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Valor Form

Valor Form (ブレイヴフォーム Bureivu Fōmu?, lit. "Brave Form") is a Drive Form which appears in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Valor Form uses Goofy, who represents strength and courage. Valor Form consumes three of Sora's Drive Bars, and represents Sora's strength[1], and is obtained along with Sora's new clothes at Mysterious Tower.


Valor Form is obtained along with Sora's new clothes at the mysterious tower, and is the first drive form obtained. Similar to Wisdom Form, it consumes three Drive Bars. The form drastically increases Sora's strength, as well as increasing his running and jumping ability, while also increasing his ground combo attack by one, at the cost of being unable to cast magic; making it the most offensive drive form. Sora is also capable of stunning enemies with his attacks, and blocking enemy attacks while slashing; but Berserker Nobodies are immune to the stun effect of Sora's attacks. One of Sora's abilities in Valor Form, Omega Finale, allows him to do finishing attacks without finishing a combo. In Valor Form, Sora's attacks are executed with two Keyblades. When he receives this Form from Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather he also receives the Star Seeker Keychain as the default second Keyblade. Sora develops the Combo Up and High Jump abilities by leveling up this form.


A common Valor Form combo.

  • Growth Ability Valor Form's Growth ability is High Jump, which increases Sora's jumping height by a maximum of 320%, when the ability reaches its maximum level. It can be used in many ways to broaden Sora’s air combos and causes aerial battles to become swifter, in addition to making evading enemy attacks simpler. As well as making platforming easier, High Jump can be used to reach chests that are unreachable in the first playthrough of the main story.
Form Level Height Distance
N/A 100% 100%
Level 1 130% 170%
Level 2 170% 190%
Level 3 210% 210%
MAX 320% 240%
  • Form Level Valor Form gains one experience point for every attack dealt to an enemy. Reaction Commands in Valor Form also count towards experience, but the shockwave from the transformation does not count. The enemy's type (Nobody, Heartless) does not matter. In Kingdom Hearts II, Valor Form can only reach level 3 until after unlocking Wisdom Form, and can only reach level 5 until after unlocking Final Form.
Form Level EXP (KHII) EXP (KHHD) Bonus Valor Form Bonus Sora
1 0 0 High Jump Level 1 N/A
2 100 80 Form Gauge +1 Auto Valor
3 400 240 Form Gauge +1, High Jump Level 2 High Jump Level 1
4 760 520 Form Gauge +1 Combo Plus
5 1,210 968 Form Gauge +1, High Jump Level 3 High Jump Level 2
6 1,750 1528 Form Gauge +1 Combo Plus
7 2,500 2200 Form Gauge +1, High Jump MAX High Jump Level 3


This form turns Sora's clothes into a red and black color scheme with a fleur-de-lis on each sleeve and pant leg. In this form, Sora wields two Keyblades, and is also very dexterous, sometimes even spinning the Keyblade on a single finger during a combo. No matter what world Sora is in, Sora's hands glow light red and flicker with red electricity. When Sora runs in Valor Form, flakes of red energy fly off of his hands in a streak.

Costume changes
  • Timeless River: Sora's health icon becomes red in tint.
  • Halloween Town: Sora's mask turns into a devil-mask, slightly reminiscent of a Bomb from the Final Fantasy series. The mask also appears to be decorated by a stylized fleur-de-lis.
  • Christmas Town: A red fleur-de-lis appears on Sora's santa hat and on the back of his shirt.
  • Space Paranoids: Sora's circuit lines turn red, similar to those of Sark.


Ability Description
Brave Shot A strong combo finisher that knocks an opponent into the air with a huge wave of red energy.
Brave Beat A strong combo finisher that damages many opponents with a powerful spinning attack.
Sonic Strike Sora spears an enemy with one of his Keyblades midair, dealing massive damage. With Omega Finale, Sonic Strike can be executed into a one-hit attack.
Sonic End A powerful combo where Sora slashes furiously in midair, ending with a powerful "X" slash.
Over the Horizon By pressing B s, Sora automatically lunges at the targeted enemy.
Omega Finale Allows combo finisher to be executed in the middle of a combo, accessible by pressing B s.
Rataliating Slash When knocked into the air, pressing B s will allow Sora to do a quick recovery and execute several air slashes surrounding him.
High Jump An enhancement of jump where Sora does a backflip in mid-air.
Synch Blade Allows Sora to wield two Keyblades at once.
Combo Plus 1 added attack to prolong combos.
Air Combo Plus 1 added attack to prolong air combos.


Valor Form earns one point per successful hit on an enemy. Both Sleeping Lion and Star Seeker are useful for leveling this form, as both possess Combo Boost abilities. Alternatively, if you equip Sweet Memories, which has no strength boost, your hits will deal less damage and allow for more hits per enemy. Finally, the Oathkeeper is a great Keyblade to use, as it has the Form Boost ability, which makes the Drive Gauge last longer.

If possible, it is also a good idea to equip any Combo Boost abilities and unequip combo finishers, or any other abilities that will deal large amounts of damage. Party members should be set to Party Attack, so they do not kill Sora's target too quickly. As Valor removes Sora's ability to use magic, Donald (or whoever is currently set as your second team member) should be depended on for healing with magic or items. Otherwise, Sora should be equipped with healing items such as Potions, Hi-Potions, Mega-Potions, or Elixirs.

Morning Stars and Crimson Jazzes are enemies which take a lot of damage, their attacks are easily disrupted by Valor Form's and, to make it even better, they drop a lot of Drive Orbs when defeated. These enemies appear together in both Hollow Bastion and Beast's Castle, making both of those worlds good places to train Valor. The Entrance Hall in Beast's Castle also has the added benefit of closely grouped enemies and a Save Point right next to the battlefield.

Another option is The Land of Dragons, starting in the Throne Room. Traveling through to the Antechamber triggers three waves of Assault Riders, which take many hits to defeat. When the Drive Gauge is near empty, a Save Point can be found back in the Throne Room.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, a great place to level Valor form is The Cave of Wonders: Treasure Room in Agrabah. Land in the Chasm of Challenges and walk through the large door. Mushroom V of the Mushroom XIII appears here, and when you initiate the battle, the Mushroom starts to constantly regenerate health. Continue to attack it until its HP gets down to about one bar, and then let it regenerate for a few seconds so you don't accidentally defeat it. If the Mushroom is defeated, or if your Drive Gauge is running low, leave the Treasure Room and use the Save Point to your left.

In popular culture

Dead Fantasy

In Dead Fantasy, Kairi also uses Valor Form; Kairi's clothes become similar to Sora's clothes in Valor Form. She also receives the ability to wield two Keyblades; the Oathkeeper & Oblivion.

Notes and References

  1. Yen Sid's mirror: "An image of you utilizing your strength to its fullest flows into your mind."

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