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Welcome the first walkthrough by Darkheart3! This for the very first Kingdom Hearts game on the PlayStation 2.


Button Control
Left Analog Stick Move; select item menu
Right Analog Stick,B u, B d, B l, B r Select command menu item
B x Execute action; confirm selection; attack
B s Use equipped abilities; descend when swimming/flying
B t Command party members to attack selected target
B c Cancel selection; jump/swim; ascend when swimming/flying
B l1 Display shortcut menu (hold)
B l2 Rotate camera
B r1 Lock on to enemy; remove lock on
B r2 Rotate camera
B start Display menu; pause game
B select Enter first person view

Boss Template

{{{Boss Type}}} Battle: {{{Name}}}

Stats: {{{Stats}}}

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Onward to the Walkthrough!

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