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DL Ventus

Ventus (ヴェントゥス Ventusu?) is a Dimension Link for Terra and Aqua in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Aqua and Terra obtain it after they received the Wayfinder the former made for the three of them.


Ventus's D-Link specializes in swift and quick commands, reflecting Ventus's speedy fighting style. The first effect for his D-Link is Haste, which increases the speed of the player's movement and attacks, while his second effect is Auto-Counter, which automatically counters against an attack.


Level 0Edit

DL VenAvatar1
Command Deck

Level 1 DL VentusHasteEdit

DL VenAvatar1
Command Deck
  • Finish

Level 2 DL VentusAutoCounterEdit

DL VenAvatar2
Command Deck

Exclusive CommandsEdit

Air DiveEdit

Air Dive (エアダイヴ Ea Daivu?) - Press B c/B x/B s/B t to hit enemies while flying through the air.

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