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Soxxeh 4:12am, January 6, 2011 (UTC)


I'm undoing it because it's wrong. It's Ventus's Keyblade (passed onto Sora in Birth by Sleep), not Xion's. This was confirmed by Nomura; Sora's and Ventus's Keyblades were used by Roxas and Xion indirectly as their Nobodies, but they are still originally Sora's and Ventus's. Soxxeh 4:12am, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

your right about the passing down of the keyblades, but your taking it the wrong way ventus passes it down to sora then sora to roxas and xion, you see it as ventus passes down to sora and roxas, roxas absorbes xion's memory and gains her keyblade xion was in roxas because she wanted the memories to get back to sora with sora's memories that roxas and xion had in roxas at the same time it would only take roxas to get to sora she also gave him her memories which eventually faded as is her and her memories the keyblade roxas threw was because xion trying toget riku to stop him.

p.s sorry for te late responce and xion is a clone nott an nobody

She's a replica of Roxas, yes, but she's still technically a Nobody (not in the same way as the others, but the fact remains).
And that's what I said... Ventus passed it to Sora ("It's Ventus's Keyblade (passed onto Sora"), then Roxas and Xion used these ("Sora's and Ventus's Keyblades were used by Roxas and Xion"). Roxas does get "Xion's" Keyblade after he absorbs her again, except that it was originally Ventus's Keyblade that Xion was using. Thus, when Roxas reobtains it, he reobtains Ventus's Keyblade, not Xion's. Soxxeh 9:51pm, January 6, 2011 (UTC)
A cold is not a Keyblade. Keyblades choose their master, just like Sora and Ventus were both chosen. As Ventus's heart rests within Sora, he can then command two Keyblades—Ventus's and Sora's. With me so far?
Because Roxas is directly Sora's Nobody, Roxas then gets command over both Keyblades. They still belong to their original owners—Ventus and Sora. Just because he is wielding them does not make them his; he still gets the power to use them from Ventus and Sora. The Keyblades did NOT choose Roxas. Still with me?
Now, Xion is created, siphoned from the energies and memories of Sora, giving her a Keyblade. She gets one of the two Keyblades that Roxas has—which are Ventus's and Sora's—and she gets Ventus's. Yes, she's holding it, but she is holding Ventus's Keyblade. It does not come from her heart; the Keyblade did NOT pick Xion. Therefore it is not "Xion's Keyblade". Get that?
You're right, Ventus did not own the Kingdom Key. But his Keyblade manifests itself as the Kingdom Key because it is from Sora's body (where Ventus's heart is).
I don't get what left- and right-handedness have to do with this. Nor do I get why you keep bringing up Riku. Soxxeh 10:32pm, January 6, 2011 (UTC)
No, I never said that. Stop changing my words. And did you even read what I posted? Soxxeh 10:35pm, January 6, 2011 (UTC)
I'm glad that's all you have to say. Now I can go back to more important things. Soxxeh 10:47pm, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

Chitalian8 Hey, Crybaby! — Now you know that nobody can beat me.

Pesky little runt. Who do you take after? — 23:57, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

Enough editing on Roxas's page. Nomura has confirmed that it was Ventus's Keyblade, not Xion's.

The Inexistent - Dusk, Light to Darkness...
TALK - The great transition.
And, on a completely unrealted note, please us correct grammer when communicating on the wiki (especially when you are trying to explain complex concepts, like above. Your idea and position on the issue become quite muddled), and please sign your posts with ~~~~. Thank you. Also, Ventus' Heart went into Sora. This was incarnated as Roxas. Roxas was then cloned into Xion.

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