!, the game that started it all, Aye sir!!!. Let's get crackin'!!!


Ok Stormies let's see here, B x is to attack, is to dodge, B s while moving one of the the directional buttons will allow you to do dodge roll, B s alone is to guard yourself (once you learn them), the shoulder pads B l2 and B r2 are to change camera angles, B start is to go into the menu, press the 4th slot to open treasure chests, and press the 1st slot to interact with others, pressing the 4th slot during battle will allow you to do Limits(Special abilities) and B l1 is to target and no longer target enemies, simple stuff here Stormies!!!..Aye!

The Good Stuff

Hmm...let's see..Keyblades, Summons, Magic, Party Members and Limits....these are the good stuff, Aye!.

You will use and meet them along the way, it's gonna be Ayesome!!

Now this game does not have any Nobodies or Unversed, it's pure Heartless enemies in this game, let loose and whack 'em all!!!

Heartless Emblem

Boss Template

'Fun Rating: '''''


This is the template that will be used for Boss fights. The fun rating is a new feature which shows how fun the battle is. The more * there are, the more fun the battle is. The maximum amount of *'s is 10.


Ok before we start....let's see the Opening, shall we Stormies?....

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