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Halloween Town

  • Items Obtainable: Ether x2, Mega-Ether, Elixir, Defense Up, Mythril Shard, Dispel-G x3, Forget-Me-Not, Jack-In-The-Box, Torn Page, Ansem's Report 7, Dalmatian's 40 - 42 and 67 - 69
  • Accessories Obtainable: Holy Circlet
  • Magic Obtainable: Gravira
  • Keyblades Obtainable: Pumpkinhead
  • Trinities: Red Trinity 5
  • Enemies Encountered: Shadow, Black Fungus, Gargoyle, Search Ghost, WIght Knight
  • Bosses Encountered: Lock, Shock, Barrel, Oogie Boogie, Oogie's Manor

Halloween Town Overview

Use the Save Point to save your game and head through the gates to Guillotine Square. Don't worry with the Heartless yet - they won't attack for now.

Head near the guillotine to view a cutscene, then go left of it to Dr. Finkelstein's Lab. Upstairs you'll find Jack experimenting on the Heartless. You can swap Jack into your party, so do so now - also, check the bookshelf to find a Torn Page.

Outside, the Heartless will be hostile again - fight them off, and check to the right of the door to the lab to find a gate to Jack's House. Under the stairs are Dalmatians 67 - 69 in a chest.

Head to the doorbell and ring it three times to get an Elixir, then head right of the gate to find the entrance to the Graveyard.

You'll encounter a new enemy type, the Wight Knight(60 HP, 24 ATK, 20 DEF, 16 EXP) here. Use Guard and Counterattack to easily take them out - hold Guard when they jump and hit X to bust through their defense. Defeat the enemies in the Graveyard and Sally will give you a Forget-Me-Not.

Take it to Dr. Finkelstein, then head back to the Graveyard and defeat all the enemies again. Search the casket near the back of the area to find a new area - talk to the Mayor and he'll challenge you to a quick game. Check the gravestones in the order the ghosts come out of them to obtain a Jack-In-The-Box, and take it back to the doctor.

You'll need to follow Zero through the Graveyard, and you'll encounter the Gargoyle(70 HP, 24 ATK, 10 DEF, 20 EXP). They're easy to defeat, so kill them off and enter the casket again and head past the broken pumpkin to the door.

You'll be at Moonlight Hill - head up the hill and check the gravestone to make the hill uncurl. Defeat all the enemies here and jump into the crevice - there's a chest under the bridge with a Dispel-G. Go upstairs and jump from the blue platform to the chest to find Dalmatians 40 - 42. The chest on the other side of the pit is possible to get to if you tump towards the ledge - you'll land on the one below it. From there, jump to the chest to grab a Defense Up.

Head across the bridge to Oogie's Manor. If you fall down here, look for the bathtub to get back up to the top of the area. Defeat the enemies here, and check the chest outside the door to find an Ether. Examine the door to enter - check the chest for an Ether, ignore the Red Trinity for now, and fire a Fira spell at the platform to get to a higher platform. Head up the path until you spot the big blue tower where you can go either left or right. Head left first, and jump on the roof of the mouth-looking thing to find a chest with a Mega-Ether inside. Backtrack tot he tower, head right, and at the top enter the Evil Playroom.

BOSS FIGHT: Lock, Shock, and Barrel

Somebodies Battle: Lock, Shock, and Barrel
Lock, Shock, and Barrel KHII

If you defeat Barrel last, you gain 260 EXP, if you defeat Shock last, you gain 132 EXP and if you defeat Lock last, you gain 114 EXP. Simple attack and heal strategy--Barrel spins a good deal while Lock jumps around often, but otherwise, their attacks are not noteworthy.
Stats: Lock: 150 HP, 24 ATK, 20 DEF, 180 EXP
  • Shock: 120 HP, 24 ATK, 20 DEF, 120 EXP
  • Barrel: 180 HP, 24 ATK, 20 DEF, 240 EXP

Halloween Town Overview II

Use the Save Point to save your game, and switch your party back to Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Hit the lever in the room, then head back to the Red Trinity and use it to obtain a Mythril Shard. Head to the first set of blue block stairs and look to the right - one of the cages has been lowered. Jump off the wooden walkway that leads to the lowered cage, and open the chest to find a Dispel-G. Jump down to the walkway, and enter the door to find a tree root. head down the root, and through the green door. You'll want to be level 35 or better before fighting Oogie Boogie.

BOSS FIGHT: Oogie Boogie

Somebody Battle: Oogie Boogie

Defeat the Gargoyles first before locking on Oogie as he runs about. He throws regular dice to determine what type of attack his giant roulette wheel will use, all of which you must deal with by jumping or running to avoid.

While magic cannot hurt him, you can summon Genie to help any time. When the symbols near the inside of the circle light up, step on the nearest Oogie, creating a fenced in area in which the platform rises and you are carried to him. Physical attacks from here should do you well. If you are messing about in the battle when Oogie has little HP left, he can charge himself somewhat and refill his HP meter a small bit.

TIP: Try using Guard to deflect Oogie's dice: each successful attempt will give you 49 tech points.

After you defeat Oogie Boogie, you'll receive Holy Circlet and Ansem's Report 7.
Stats: 450 HP, 24 ATK, 20 DEF, 2500 EXP

BOSS FIGHT: Oogie's Manor

Giant Furniture Battle: Oogie's Manor

Jump down and focus on the dark orbs around the manor - there's seven of them, so destroy all of the orbs to defeat the boss. You can destroy the lanterns throwing fireballs at you for 250 EXP a piece.

You'll need to do some fancy jumping to get to all of the orbs and avoid the Gargoyles, but all in all this is an easy, if tedious, battle. If you run out of MP, defeat some of the Gargoyles for the MP balls they drop.

Oogie Boogie
Stats: 90 HP, 24 ATK, 20 DEF, 2500 EXP

Halloween Town Overview III

After you beat Oogie's Manor, you'll receive Gravira and the keyhole for Halloween Town appears. Talk to Jack to get the Pumpkinhead keyblade, then return to Oogie's Manor to find a hole in the ground - it has a chest inside containing a Dispel-G. Head back to town through the river, then return to Traverse Town. Upgrade your stuff, check with Geppetto, synthesize items, see Cid about upgrades, and head into Merlin's Study to do the last mini-game in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Hundred Acre Wood V

  • Items Obtainable: Orichalcum
  • Abilities: Cheer

If you didn't already break the pot in less than 30 seconds during the last mini-game, use the Pumpkinhead keyblade and try again until you do. Check in the lower left-hand corner of the book to find the last mini-game, Pooh's Muddy Path.

Pooh's Muddy Path

Talk to Pooh, then lock-on to him and lead him around the bush so you can check the shrubs and find Eeyore. Lead Pooh around the bush the other way and walk under the root to find Roo. Talk to him to place him in the central bush. Use the windy well to head up to a log with Tigger on it - talk to him so he returns to the bush as well. Walk to the back of the area where there's holes in the wall - wait for Rabbit to pop out, and talk to him. Use the windy well again to reach the log, walk across and jump up the ledges to find Owl. Talk to him as well. Head back to the log and target the webs inside of it, then use Fira to burn them out. Jump down, and target Pooh - lead him to the blue flowers and he'll float to the upper level. Use the windy well to get up to Pooh, target him again, and lead him to the next area of flowers so he floats up to the hole in the tree where Piglet is located. Talk to him after he heads through the hole and appears at the bottom. Finish this mini-game is less than five minutes to obtain the special ability. Your Torn Page will turn into an Orichalcum, and the Hundred Acre Wood will be sealed. If you met the requirements for all the mini-games so far, you can talk to Owl at Pooh's House to obtain the Cheer ability. Time to head out to the last world on the map - Neverland.

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