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Deep Jungle

  • Items Obtainable: Hi-Potion, Mega-Potion x3, Ether x2, Mega-Ether, Mythril x2, Mythril Shard x3, Orichalcum, Shell-G x2, Fire-G, Esuna-G, Protect-G x2, Aeroga-G x2, Navi-G Piece, Slide 1 - 6, Dalmatians 25 - 36
  • Accessories Obtainable: White Fang, Protera Chain.
  • Magic Obtainable: Cure
  • Keyblades Obtainable: Jungle King
  • Trinities: Blue Trinity 9 and 10
  • Enemies Encountered: Shadow, Powerwild, Bouncywild
  • Bosses Encountered: Clayton, Sabor, Stealth Sneak

Deep Jungle Overview

As soon as you land, you'll be thrust into a boss fight without Donald or Goofy - be prepared.


Somebody Battle: Sabor
Sabor KH

Sabor doesn't really do anything other than leap and slap at you, so trudge in and wail on him, using magic and Sonic Blade, and he'll go down quickly. There's not a lot of strategy necessary for this fight.
Stats: 90 HP, 12 ATK, 11 DEF, 15 EXP

Deep Jungle Overview II

Jump down from the tree house to the netting, and look under the tree house to find a chest with a Mega-Potion inside. Jump off the netting anywhere into the trees to land in an area with two exits and a Save Point - save your game, then jump on the platform above it to grab a Mega-Ether from the chest. Jump into the stump when you're finished. You'll need to dodge a few branches as you slide down, but that's about it - you'll fall into the Camp, and be reunited with your party members when you enter the tent. You'll also receive a Protect-G. When you pick your party members, pick Goofy and Donald, and use the Trinity outside of the tent to find a chest with a Mythril Shard. Head to the left to find a Blue Trinity behind the table that gives you Dalmatians 34 - 36. Check the barrel near the clothesline to find some HP balls, and sometimes a Potion. Check the grandfather clock near Clayton to get a Recipe Card, then turn and check the base of the flagpole with the British flag on it to find another one. Head to the stove and examine the pot to put a Potion in it, then open the stove door by whacking it and cast Fire to light it - you'll obtain a Hi-Potion. Head to the clothesline, and examine the pink shirt to find a Research Note - turn around and check the globe on the right of the tent to find a second one. The third note is in the record player on the left of the tent. Head over to the lab table and examine the instruments - when it asks you to ice the Potion, cast Blizzard to receive two Ethers. Slides To find Jane's slides, check the following locations:

  • Slide 6: Use the boxes to the right of the tent to reach it.
  • Slide 1: From slide 6, jump to the top of the tent to reach it.
  • Slide 5: Jump from the tent to the white canopy to find it.
  • Slide 2: Jump from slide 5's location and look under the white canopy - it's on a dresser.
  • Slide 4: In front of the tent on a stack of boxes near a bamboo pole.
  • Slide 3: To the right of the tent, to the left of the chalkboard with a drawing of Tarzan on it.

Deep Jungle Overview III

Return the slides to Jane to get Tarzan to agree to take you to Kerchak. As you're leaving, Sabor will jump you again -use the strategy outlined above to beat him - he'll be even easier this time, as Donald and Goofy are back in your party. Heal in the tent after the fight if you want, then head out to the left to enter Hippo's Lagoon. Jump across the water using the hippos as platforms, then jump across the next two hippos to reach a chest with Dalmatians 25 - 27 inside. Turn and jump in the water, and swim to the small island on your right - jump into the low trees to collect a Mega-Potion. Turn and look to spot a chest in the distance, and jump to the closer platform on the right of the chest. Jump across to the chest to collect the Esuna-G. Head back to the water and swim back to the entrance. There's a vine on the tree you can use to climb up to reach the Vines area. Save your game, and jump onto the first vine by selecting the "jump on" option. Swing across to the first platform, and then swing across to the chest to grab a Mythril. Swing to the next set of vines, then swing to the other vines on your right when you land. This takes you to the Vines 2 area. Kerchak leaves without talking to you, and he seems to be headed for the tree house. Swing across to the other platform and jump across the gap to reach a chest with Dalmatians 28 - 30 inside. Swing back to where Donald and Goofy are waiting, then climb the vine on the side of the tree to reach the Climbing Trees area. Follow the path to the Blue Trinity, and use it to find Dalmatians 31 - 33. Head through the door on the right to find a Save Point you can use - head across the Treetop area to reach the Tunnel area to find the Save Point. Head back to the Trinity and through the door next to it. After the cutscene, stay inside the tree house and look for broken steps - jump up them by swinging the Keyblade at the top of your jump. Head through the hole in the wall, and then head left until you reach a dead end. Climb the ladder, and at the end of it you'll be on the roof of the tree house. Open the chest to get a Protera Chain, then walk to the edge of the roof and use first-person view to spot a wooden plank with no string at the end of it. Jump in that direction so that you fall through the trees and end up in the Cliff area. Again, you'll be ambushed by Sabor - you should have a problem with him at this point. Climb a nearby vine to reach a higher platform that holds a Mythril Shard and a Mega-Potion, then head back to Camp and enter the tent. Heal and save your game, then head outside. You'll fight two new enemies - the Powerwild(30 HP, 12 ATK, 11 DEF, 4 EXP), and the Bouncywild(30 HP, 12 ATK, 11 DEF, 4 EXP). Both are agile and can block your attacks, but they shouldn't be too difficult to defeat. You'll need to save some gorillas from these two new enemies - every time you save a gorilla, it'll give you an item. The one in Camp gives you a Protect-G, the one in the Bamboo Thicket will give you a Fire-G, the one in the Cliff area gives you an Aerora-G, as does the one in the Climbing Trees area. The last gorilla, in the Tree House, will give you a Shell-G. Once you save all the gorillas, head back to Camp, enter the tent to heal and save your game, then talk to Jane. You'll hear a gunshot - head back to the Bamboo Thicket area, and Sabor will ambush you for the last time.


Somebody Battle: Sabor
Sabor KH

He's a bit faster and a bit tougher this time around. He also has more HP, and can now jump into the bamboo and out the other side at you - use the same strategy as before, and he'll still fall as easily. You'll be automatically healed at the end of the fight, so just lay into him for a quick fight. After you defeat Sabor, you'll receive the White Fang.
Stats: 180 HP, 12 ATK, 11 DEF, 150 EXP

Deep Jungle Overview IV

Defeat the enemies you encounter as you work your way back to the Camp, and enter the tent. You'll discover that Jane is at the Tree House - you need to reach her, so head to Hippo's Lagoon, jump across the hippos, and climb the vines up to the Climbing Trees area. Jane and Terk are caged up, and the cage is blocking your path - lock-on to the fruit thing and attack until you hear a chime. You can fight the continuously spawning Powerwilds to grind for some levels if you wish. If you want to keep them from spawning in, cast Blizzard on the five black flowers in the area. Enter the Treetop area and cross over to the Tunnel area, then use the stump to slide down to the Camp. Heal in the tent, save your game, and get ready for the next boss fight - replace Donald with Tarzan, and remove Healing Herb and Wind Armor from Tarzan's equipped abilities. Instead, use Critical Plus in both empty slots and give Goofy and Tarzan a lot of restorative items. Move through the Bamboo Thicket to the Cliff - you'll encounter Clayton and some Powerwilds. Defeat the Powerwilds while avoiding Clayton's gunshots, then attack Clayton. In a few hits, he'll drop, and you'll begin the boss fight proper.

BOSS FIGHT: Clayton and Stealth Sneak

Somebody and Heartless Battle: Clayton and Stealth Sneak
Clayton KH Stealth Sneak KH

The first thing you need to focus on is depleting the Stealth Sneak's life down a bar. This cause it to become visible, making the whole fight go a lot smoother from the get go. It moves a bit too quickly to predict any of its kick attacks, so your best bet is to keep hitting it and healing whenever needed.

During the whole battle, watch for the glowing green energy attack from the Sneak. It's very fast, but if you're staying in close and using a good deal of aerial combos, you won't usually get hit. The best thing to do is to keep close, but if you do want to fight the battle from a bit off, Clayton will be shooting at you, which is easily predicted by him saying "Gotcha!" If you're in this position, it's good to use a Dodge Roll to avoid the shot, but all in all, you're better off in close-combat. A little while into the battle, Clayton will fall off of the Stealth Sneak and it will be stunned. It's at this point that you need to focus on the stunned Sneak, attacking it as much as you can in an attempt at finishing it off. Reason being, it will have a new attack where its eyes will glow white and homing energy balls will follow Sora. The best you can do to avoid them is to try to stay close to the Sneak, once again using aerial combos. Once in a while, for no apparent reason, the Stealth Sneak won't accept damage from any attack that you use. Take this time to heal and possibly focus on Clayton a little. However, more often than not Clayton will use Potions around this time to heal himself. If you can manage to bring down Clayton this time, the battle will end--far more easily accomplished when not playing on Expert. Once you have the Stealth Sneak defeated, whoever else is in your party should have taken enough health off of Clayton to bring him into critical condition. Watch out for his gun, as always, but a few hits should finish him off.

After you defeat both Clayton and the Stealth Sneak, you will receive Cure.
Stats: Clayton: 250 HP, 12 ATK, 11 DEF, 240 EXP
  • Stealth Sneak: 750 HP, 12 ATK, 11 DEF, 30 EXP

Deep Jungle Overview V

Now that you have Cure, you should be focusing on using it instead of your Potions. Kerchak will thank you for saving the gorillas by throwing you onto the cliff side - enter the Waterfall Cavern from there. Head to the end of the path, and jump to the ledge with a tiny waterfull to get a Mythril Shard. Turn and jump to the other platform that has a chest to obtain a Shell-G. From there, jump up to obtain a Mythril. Crawl along the ivy on the way to find another chest with an Orichalcum. Climp up the vine in the alcove a bit, then jump backwards to another platform. From there, jump to the ledge with green ivy, then turn and jump to yet another ledge. Now, jump across and enter the ??? area on the right. You'll seal the keyhole to Deep Jungle, and obtain a Navi-G Piece and a new keyblade, the Jungle King. You'll also gain the ability to use Red Trinities. Back at the World map, upgrade your Gummi Ship if you're so inclined, then head back to Traverse Town.

Return to Traverse Town III

  • Items Obtainable: Earthshine, Old Book, Firaga-G, Thundara-G, Comet-G, Warp-G, Navi-G Piece, Dalmatians 4 - 6 and 10 - 12
  • Magic Obtainable: Aero
  • Summons Obtainable: Simba
  • Trinities: Red Trinity 1, 2, and 3
  • Enemies Encountered: Shadow, Soldier, Large Body, Blue Rhapsody, Red Nocturne, Yellow Opera, Green Requiem, Air Soldier
  • Bosses Encountered: Guard Armor, Opposite Armor

After completing Deep Jungle, head back to Traverse Town. Grab some Potions and Ethers if you need them, and sell any extra items you have for some munny. Head to the left of the Accessory Shop in the alley you started the beginning of the game in and find the Red Trinity - use it to enter a blocked-off section of the Alleyway. Check the chest here to receive Dalmatians 4 - 6, then return to the 1st District. Enter the 2nd District and fight the Heartless that appear. There are two new enemy types - the Yellow Opera(24 HP, 15 ATK, 12 DEF, 3 EXP), and the Green Requiem(15 HP, 15 ATK, 12 DEF, 4 EXP). Take out the Green Requiems first, as they'll heal the other enemies, then focus on the rest and perform a clean up. Enter the Dalmatian's House and collect the Firaga-G for saving the puppies so far, then head through the house to reach the Alleyway. Kill all of the enemies here, then head to the grate and use the Red Trinity beside it to open a door to the Secret Waterway. Swim forward to find Aerith and Leon - talk to Leon until he suggests you talk to Cid, and he'll hand you the Earthshine Gem. Check the stairs behind the two to find a chest with Dalmatians 10 - 12 inside, then exit. Go back into the Dalmatian's House to grab a Thundara-G, then exit to the 2nd District and talk to Cid at the Accessory Shop. He'll install your Navigation Gummi if you agree to take the Old Book to Merlin. Head to Merlin's by way of the 3rd District and you'll fight another new enemy type - the Air Soldier(33 HP, 15 ATK, 12 DEF, 5 EXP). Use aerial combos to put a hurt on them, then continue to Merlin's. When you arrive, talk to Merlin, then give the Fairy Godmother the Earthshine Gem to gain the ability to summon Simba. Head back to the 3rd District to talk to an old friend, then head upstairs near the entrance to the 2nd District and talk to Cid inside the house with the lights on. He'll give you a Warp-G, which keeps you from having to manually fly to worlds you've already visited. Head back to the 2nd District and enter the Gizmo Shop - kill off all the enemies, then exit through the back door and climb up to the roof. Defeat the foes here, then use the Red Trinity on the wall - pull the rope inside three times to reveal a keyhole; unfortunately, when you jump down, you'll be in a battle against the Guard Armor again. Try to be at least level 20 by this point, and have Cure mapped to a shortcut key. Head through the 3rd District to avoid getting near the keyhole and triggering the fight so you can save your game. It also lets you return to the Accessory Shop if you waited til the last minute to shop. When you're set, start the battle and when you cause a bit of damage, Guard Armor will transform into a new foe - the Opposite Armor.

BOSS FIGHT: Opposite Armor(Traverse Town)

Heartless Battle: Opposite Armor
Opposite Armor KH

Opposite Armor might just seem like a big version of its lesser kin, but it is quite a bit more deadly. Concentrate on the limbs. If you do so, you will lessen the number of attacks at its disposal.

If a pair of limbs is present, they will connect with the head of the Opposite Armor and spin very quickly. Your safest bet in this case is to Dodge Roll away, but if you want some tech points, you can try to strike the falling limbs. Your main focus should be to destroy the limbs with the least HP so you won't see quite as many of those attacks. An attack to watch out for especially would be when the torso disconnects from the body. It will shoot beams of energy at you and do a goodly amount of damage. Hit it with your Keyblade as soon as you see it coming towards you, thus causing the energy to dissipate with no reflected damage. Something to watch out for is that the torso seems to be invulnerable unless the head is attached. Take full advantage of the many HP balls the defeated limbs drop and don't bother summoning Simba: he's a bit more trouble than he's worth in this particular battle.

After you defeat Opposite Armor, you'll receive Aero Magic.
Stats: Arm: 135 HP, 15 ATK, 12 DEF, -- EXP
  • Leg: 135 HP, 15 ATK, 12 DEF, -- EXP
  • Body: 900 HP, 15 ATK, 12 DEF, 390 EXP

After Opposite Armor

You'll learn the Aero spell, which is extremely useful. Once you seal the keyhole for Traverse Town, you'll get another Navi-G Piece, which comes in handy. Return to the 1st District to get a Comet-G from Cid, and he'll also open up the Gummi Shop, where you can buy a COM. LV2, which lets you use more Gummi Blocks in building your ship. Enter the Accessory Shop to see a scene with Pinocchio, then head back to Merlin's and examine the book in the corner to find the Hundred Acre Wood.

Hundred Acre Wood

100 Acre Wood Logo KHI

  • Items Obtainable: Mega-Ether, Elixir, Mythril Shard

Enter the area on the right, and you'll talk to Pooh - when you're done, open the chest in the log he was sitting on to find a Mythril Shard. Exit by walking out of any of the map's sides, and walk to the left side of the book to find Pooh's House. Enter it. When you enter the area, before you go into the house, run around back and hit the chimney to make a chest appear inside the house. Enter the house, and grab the Mega-Ether from the chest that fell, then check the cabinet to find an Elixir. While you're there, check the cuckoo clock and open the window if you want. When you leave, Owl will explain what to do to unlock further areas of the Hundred Acre Wood. Return to the World Map, and check the compass in the upper right corner of the book to return to Traverse Town. Board the Gummi Ship and head back to the Coliseum to enter the new Phil Cup.

Coliseum - Phil Cup

  • Items Obtainable: AP Up, Mythril Shard
  • Magic Obtainable: Gravity
  • Enemies Encountered: Powerwild, Soldier, Large Body, Blue Rhapsody, Red Nocturne, Armored Torso, Yellow Opera, Green Requiem, Shadow, Hammerlegs, Guantlets

Talk to Phil when you get inside and he'll let you choose to enter the Phil Cup. You can only choose to enter it with Donald and Goofy for now, but don't worry - it's the easiest of the Cups. Equip MP Haste and MP Rage, if you can, and use Blizzard to help yourself out. Below are the Seeds, and what enemies you'll encounter.

  • Seed 9 - Jungle Vice: Powerwild x4, Soldier x3
  • Seed 8 - Monkey & Magic: Powerwild x1, Green Requiem x2, Red Nocturne x2, Yellow Opera x5
  • Seed 7 - Big Feet: Hammerlegs x1, Powerwild x4
  • Seed 6 - Magic Alert: Red Nocturne x5, Yellow Opera x5
  • Seed 5 - Nightwalkers: Large Body x1, Powerwild x5
  • Seed 4 - Hard Hitters: Gauntlets x1, Blue Rhapsody x3, Shadow x4
  • Seed 3 - Indomitable: Large Body x2, Green Requiem x6
  • Seed 2 - Wild Corps: Guantlets x1, Hammerlegs x1, Powerwild x4
  • Seed 1 - Shadow Battaliion: Armored Torso x1, Yellow Opera x4, Blue Rhapsody x4

After you fight through all 9 seeds, you'll receive Gravity. If you talk to Phil again, you can re-enter the Phil Cup with only Sora - this is harder, but if you have enough Potions and Cure on a shortcut key, you'll be fine. If you beat the Cup with only Sora, you'll receive a Mythril Shard. Talk to Phil again, and you can enter the tournament with a time limit - complete it in less than 3 minutes to receive an AP Up. When you're finished, head through the gates and use the new Warp-G to travel to Deep Jungle.

Return to Deep Jungle

  • Items Obtainable: Megalixir, Power Up, Defense Up, AP Up, Orichalcum

Get off the ship at the Tunnel area, and check the mini-game that's opened. Hop into the log to begin Jungle Slider.

Jungle Slider Mini-Game

  • Stage 1 - Green Serpent: The first three fruits are on the left side, and the next three are on the right side, after you go around the curve. The next three are towards the middle, and right after you will need to jump over two branches in a row. You'll need to jump over a third one a bit after, and you will land next to the last fruit. Hold left after the last fruit to enter the new area, and you'll receive an AP Up for collecting all ten fruits.
  • Stage 2 - Splash Tunnel: The first three fruits appear in the middle, almost as soon as you start. The next three are in the middle as well, so dodge all the stalagmites until you enter a large open area - the next three require some skill, and after the last of the set, take a hard right to get the last fruit that's behind a pillar. Keep to the left to enter the next area, and you'll receive an Orichalcum for collecting all twenty fruits so far.
  • Stage 3 - Jade Spiral: - the first three are easy enough to find, and so are the next three - just stay on the left for the second set. After them are the next three, in the middle of the track. The last one is simple to obtain as well, and stay on the right to enter the next area after you collect it. You'll receive a Megalixir for collection all thirty fruits so far.
  • Stage 4 - Panic Fall: Four fruits are at the beginning of this track - the first three are simple enough to spot, but the fourth one is behind a branch. The branch won't hurt you, so don't be distracted by it. You'll go through some sharp corners and find six more fruits that need some deft maneuvering to obtain - stay right for the first two, then head left for the last four. Take a left at the fork to enter the new area, and you'll receive a Defense Up for grabbing all forty fruits so far.
  • Stage 5 - Shadow Cavern: All ten of the fruits on this track are instantly in front of you - they are still a bit difficult to get, however. Hold back to slow down to make things easier, and you'll receive a Power Up for grabbing all the fruit in Jungle Slider.
  • You'll land in the Cavern that Kerchak threw you into - from there, head to the Camp, then to Hippo's Lagoon. Climb the ivy on the tree to enter Vines, then talk to the nearby flower to start the Vine Jump mini-game.

Vine Jump Mini-Game

  • Course 1 - Jump Course: When yous tart, jump across the vines in front of you, and when you land, make a turn to the left to spot the next vine. Swing across, land on the platform, run straight to reach the next set, and swing across to the next platform. Trun tot he right and swing across the vines to land on a platform that takes you to Vines 2. There, swing across and land on the platform, then turn and jump back on the vine you just came from - it will swing towards a new vine. At the end of these vines is the finishing platform.
  • Course 2 - Trap Course: This course is a test of your reflexes - how smoothly you can jump between vines without staying on them too long. The lighter color of the vines means that you'll fall off after you've missed your chance - even then, it's not that difficult to negotiate.
  • Course 3 - Acrobatic Course: This is a reaction course - there's many light-colored ropes, but you'll need to focus more on the command bar. It may take a couple tries to get adjusted, but you'll eventually get the timing down.
  • Course 4 - Expert Course: This is just a harder version of the "Jump Off" and "Jump Next" commands, with all the vines being light-colored. Again, it may take a couple of tries, but eventually you'll have the hang of the timing and complete this one.

When you're through playing through these mini-games, head back to the ship and fly towards Wonderland - when you spot it, head into the warp hole to wind up in Agrabah.

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