Tying Up Loose Ends II

  • Items Obtainable: Mystery Mold, Shiitake Rank, Matsutake Rank, Dream Shield, Defender, WIzard's Relic
  • Keyblades: Ultima Weapon

Goofy's Dream Shield

To get the Dream Shield, you need to collect all of the Arts items from the White Mushrooms. For more information on how to do this, view the White Mushrooms section. When you have the items, head to Merlin's Study and talk to him to receive it.

Donald's Dream Rod

You obtain this item by upgrading all of your spells their top level - ie. Firaga, Thundaga, Graviga, etc. When you get them upgraded, talk to Merlin to receive it.

Defender and Wizard's Relic

You get these items as rare drops from the Defender and Wizard enemies - you increase your chances by using Lucky Strike, which you learn at the following levels, depending on which item you chose to begin the game:

  • Sword: 69
  • Shield: 15
  • Staff: 39

Donald and Goofy learn Lucky Strike at 55 and 27, respectively. With these three equipped with Lucky Strike, it's still a rare drop, but you can run through Traverse Town by heading through the 2nd District to the Hotel, then to the Red/Green Room, then to the Alley, then back to 2nd District. By following this loop, you'll fight many Defenders and Wizards, and the enemies will continuously respawn.

Ultima Weapon

In order to obtain the Ultima Weapon, you need to create one of every possible item in the Synthesis Shop. For information on synthesizing items, check the Synthesis section.


By juggling the Rare Truffles 50 times, you'll receive the Shiitake Rank, and the Matustake Rank by juggling them for 100 hits. Remember to check the Clock Tower in Neverland for items.

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