Despite Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ having a lengthy tutorial to introduce players to the basics of the game, there are some essentials that it didn't quite cover. I will also cover the basics as shown by the game's tutorial in case people excitedly sped through the tutorial and need a review. I hope this guide will be of use to those starting out as we trip along on our path to become Keyblade Masters.

I will update this guide from time to time so feel free to leave feedback so I can improve it.


For anyone familiar with Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories gameplay, Unchained will be rather easy to pick up. You must equip Medals onto your Keyblade in order to attack and your choice of medals may mean the difference between sweet victory and sad, sad defeat.

There are 3 types of medals in Unchained:

  • Power (red)
  • Speed (green)
  • Magic (blue)

Power medals are stronger than Speed medals, which are stronger than Magic medals, which are stronger than Power medals. In case you can't remember that, don't fret, the game has a little icon on quest prompts and the Keyblade equipment window to remind you.

PRO TIP: Take advantage of the Daily Deal available in the cash shop if you have the Jewels for it. You can end up with some pretty good medals without spending a dime.

Leveling Medals

To level medals in Unchained, you must combine other medals into the one you want to level up. As such, you will need LOTS of medals to level up your essential medals. Leveling up your medals improves their attack and defense capabilities so having high level medals equipped to your Keyblade is a must.

PRO TIP: You can get by without expanding your medal storage if you only focus on getting the best medals for your keyblades; you only need about 25 slots of storage for keyblade medals if you're using different medals for each keyblade. You simply need to use up leveling medals as you go so you don't run out of space. Of course, this will be rather difficult if you're the hoarding type (like me).

To level up a medal, you simply click on the medal to bring up that medal's stat window. You will then see two red buttons: [Level Up] and [Evolve]. Tapping on [Level Up] will take you to the leveling interface where you will pick medals from your collection to level up that particular medal. You also have the option to use the [Optimize] button, which will allow the game to pick which medals would be best suited to level your medal. (You can adjust the medals selection if you're not satisfied with what the [Optimize] button picks.)

Leveling a medal will cost Munny so be sure you have enough Munny on hand before attempting to level a medal. The cheapest way to level medals is to only use medals that are the same type as the medal you're leveling (i.e. use Speed type medals to level up a Speed type medal). Using medals of other types to level will cost you more Munny.

PRO TIP: Be sure to lock medals that you plan to level up! When viewing a medal's stat window, there will be a lock icon near the top right corner of the window (below the X button). Tap on the icon to activate it. Locking your medal will prevent you from accidentally selling it and also protects the medal from being used to level up other medals. This is also a great way to differentiate your main medals from your leveling fodder.

NOTE: Huey, Dewey, and Louie medals can't be leveled up so they can only be used as leveling fodder. Collect lots of them to level up your medals quickly.

Evolving Medals

Once you max out a medal's level, it's time to [Evolve] it! In Unchained, there are 6 separate tiers of medals:

  • 1 star (copper)
  • 2 star (copper with heart)
  • 3 star (silver)
  • 4 star (silvery gold)
  • 5 star (gold)
  • 6 star (yellow gold)

Medal evolution requires the possession of special evolution medals. Each medal uses different amounts of evolution medals so it's best to have plenty of evolution medals on hand when it comes time to evolve your medals. Be sure to lock these medals as well to prevent accidental selling.

  • Cheshire Cat - Required to evolve a 1-star medal to a 2-star medal.
  • Merlin - Required to evolve a 2-star medal to a 3-star medal.
  • Fairy Godmother - Required to evolve a 3-star medal to a 4-star medal.
  • Yen Sid - Required to evolve a 4-star medal to a 5-star medal.
  • Flora - Required to evolve 4-star and 5-star Power medals.
  • Fauna - Required to evolve 4-star and 5-star Speed medals.
  • Merryweather - Required to evolve 4-star and 5-star Magic medals.
  • Fantasia Mickey (Version A) - Required to evolve 5-star medals to 6-star medals.

Just like leveling a medal, evolving a medal will cost Munny so if you don't have enough Munny to evolve a medal, you'll have to wait until you've earned enough to evolve it.

NOTE: Be sure to unlock your evolution medals when it comes time to evolve your medals. Evolution medals that are locked cannot be used for evolving your medals.

Special Attacks

Each medal has a special attack that can be utilized by swiping the medal from the Keyblade interface during battle. These special attacks can be enhanced by fusing medals together. When you evolve a medal to 3 stars, little dots will appear on the special attack section of its stats window. When a 3-star medal is fused into a 3-star medal, the dots will go from black to yellow. As a medal evolves to higher tiers, more of these dots will be revealed for a total of 5 dots on 6-star medals. Filling up these dots will unlock the medal's greatest strength. Only medals of the same kind can be fused together to enhance its special attacks (i.e. a 3-star KH Sora Ver. A medal must be fused with another 3-star KH Sora Ver. A medal to enhance its special attack, NOT a 3-star KH Sora Ver. B).

PRO TIP: Level multiples of the same medals at the same time so you can gradually enhance its special attack power once you evolve them into 3-star medals. If you fuse 2 medals together and then fuse that resulting medal into another medal, then the third medal will have its special power increased by 2 dots instead of 1.

Each special attack uses up a certain amount of the Keyblade's special attack gauge. If you don't build up your special attack gauge enough, you won't be able to use all of your medals' special attacks. Each Keyblade's special attack gauge maxes out at 9 in the beginning and can be increased by refining the Keyblade.

PRO TIP: Press on the Keyblade interface to view the special attack requirements for each of your equipped medals during battle. This will allow you to calculate which medals you can use with your limited special attack gauge.


Now that we've got the basics of Medals out of the way, on to the Keyblade. In Unchained, you will have access to 5 Keyblades that have different strengths and weaknesses.

  • Starlight - Everyone starts off with this well-rounded Keyblade.
  • Treasure Trove - Specialized for Power medals. Acquired after finishing the first round of Dwarf Woodlands quests.
  • Lady Luck - Specialized for Speed medals. Acquired after finishing the first round of Wonderland quests.
  • Three Wishes - Specialized for Magic medals. Acquired after finishing the first round of Agrabah quests.
  • Olympia - Acquired after finishing the first round of Coliseum quests. An alternative well-rounded Keyblade that has better attack than Starlight.

Each Keyblade can be refined by leveling it up using synthesis items. These items can be found in every world as sparkles on the ground. Walking over the sparkles will yield items. Sometimes the sparkles will appear close to enemies so some finesse with your swiping finger is essential in getting these items without triggering a fight. Some items can't be acquired until after the target Heartless has been eliminated so it's advised to swipe over the sparkles after the quest completion notification appears so your character can grab the item before the reward screen comes up.

By refining your Keyblade, you can unlock additional medal slots and boosts, which will give you more hits per turn and increase the strength of those hits. Refinement will also enhance the Keyblade's strength and defense values as well as increase your special attack gauge maximum, which will allow you to use more medal skills. So collect every sparkle you can find!

PRO TIP: Take advantage of the boosts each Keyblade offers to maximize your power! You can mix and match medals on each Keyblade so customize them to better assist you on quests where there's a mix of Heartless types.

Cost Capacity

Each medal tier has a distinct Cost value to their medals. The higher the medal tier, the more Cost value it has. The Cost value serves to limit what kind of medals can be equipped onto your Keyblades. So if your Keyblade Cost Cap is at 60 and the total Cost value of the medals you want to equip onto a Keyblade exceeds 60, you won't be able to equip all those medals.

The only way to increase your Keyblade Cost Cap is to unlock the Cost Cap nodes in your Avatar Boards. Cost Cap nodes are usually locked behind Max AP nodes so you'll have to collect a lot of Avatar Coins to unlock those nodes. More information can be found in the Avatar Board section.

Avatar Board

Over the course of your time questing and leveling up, you will acquire Avatar Coins. These coins are used on the Avatar Board to unlock attribute nodes that can increase your max AP, Keyblade cost cap, and your max HP. Nodes on both male and female boards can be unlocked so you can increase your character's survivability no matter which boards you pick.

Of course, the avatar customizations that come with each board are a plus. :)

PRO TIP: You don't have to complete each board if you don't want to. You can simply pick and choose only the enhancement nodes while leaving the clothes, accessory, and hairstyle nodes untouched. There are some attribute nodes that are locked behind a customization node so it's up to you if you want to spend the extra Avatar Coins to nab those.

Earning Munny

Munny can be earned in Unchained by doing quests, defeating Heartless, and selling medals. The best way to earn oodles of Munny quickly is by selling Moogle medals. Moogle medals can't be used for leveling or evolving so feel free to sell off your whole supply of Moogle medals.

PRO TIP: Take advantage of the 30-minute Munny Madness event throughout the weekdays as you can rack up a lot of Munny doing it.


In Unchained, there are 5 Unions you can choose to join. They are:

  • Unicornis - the Unicorn Union
  • Anguis - the Cobra Union
  • Leopardos - the Leopard Union
  • Vulpes - the Fox Union
  • Ursus - the Bear Union

Each Union functions pretty much like a guild. If you get a raid encounter and aren't in a party, you can call upon members of your Union to help you out. If a Union collectively acquires more Lux than the other Unions on a weekly basis, all members of that Union will receive weekly prizes that includes medals, Munny, and Jewels.

NOTE: You can still view Facebook friends on your homepage even if they're in different Unions.

Partying Up

The party section can be accessed by tapping on Menu > Other > Party. In order to recruit people into the party, the following requirements must be met:

  • Only the party admin can recruit members.
  • The party must have less than 30 members.
  • The party must have less than 30 pending invitations.
  • The player being recruited must be in the same Union as the admin.
  • The player being recruited must not already be in a party.

Once you are in a party, you'll be able to access Party Chat, which is the only means of communication in the game. In Party Chat, you are restricted to chatting with members of your party. You can respond with either text or special Unchained-exclusive chat stickers.


Once in a while, you will get Raid encounters on your quests. You can either defeat these Raid bosses or wait until they disappear in order to do your quest. However, if you choose to not attempt these raid bosses, you will miss out on some useful rewards.

After joining a party, everyone in your party will receive Raid alerts whenever you fail to complete a Raid on your own. Party members who are actively playing will be sent a red Raid button on the top of their screen to join the Raid and help out their fellow party member. All participants, including the Raid host (the one who got the Raid encounter), will receive special bonuses and rewards upon defeat of the Raid boss.


Questing in Unchained is rather straightforward. You pick a quest, make sure you have the right Keyblade equipped for it, and pick a temporary "Friend" to tag along with you on your journey. Each quest requires payment of AP to attempt, so if you don't have enough AP, you can't attempt the quest. Many quests have a "Defeat all enemies within 1 turn" objective, which can be difficult to achieve if you don't pick a Friend with the right medal.

NOTE: If you're unable to complete all the objectives for a quest, don't worry! You can always revisit old quests whenever you want (provided you have enough AP to attempt the quest).

PRO TIP: If you think the list of Friends you get when you pick a quest are the only choices you've got, think again! You can actually reset the list. You do this by closing the Friends and quest prompt windows until you're back at the quest selection screen. Then just tap on the quest again, tap [Confirm] and you now have a different list of Friends! You can do this as many times as you want until you get a Friend that has a really good sharing medal that you can use for your quest.

Treasure Chests

Treasure chests can yield synthesis items and medals, but they can also have Heartless hiding inside of them. These Heartless, known as Pretenders, will swipe away a chunk of your HP before you can even strike back so be sure you have full HP before attempting to open a treasure chest.

Sharing Medal

Your sharing medal is the medal that represents you on a quest's Friends list. By default, everybody's sharing medal is Donald, which is why it shows up on the Friends list of quests so much. As long as a medal is designated as a sharing medal, it cannot be sold or used for medal leveling. (Yes, a medal can be both locked and shared.)

To designate a different medal as a sharing medal, bring up the medal's stat window and tap on the [Share] button. Once a medal is designated as a sharing medal, it will sparkle in your Medal List.

NOTE: Don't leave Donald as your sharing medal! PLEASE designate your best medal as your sharing medal! Sharing is caring! (Since everyone needs to work together to gather enough Lux for the weekly Union rewards.)

Special Quests

Under the Special subsection in Quests are various farming quests that take place throughout the week. If you're trying to level up and evolve your medals and enhance Keyblades, these are the quests to repeat!

  • Monday - Olympia synthesis items.
  • Tuesday - Power Day! Farm these quests to enhance your Power medals and Treasure Trove Keyblade.
  • Wednesday - Magic Day! Farm these quests to enhance your Magic Medals and Three Wishes Keyblade.
  • Thursday - Speed Day! Farm these quests to enhance your Speed Medals and Lady Luck Keyblade.
  • Friday - Evolution Day! Farm these quests to evolve your medals as well as collect synthesis items to enhance your Starlight Keyblade.
  • Sunday & Saturday - Take advantage of these days to farm up Mythril items for your Keyblades and evolution medals for your 4-star and 5-star medals.

As mentioned earlier, Munny Madness is the event you want to farm up to get boatloads of Munny to spend. This event occurs 3 times a day Monday through Friday only. There's no set time that Munny Madness activates so it's up to you to keep checking in to see when it's activated for you. Thus far, it's determined that the event occurs during the morning, afternoon, and evening.

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