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still working on this zero Hour: Sora Frees Kairi's Heart, presumably this is day zero for roxas and namine

Day7: Xion Joins the Organization

sometime between:Sora Defeats Ansem.

Day 22: Secret Report claims sora made a move, presumably refers to the death of xehanorts heartless

Sometime Between: Organization members leave for C.O. Before Morning.

Day 23: Roxas Diary,

Sometime between, Floor 1: Sora Reaches C.O.

Sometime Between: Lower castle members become aware of soras presence

Day 24: secret Report,

Floor 6 end: Namine creates fake charm

B7: Riku Replica gets memory wiped

Floor 7End: Sora Meets Riku Replica

B6end: Larxene mentions namine creating the fake charm for sora, Riku Replica now believes himself to be riku.

Floor 11: vexen killed

B5/4 transition: Zexion/Lexaus Discuss Vexens Death immediately after.

Day 26 beginning: Reports of termination make it to C.O

Roxas Faints

Floor 12: larxene Killed

Floor 13: Axel Fights Sora

B4: Lexaus Killed

B4/3 transition: Axel and Zexion discuss Lexaus, larxen and vexen.

Floor 13; Marluxia Killed

B3Beginning: Riku Feels Marluxia's death, and is approached by zexion

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