Coliseum - Hades Cup

  • Items Obtainable: Holy-G, Orichalcum, Genji Shield, Save the King, Save the Queen
  • Keyblades Obtainable: Lionheart
  • Magic Obtainable: Blizzaga, Thundaga
  • Abilities: Trinity Limit
  • Enemies Encountered: Soldier, Wight Knight, Hammerlegs, Spider Pot, Yuffie, Defender, Fat Bandit, Search Ghost, Black Fungus, Yellow Opera, Guard Armor, Wizard, Cerberus, Air Soldier, Gargoyle, Darkball, Battleship, Leon, White Mushroom, Invisible, Pirate, Powerwild, Air Pirate, Rare Truffle, Bandit, Large Body, Behemoth, Red Nocturne, Green Requiem, Stealth Sneak, Blue Rhapsody, Angel Star, Guantlets, Opposite Armor, Wyvern, Cloud
  • Bosses Encountered: Rock Titan, Hades

Every ten battles you can stop and rest up. There are 49 seeds to the Hades Cup - below are the seeds, which enemies you'll fight, and what you'll receive as the fight progresses.

  • Seed 49 - Shadow Brothers: Soldier x3, Shadow x7
  • Seed 48 - Wild Dance: Wight Knight x3, Powerwild x4
  • Seed 47 - Terrible Feet: Hammerlegs x1, Pirate x4, Shadow x2
  • Seed 46 - Dirty Claws: Powerwild x1, Spider Pot x8
  • Seed 45 - Mad Truffle: Rare Truffle x1
  • Seed 44 - Yuffie: Yuffie(You receive 600 EXP and the Genji Shield for defeating Yuffie)
  • Seed 43 - Outlaws: Bandit x3, Pirate x4
  • Seed 42 - Dark Garrison: Defender x1, Wight Knight x3, Soldier x2
  • Seed 41 - Bad Union: Bandit x1, Powerwild x2, Large Body x1, Fat Bandit x1, Soldier x1
  • .Seed 40 - Behemoth: Behemoth(You receive 600 EXP and the Blizzaga spell for defeating Behemoth)
  • Seed 39 - Red Legion: Search Ghost x1, Red Nocturne x8
  • Seed 38 - Blue Legion: Blue Rhapsody x7, Gargoyle x2
  • Seed 37 - Sorcerous Armor: Guard Armor x1, Blue Rhapsody x2, Red Nocturne x2
  • Seed 36 - Mad Fungus: Black Fungus x1, Green Requiem x4
  • Seed 35 - Spiders & Magic: Red Nocturne x3, Yellow Opera x3, Spider Pot x3
  • Seed 34 - Optical Trick: Stealth Sneak x1, Blue Rhapsody x2, Green Requiem x4
  • Seed 33 - Magic Force: Wizard x1, Red Nocturne x2, Yellow Opera x4, Blue Rhapsody x2
  • Seed 32 - Shadow Summoners: Wizard x3, Shadow x6
  • Seed 31 - Mystic Mages: Angel Star x1, Wizard x4
  • Seed 30 - Cerberus: Cerberus(You receive 1000 EXP and the Thundaga spell for defeating Cerberus)
  • Seed 29 - Sky Raiders: Air Soldier x4, Air Pirate x3
  • Seed 28 - Spookies: Search Ghost x6
  • Seed 27 - Terrible Fists: Guantlets x1, Gargoyle x5
  • Seed 26 - Shadow Storm: Shadow x???(they consistently spawn into battle as you fight)
  • Seed 25 - Avengers: Bandit x1, Wight Knight x1, Pirate x1, Soldier x1, Powerwild x1
  • Seed 24 - Dark Knights: Opposite Armor x1, Darkball x6
  • Seed 23 - Black Flap: Gargoyle x2, Air Soldier x3, Air Pirate x2
  • Seed 22 - Night Soarers: Wyvern x3, Search Ghost x2, Wight Knight x2
  • Seed 21 - Air Corsairs: Battleship x1, Wyvern x2, Darkball x4
  • Seed 20 - Cloud & Leon: Cloud, Leon(You receive 1000 EXP for Cloud, 800 for Leon, and the Lionheart keyblade.)
  • Seed 19 - The Large Trio: Large Body x3, Wight Knight x2
  • Seed 18 - Blaze Bandits: Fat Bandit x3, Red Nocturne x4
  • Seed 17 - False Angels: Angel Star x2, Wyvern x2, Large Body x2
  • Seed 16 - Dark Storm: Darkball x???(they consistently spawn into battle as you fight)
  • Seed 15 - Air Brigade: Wyvern x1, Air Pirate x1, Air Soldier x1, Gargoyle x1, Search Ghost x1
  • Seed 14 - Violent Bunch: Fat Bandit x2, Invisible x1, Wizard x2
  • Seed 13 - Heavy Warriors: Fat Bandit x2, Defender x1, Large Body x2
  • Seed 12 - Interceptors: Defender x3
  • Seed 11 - Elder Force: Invisible x3, Angel Star x2
  • Seed 10 - Hades: Hades(You receive the Graviga spell and Ansem's Report 8 for defeating Hades)
  • Seed 9 - Night Rave: Shadow x5, Darkball x3, Invisible x1
  • Seed 8 - The Requiem: Red Nocturne x2, Blue Rhapsody x2, Yellow Opera x2, Wizard x2, Angel Star x1
  • Seed 7 - Invisible Fear: Stealth Sneak x1, Invisible x3
  • Seed 6 - Mad Mushroom: White Mushroom x3
  • Seed 5 - Black Storm: Shadow x???, Darkball x???(they consistently spawn into battle as you fight)
  • Seed 4 - Twin Mirage: Stealth Sneak x2
  • Seed 3 - Shadow Troopers: Wyvern x???, Wizard x???, Defender x???
  • Seed 2 - Final Battalion: Darkball x???, Angel Star x???, Invisible x???
  • Seed 1 - Rock Titan: Rock Titan

For completing the Hades Cup, you receive the Trinity Limit ability. You can obtain the Save the Queen by completing it with Sora only, and the Save the King by completing the time trial. Now that you have Blizzaga, head out to the Lobby and use it on the torches to obtain a Holy-G, then check under the statues to find a purple pot that holds an Orichalcum.


God Battle: Hades

Dodging plays a big part in the battle against Hades, but you could ignore whatever he does and mindlessly attack him, healing after--if you equipped the three MP abilities, you can do this with little to no use of MP.

Hades has an attack where he floats at Sora with a continuous stream of fire that is difficult to dodge. Blizzard can be used to interrupt this after you Dodge Roll a few times. One attack, where he says 'feel the heat', has him shooting fire out of his arms as he spins. You can lock onto him and Dodge Roll in a circle around him. Once the fire dies down, he's vulnerable and you can get a few combos in--another time when he is quite vulnerable is while he's shooting fireballs at you (you can use Guard to reflect a fireball back at him, stunning him for quite some time)

After you defeat Hades, you'll receive Ansem's Report 8.
Stats: 1800 HP, 42 ATK, 34 DEF, 3000 EXP

BOSS FIGHT: Rock Titan

Somebody Battle: Rock Titan
Rock Titan KH

As soon as the battle starts, begin attacking its leg. When its foot lifts up, jump over the shockwave. After a good deal of hitting it, it will fall on its back so that you may run up to its heads and attack there, watching out for its bites. It's possible to stay on its head longer after it gets up and you can cast Aero while standing between the two heads to get some tech points.

Even though the life bar doesn't deplete during the first part of the battle, you are still doing damage. After a while, the purple bar will start going down.

After you defeat Rock Titan, you'll receive Trinity Limit.
Stats: 2100 HP, 42 ATK, 34 DEF, 4000 EXP

Return to Neverland III

  • Items Obtainable: Dream Rod
  • Magic Obtainable: Stopga
  • Bosses Encountered: Phantom

You can't land in the Clock Tower area, so head to the ship's Cabin. Put Peter Pan in your party and talk to Tinker Bell in the corner of the room. You'll need to use Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Curaga, and Stopra throught the fight, so replace whoever won't take away from your resources. Make your way to the Clock Tower, and you'll start a fight with Phantom.


Ghost Battle: Phantom

First thing, fly over the clock and cast Stopra on the minute hand, causing the clock to stop for a while. You'll be wanting to do this because once the clock reaches the twelve, one of your party members will be out of the battle each time.

Under Phantom, there is an orb, if it is red, cast Firaga; blue, cast Blizzaga; yellow, cast Thundaga; and white equates to a physical attack. Occasionally, he'll fly in front of one of the clock faces and shoot energy balls at you, so you should fly away from it. To avoid the attack altogether, fly around to the other side of the Clock Tower when you see it payse. After you defeat Phantom, you'll receive Stopga.

Return to Merlin's Study to talk with him and he'll give you the Dream Rod, since you've upgraded all your magic to their top level spells. Now head to Agrabah.
Stats: 1200 HP, 42 ATK, 34 DEF, 9999 EXP

Return to Agrabah IV

  • Bosses Encountered: Kurt Zisa

Land in Aladdin's House, save your game, and talk to Carpet. He'll take you to the desert where you'll begin another boss fight against Kurt Zisa.


Somebody Battle: Kurt Zisa
Kurt Zisa KH

Your magic is about to be locked first time. You can hurry and cast Aeroga or you could attempt to summon Tink, but the latter takes longer and carries more risk of not being able to cast anything.

You'll want to Superglide over to the boss and attack the glowing orbs in his hands which release large HP balls once all are vanquished. When KurtZisa falls over, attack its head and try to deplete its life to about the orange. Your magic is back when the two white orbs are gone and you should heal, summon Tink once you can no longer hit KurtZisa's head. When it gets up again, it casts a barrier around itself which can only be destroyed by magic--Blizzaga working the best, but requiring a bit of patience. If you don't have Tink out yet, try to summon Mushu. If you have two MP Rages and MP Haste equipped, then follow KurtZisa when it puts up the shield. It'll shoot out MP balls once Donald casts spells and, if any attacks get you, you'll gain MP and be able to heal. Once the shield is gone, go back to hitting Kurt, knocking him down and starting the whole pattern over again. The second time your magic is stolen, Kurt uses a blade attack that can be Dodge Rolled when it is vertical; when horizontal, you can jump--using High Jump--and thus avoid damage.

Kurt will be doing these attacks quickly and about five times, not really being that choosy about whether he uses vertical or horizontal. Either be great at timing your dodges or be quick with Elixirs.
Stats: 1500 HP, 42 ATK, 34 DEF, 20000 EXP

Return to Coliseum II

  • Bosses Encountered: Ice Titan, Sephiroth

You'll want to be level 77 or higher - these two bosses aren't messing around. They're the mystery challenges you've been ignoring until now, so step up and show them who's boss.


Somebody Battle: Ice Titan

Equip the MP Rages and the MP Haste and you can heal whenever you get hurt.

If you use the Guard ability, you can deflect its most basic attack, which is throwing icicles at you, as long as you lock onto its head. Do not cast Aeroga! It will cause the icicles to become too big to deflect. More attacks that it uses are: shoving its hand into the ground and causing icicles to shoot up-- the first one targeting you, so use Dodge Roll--summoning three large ice boulders that fall on you, signified by it spreading its claws--avoided by running horizontally across the screen--breathing ice out and freezing Sora if he is hit--avoided by jumping and using superglide--followed by a flurry of icicles and shockwaves from its feet.

The Titan will fall over and give you some opportunity to do damage, but once it gets up it will change its attack pattern. After the second time of knocking it down, you'll want to stand on the bleachers as far awas as possible to avoid an attack that covers everything close to it.
Stats: 1500 HP, 46 ATK, 46 DEF, 5000 EXP

BOSS FIGHT: Sephiroth

Somebody Battle: Sephiroth

Target Sephiroth from the beginning and heal as much as possible by jumping away and healing in the air.

Jump at Sephiroth and use your keyblade to close some distance, finishing with a combo. If he disappears, quickly jump out of the way or use Guard, then target him again. If you don't finish a combo while attacking him or if he blocks you with his sword, a colum of fire will surround him and--if you get caught in it--you'll get hit either once or twice. There's not much you can do but heal afterward. Once you get into chipping away at his pink bar, Sephiroth changes his strategy a bit, which is recognized by him taunting you. He will teleport. As soon as this happens, very quickly target him and Superglide to him as he is speaking. If you don't think you'll make it, get to the furtherest point from him and get an Elixir ready to the 'who to use on' point. As soon as you're hit, use it. He gets harder to hit here, because he starts running about and teleporting. The easiest thing to do now is to only attack during the Descent Heartless attack and keep in the middle of the arena to be close to him wherever he appears. Once you're onto his orange bar, he'll say "Come, power" and the screen will darken. Now, he is quite invincible for a bit. Try to use Aeroga before or during it to lessen the damage you receive. If you spam Guard, he won't hit you, at least not as much. When you're into his yellow bar, he has an attack where green energy surrounds him, orbs, that need to be avoided, appear. He'll absorb them and summon meteors, again being invulnerable to attack. If you Glide around him, you can avoid the meteors that make shockwaves when they hit the ground. Once they start to spin, they will probably hit you. Superglide away from the giant meteor that appears above his head when it starts falling. Stay close if you want to attack after this; try to attack after the spinning tornado attacks, but he'll start teleporting in conjunction with the tornado attack. Keep Aeroga cast and use Ars Arcanum at this time, healing as often as possible.

Another way is to just keep healing and using Aeroga as soon as possible, and just keep hitting him Strike Raid.
Stats: 1800 HP, 46 ATK, 46 DEF, 18000 EXP

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