Decided to do a role-play journal for my Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ character Ignis. She's a member of the Leopardus union who is always curious and open to the worlds around her.

The days don't correspond to the amount of quests in the game or anything. I'll probably just update this blog entry with every day instead of splitting the days up into separate entries since there's not much to talk about in the quests.

Day 1

Not sure how, but I became a Keyblade-wielder. Chirithy said that because of my pursuit of light, I was an excellent candidate for becoming a Keyblade-wielder. Seems more Keyblade-wielders are being recruited because darkness is spreading to all worlds. Chirithy says that he's been assigned to watch over me as I learn how to use the Keyblade. It's a bit overwhelming, but it's not like I can refuse the job. I wonder if there are any wielders that do refuse, though.

While hunting down creatures known as Heartless, I met up with the leader of Leopardus, Master Gula. Master Gula told me that I won't always be fighting alone and that I will be gathering light alongside my fellow Keyblade-wielders. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in this. However, it's a bit disconcerting to know that someone among us may be a traitor.

Day 2

Chirithy has helped me travel to a world known as the Dwarf Woodlands. We encountered a dwarf name Doc who got separated from his friends. I offered to help them reunite and off we went. My journey took me through the woods to the dwarfs' home where I met up with Doc again. He said he went to check on the mine where they worked, but was chased off by more Heartless. I followed him to the mine and kept the Heartless away from him as we went. I'm starting to feel more comfortable using my Keyblade.

We managed to find Doc's friend Happy in the mine, but there seems to be more of them that have gone missing. I offered my help to find the rest, but Happy and Doc assured me that they had everything under control.

With that, I said my goodbyes to them and went off to another world with Chirithy at my side.

Day 3

I found myself in the curious world of Wonderland, falling (or rather floating) down an odd shaft to end up in a room with a talking doorknob.

Well, talking knob or not, it seems that the door was too small for me to enter. The silly Doorknob insists that I find a girl to help, but she was already on the other side of the door. Some help that was.

The Doorknob then offered another solution, which came in the form of a bottle of some weird potion. Unfortunately, before I could even make use of it, a Heartless came along and took the bottle! These things are such troublemakers.

Managed to get the bottle back and drank it all just to find myself shrinking to the size of a doll! Of course, it's only after I shrank that the Doorknob informs me that I can get back to my original size by eating a cookie that's now out of my reach. This world is simply ridiculous.

I then found myself in the midst of tall grass on the other side of the door. Of course, the grass wasn't that tall, I'm just really, really small. Eventually I somehow regained my normal size and ended up running into a girl in a blue dress. She kept going on about some white rabbit she's been following. And then there was a weird striped pink cat that talked about questions and answers. This world is driving me bonkers. Well, at least we found the rabbit's house. Even if he wasn't home.

Day 4

Chirithy sent us to a world covered in sand. Icky gritty sand! Well, can't worry about that when I found a guy passed out in the desert. I managed to revive him, who introduced himself as Aladdin. He told me to go home because his home is being invaded by monsters. Of course I couldn't leave him to fight by himself so I followed him to the city of Agrabah.

I eventually found out that Aladdin was on the hunt for a Heartless called the Red Bandit. I couldn't let him take on the Heartless by himself so I insisted on coming with him. The desert was crawling with Heartless, but we managed to get through them and track down the Red Bandit. Unfortunately, it wasn't the Red Bandit that Aladdin was after. He was really downtrodden, but assured me that he would be fine. Chirithy echoes his sentiments and suggested that we head back home to Daybreak Town.

Day 5

It was nice to be back home and sleeping in my own bed, but of course I couldn't do that for long. Soon enough, we were visited by some weird-looking people: a bipedal dog and a duck. They seemed to recognize my Keyblade, which is odd considering I've never seen their kind in Daybreak Town before. How did they know what a Keyblade is?

We conversed for a while and I discovered that Donald and Goofy had never heard of the fortellers. And yet they're very familiar with the Keyblade. Goofy suggests that perhaps it's because they've never been to our world, but Donald doesn't seem convinced. In any case, they needed to rebuild their ship, which broke apart when they crash-landed here. Seems some Gummi Heartless stole their parts so they've asked me to gather up all the Gummi blocks for them. The Gummi Heartless don't seem all that much different from regular Heartless so it was simple enough for me to get all the parts back. Took up the whole day, but it wasn't like I was doing anything else.

Day 6

Welp, turns out that all the Gummi blocks I gathered up in town wasn't enough to rebuild their ship. (Just how big was their ship anyhow?) Chirithy suggested we start looking for Gummi Heartless in other worlds so we headed back to Dwarf Woodlands in hopes there are some there. As soon as we got back, we found a letter in a bottle and took it over to the dwarfs' house. Doc was shocked to see that it was a letter from his friend Sleepy, who was in the marsh when the water level rose. Doc asked me to help them out and I headed over to the nearby marsh.

A rainstorm broke out as I went through the marsh. Despite that, I managed to find not only Sleepy but Grumpy as well. They weren't just trapped by the rising water level, they were trapped by a big Heartless, too. I took down the Heartless, but Grumpy didn't seem too thankful. Oh well, can't please them all. At least they're safe, and I got some Gummi blocks for Donald and Goofy.

Day 7

And... it turns out they need more Gummi blocks. Good grief, that must've been one big ship. They must've crashed it REALLY hard to be missing so many pieces.

While I was hunting down Gummi blocks back home in Daybreak Town, I encountered a talking bipedal mouse. Get this, he's a Keyblade-wielder! He said his name was Mickey and that he was friends with Donald and Goofy. Not only that, he also had two chipmunks name Chip and Dale with him. What kind of world do these people come from?

Anyways, it seems Mickey had come to Daybreak Town to investigate something so he couldn't find time to help Donald and Goofy out. I offered to take Chip and Dale to them and off we went. I wonder what Mickey came to Daybreak Town for if it's not to help out Donald and Goofy. I guess that's a story for another day.

According to Chip and Dale, as long as Gummi Heartless are still around, there's still Gummi blocks to gather. That certainly explains why Donald and Goofy were still missing blocks. Their ship is more complicated than I thought. To make matters worse, there's a Moogle in town trying to collect Gummi blocks, too! What a day!

Day 8

Apparently Donald and Goofy were missing some essential core parts. Since there weren't any Gummi Heartless hanging around town, Chirithy and I decided to head over to Agrabah to see if any wandered over there. Almost as soon as we arrived, we overheard a guard talking about a guard who had gone into the desert and hasn't come back yet. I offered to go look for the guard, since chances are there's Heartless involved.

While in the desert I came across Aladdin, who had heard that the Red Bandit was in the area. It still wasn't the one that he was looking for so he headed back to the city. Poor guy.

I eventually found the guard, who seemed more smug than thankful for my help in beating the Fat Bandit. He quickly wished to return to the city and I escorted him back. When we got back to Agrabah, we spotted another Fat Bandit heading for the palace. The guard told me to patrol the city while he rushes over to the palace. Fine with me, everyone needs to be protected, not just royalty.

While fighting the Heartless, I encountered a Red Bandit that was covered in treasure. I was quickly joined by Aladdin, who had been searching for that particular Red Bandit. Unfortunately the Red Bandit got away and Aladdin explains that the Red Bandit took away his best friend and is why he's been looking for that Heartless. I wanted to help him get his friend back, but Aladdin says that his friend Abu wouldn't want to put anyone else in danger for his sake. However, Aladdin still promised me that he will call me if he needs help. I hope he finds his friend.

Day 9

Donald and Goofy's Gummi ship looks rather... interesting. Well, I've never seen anything like it. Gummi blocks are amazing things, but I'm not sure if I'd be willing to ride a ship made of them (considering how they broke apart so much if you do a crash landing). They nearly left without Mickey, but luckily he came just in time for them to take off. We discovered that Mickey was actually the king of their world, which is rather surprising. He certainly doesn't look like a king, that's for sure.

Day 10

Chirithy suggested we go visit Wonderland for a bit, which I was a bit hesitant to do considering I wasn't too happy with my previous experience there. Maybe things will be different this time around.

Nope. Seems the White Rabbit's watch has lost its numbers after he fell into a puddle. I'll never understand this world.

Day 11

Chirithy suddenly asked me to meet up with him back in Daybreak Town. He hasn't done me wrong since the day we met so I didn't really think much of it. It did seem kind of urgent, though.

I met Chirithy near the fountain. He told me how his creator dubbed names on his six apprentices, but only bestowed the Book of Prophecies to five of them. The five became known as the fortellers: Invi of the Anguis union, Gula of Leopardus, Ira of Unicornis, Aced of Ursus, and Ava of Vulpes. The last entry of the Book of Prophecies spoke of a great war in which light will expire and darkness will thrive. The fortellers derived the power of the book in order to produce medals to help power Keyblades. Chirithy went on to say that although the five fortellers have the same goal of preventing the war, they don't follow the same methods of doing so. He told me that despite the fortellers' differences, I should never lose sight of my own path.

Day 12

Chirithy asked me to get rid of some Darkballs that have begun appearing in the other worlds so we went to Dwarf Woodlands first. It is rather odd for such strong Heartless to suddenly come out of nowhere.

Day 13

The Darkballs have breached into Wonderland as well. Where did they all come from?

Day 14

Darkballs in Agrabah. Chirithy suspects the Darkballs came from another world and that maybe someone knew where they came from.

Day 15

We're back in Daybreak Town now. Chirithy said he's going to look into the cause of the Darkballs and will be back later. I decided to take a stroll around town to patrol for Heartless, since it's all I seem to do since I became a Keyblade-wielder. I don't totally dislike it, but sometimes I yearn for the days before becoming a protector of worlds.

Chirithy found out where the Darkballs came from: another world that's been invaded by darkness, one that we haven't been to yet. How many worlds out there are afflicted with darkness?

Day 16

I came across a weird goat-man outside a Coliseum yelling about someone being late for a tournament. That someone turned out to be a guy in a skirt (really weird). He looked me over and offered to give up his spot in the tournament to let me compete. His goat-man friend, whose name is Phil, didn't seem too happy about that. I've been hunting down Heartless for the past two weeks now; how hard can a tournament be?

Well, I made it through the preliminaries. But before I could even participate in the actual tournament, Chirithy told me it's time to head to another world. Luckily the tournament won't be for a while, so I have time to go visit other worlds before it starts.

Day 17

I met up with one of the palace guards who was looking for Aladdin. According to him, Aladdin broke into a merchant's house and stole five medals. I find that hard to believe, Aladdin seemed like a really down-to-earth guy.

I looked all over the place and finally found Aladdin hiding out in the city. He swore that he didn't steal the medals and asked me to help him find the real culprit. We discovered that Heartless were the ones that stole the medals and I offered to help Aladdin find the rest. It would be a lot quicker for both of us to hunt down the Heartless compared to him working alone. Plus, it just doesn't sit well with me to leave everything to him. It's my job to help those in need and Aladdin needed help for sure.

It took some time, but we eventually recovered all five medals. Aladdin asked me to turn them in for him since it wouldn't look good for him to have the medals on him. I understood completely and took the medals to the palace guards. The guards believed me, but they still don't trust Aladdin. Welp, can't win them all.

Day 18

We went back to Dwarf Woodlands to check up on Doc and the others. We found them at the mine where they were being held up by Heartless. Seems the Heartless has broken up one of their mine cart tracks and trapped some of them. I went in with Grumpy and we eventually found Sneezy and Dopey. Just as I was going to leave with them, Chirithy showed up and told me that a great light was going to be swallowed up by darkness and that I needed to find her in the forest. I left the dwarfs quickly, as I felt assured they would be fine without me.

The great light Chirithy told me about turns out to be a princess name Snow White. I led her out of the forest to the dwarfs' cottage. I'm sure she'll be fine there; she seems to like it enough. The dwarfs are an odd bunch, but I'm sure they'll treat her nicely. Speaking of which...

The dwarfs were trying to free their friend Bashful when I came by. I used my Keyblade to free him from a pile of rocks that were blocking a doorway. I'm glad they all found each other. Although things got a bit awkward when they found out Snow White was napping in their home. But everything worked out in the end. I felt a bit sad to leave them, but Chirithy assured me that I'll always be connected to them no matter what.

Day 19

Chirithy popped up to see me while I was wandering around Daybreak Town. He gave me a Power Bangle, which he says will make my medals even stronger. It was kind of an unexpected gift; it didn't feel right for me to get something so powerful all of a sudden. I wanted to do something in return, but Chirithy told me that he's happy enough just to see me use it. I accepted it, but a nagging part of me felt it's a power I shouldn't have.

Day 20

Back to Wonderland to see how Alice is doing. We couldn't find her anywhere, so Chirithy suggested we ask the Cheshire Cat. Hope he doesn't talk in riddles like last time.

He says finding Alice will depend on where she is. Great. Also mentioned something about a queen. Can't imagine anyone being queen of this world.

Finally getting somewhere! Cheshire Cat said Alice went to the curious room. But the Doorknob says she's in the back garden and something's there with her! I'd better hurry!

Fortunately Alice wasn't hurt. She was trying to get the Heartless to shush so the Doorknob could get some rest. What a silly girl.

Alice lost her handkerchief. Not really seeing how that will do her any good, but I helped her find it anyways.

Now Alice wants to visit the White Rabbit. I'm betting he's late for something again. Unfortunately I never get the chance to find out because Chirithy told me a brand new kind of Heartless has invaded Daybreak Town!

Day 21

I met up with some fellow Keyblade-wielders at the cafe. We decided to split up so we can thin out the new Heartless more efficiently, and then meet back at the cafe when we're all done.

The new Heartless had overrun the town so much that we immediately encountered them upon leaving the cafe. They're called Neoshadows and they packed quite a punch. I got bruised up a lot.

I went back to the cafe at the end of the day, but all I saw there was Chirithy. He told me the other wielder wasn't coming and that he had a message: "I'm sorry I couldn't keep our promise." I hadn't had time to get to know any of the other wielders so I was really looking forward to hanging out with one of them for a bit. I wonder what happened.

Day 22

Chirithy and I went to visit Agrabah for a bit. Apparently the palace guards have established a Desert Sands Patrol Squad (DSPS) in response to the growing number of Heartless in the area. I offered to help them out with one of their requests. One of the guards felt a little offended that I'm doing so much of their work so he accompanied me to the desert. I could've done the request on my own, but it wouldn't hurt to have a little company.

When I got back, there was a request to recover lost merchandise in the desert. This time around, I decided to accompany a guard instead. I think I may be more suited for bodyguard duty.

As soon as we got back, a slew of Heartless began converging onto Agrabah. Aladdin joined in on the defense and we all banded together to protect the city.

Day 23

Went to Dwarf Woodlands to check in on the dwarfs and it seems Dopey lost the key to the mine they work at. Grumpy thinks he lost it on the way home so we backtracked to the mine to find it.

We found the key lying outside of the mine. Doc was pretty happy about that. I went into the mine with them to keep the Heartless at bay. The whole time, I couldn't stop thinking about what happened to that Keyblade-wielder. I just have this nagging feeling something was off and I can't understand why.

Now that the dwarfs were happily at work, I went back to the cottage to check on Snow White. She seems happy enough living there with the dwarfs. I helped her gather some firewood for the fireplace and helped her prepare supper. After a while, we noticed the dwarfs were late and Snow White became worried they may have been attacked by more Heartless.

I went to the mine to check on them and sure enough there was a bunch of Heartless trapping them in there. These Heartless are getting really pesky now.

I ran into Chirithy as soon as I left the mine and he told me that Snow White was in danger! The dwarfs and I quickly rushed back to the cottage.

We were too late. We spotted the witch queen coming out of the cottage. We tried to go after her, but some Heartless got in the way. I held off the Heartless while the dwarfs went after the queen.

We managed to trap the queen on a cliff, but she then she tried to crush us with a huge boulder. By luck, a bolt of lightning struck the cliff, sending the queen to an unfortunate end.

The dwarfs put Snow White into a glass coffin to honor her, but Chirithy says that the princess wasn't lost to darkness but has fallen into a deep sleep. I suggested reviving her with the help of the Keyblade, but Chirithy says that I don't have that kind of power. Just then, a prince came along and gave Snow White a kiss, which revived her from her deep sleep. We were all really happy.

Day 24

I found out that the tournament over in Coliseum was about to start so I rushed over and met up with Phil. I made it all the way to the semifinals. Phil was pretty proud of me and said that the championship was as good as mine. However, when we saw who my next opponent was, Phil started feeling worried. Don't see what's so intimidating about that blonde guy, but Phil seems familiar with him.

I managed to beat that blonde guy and win the tournament! Unfortunately it seems Cloud wasn't a very graceful loser and tried to strike me down while my back was turned. Fortunately Phil's friend Hercules arrived to save me. It seems Hercules actually came to tell us that the tournament was a sham and that the prize was a trip to the Underworld. Then Hades himself appeared and told us that he was hoping Hercules would be the champion. But since Hercules dropped out, that left me. But Hercules told Hades that there was no champion and that no one was going to the Underworld. Hades was pretty miffed, until Cloud volunteered to go to the Underworld. Phil and Hercules tried to talk him out of it, but he seemed pretty set on going there. Hercules went after him anyways and I wanted to join him, but Phil said to go home. Chirithy seems to agree, but I felt that I was strong enough to go to the Underworld. I couldn't let Hercules go after Cloud on his own. Chirithy understood and opened a portal to the Underworld for me.

The Underworld is a really creepy place. Lot of dark twists and turns. I ended up running into Hades, who wasn't too happy to see me there. He sent this three-headed giant dog on me, but I was able to defeat it. Hades seemed impressed and offered to teach me the ways of the darkness. I wasn't interested in becoming a user of darkness, but it would be helpful to learn about how it works. What's that saying? "Know your enemy" or something like that.

I tracked Cloud down to the innermost areas of the Underworld. He told me that I shouldn't be here and that we should both leave. Then Hercules found us and we were about to leave until Hades showed up. He told me to attack them using my newfound powers of darkness, but I refused. Hercules tried to fight Hades, but he couldn't even land a hit. It seems the Underworld drains the life of the living so anyone who's not dead is powerless there. Hades revealed that he used Cloud to lure Hercules to the Underworld and took Hercules away while he went to mess up the Coliseum. Cloud offered to stall Hades while I went to go get Hercules. He says we're not allies, but I think I'm starting to grow on him.

It took a while, but I managed to find Hercules and free him. We then rushed back to the Coliseum where Cloud was nearly spent. Hercules and I teamed up and together we beat Hades and sent him back to the Underworld where he belongs. I think I'll be spending quite a bit of time resting up from this adventure.

Day 30

I had a really weird dream. The foretellers were talking to someone in black up in Daybreak Town's clock tower. When I tried to get in closer to hear what they were talking about, everything became engulfed in darkness. I woke up in a sweat, but Chirithy calmed me down and told me to get some rest. What was that dream about?

A big Heartless showed up in Waterfront Park. The Moogle in town asked me to take care of it because it was chasing away his customers. I hope that's not all he cares about.

The Heartless turns out to be an Invisible, but another Keyblade-wielder got rid of it before I could land a hit. I helped him to his feet and he reveals he was Ephemer of the Ursus Union. He assured me that he was working on something secret and non-Union. Despite that, he decided to tell me anyways because I helped him. He thinks that the worlds we're supposedly visiting have all been holograms, projected here in Daybreak Town in order for us to collect Lux in Daybreak Town. Ephemer went on to suggest that he thinks the fortellers' Book of Prophecies is what creates these projections for us and that he wants to figure out how it all works. He says that not only are we gathering Daybreak Town's light, but we're also fighting over it. I told him about the dream I had and he thinks it may be a clue. We decided to team up and find out what is going on.

Ephemer and I went to the clock tower, but I didn't know how to get to the room; the dream just showed me it was in the tower somewhere. Ephemer said that he's been around the tower many times, but never figured out how to get in. We decided to split up to cover more ground.

We discovered a drained waterway that led into the tower. Ephemer thinks this is the only other way that leads outside other than the entrance. There were a good number of Heartless here, but nothing we couldn't handle.

I take that back. We encountered an Invisible that nearly took me out, but Ephemer managed to finish it off before it could. After we defeated the Invisible, a part of the clock tower stopped working and it looked as if we would be able to advance farther in. Ephemer suggested that we should stop for now, since it has taken so much time for us to find a way in and it would look suspicious to our Unions if we were to remain missing any longer. We agreed to meet at the Fountain Square tomorrow at noon to continue our search into the tower.

Even though Ephemer and I were in different Unions, we became friends anyhow. I'm really happy that I've finally found someone I could bond with after being mostly on my own all this time. Chirithy seemed to notice my newfound joy, but felt that he wouldn't know what it would be like to have a friend since he didn't have any. I assured him that he was my friend, too. Both Ephemer AND Chirithy. My only friends.

Day 31

I showed up at Fountain Square exactly at noon, but Ephemer was nowhere to be found. I stayed there all until evening, wanting to keep my promise to him. Chirithy found me and said I should go home. Maybe Ephemer had something important to do and couldn't find time to tell me. Chirithy assured me that friends don't break promises, but I couldn't help but think of the other Keyblade-wielder who also disappeared on me. I wonder if I'm just not meant to bond with anyone besides Chirithy...

Day 32

Went to visit Wonderland again and came across the White Rabbit at his house shouting for someone name Mary Ann. It seems Mary Ann went in to get the White Rabbit's gloves and never came out. And the White Rabbit had lost his key in the curious room so he couldn't get into his house. I offered to open his door with my Keyblade, but the White Rabbit thought I was going to destroy his house and insisted that I don't use the Keyblade. Guess I'm going to have to find his key.

The Doorknob in the curious room said he hasn't seen the White Rabbit's house key, but he did hear something drop in the room. After taking down some Heartless, I managed to find the key and headed back to the White Rabbit's house.

The White Rabbit was really happy to see his key and promptly entered his house to find Mary Ann. I figured there was nothing else for me to do so I began to leave until I felt a major rumbling. The next thing I knew, the White Rabbit dashed right by me screaming about a monster. I turned around to find not only an overgrown Alice breaking through the White Rabbit's house, but a slew of Heartless as well!

It was rather difficult, but I managed to eliminate the Heartless that popped up. Now the next issue was what to do about Alice's size. She suggested getting some vegetables from the White Rabbit's garden, which may shrink her back to her normal size. I offered to get some for her since she was unable to reach the garden.

Alice ate the vegetables and shrank back into the house. Unfortunately the White Rabbit was late once again and didn't stick around to thank me. Then suddenly I saw a rather tiny Alice race after the White Rabbit. This world continues to confound me and Chirithy agrees.

I couldn't leave Alice on her own like that so I went after her. She was a lot faster than I thought and I soon lost track of her. The Cheshire Cat showed up and actually gave me some useful information so I went in search of what he called the Mad Hatter.

I ended up in what looks to be a jovial tea party in a garden. There was a guy in a big green hat—I'm guessing he's the Mad Hatter—and a rabbit in red. They were upset that I came uninvited to what they called an unbirthday party, but they decided to let me stay anyways because they never have visitors to begin with. The rabbit poured me a cup of tea and the Mad Hatter proceeded to empty a whole jar of sugar all over my tea. Then he got upset that they ran out of sugar and said that I must get more since I'm a guest. These guys sure are maddening.

I went to the curious room and the Doorknob showed me some sugar on the table. I got 2 cups and headed back to the garden. The Mad Hatter was happy, but before I could drink a cup of tea, they moved me down the table and yelled something about a clean cup. Then the rabbit was about to pour me another cup of tea when the Mad Hatter said that they were celebrating each other's unbirthdays and had no time to host me as a guest. I was rather disappointed they chased me out, but Chirithy said that I shouldn't be having tea parties when I have worlds to protect as a Keyblade-wielder. He also said that Alice was a special light in Wonderland, but I didn't really notice. Anyways, I still needed to find her either way so off I went.

The Cheshire Cat was surprised that Alice wasn't at the tea party garden. Then he tells me that he spotted Alice going in the direction of the Queen and opened a hidden pathway to the Queen. Hopefully he didn't sent me on a wild goose chase again.

I encountered some playing cards that accidentally planted white roses and are trying to paint them red. I helped keep Heartless off of them while they painted, until the roses themselves started attacking them. Heartless sure have a knack for making a bad situation even worse.

As luck would have it, I managed to find Alice in the midst of a trial with the Queen as the judge. It seemed she somehow made the Queen lose her temper and was accused of opening a door to enter Wonderland. Before she could lose her head, I offered to go get proof of how Alice and I managed to get through the door to Wonderland.

The Doorknob in the curious room suggested the drink bottle Alice and I drank out of to shrink ourselves as proof. I ran back to the Queen's garden where Alice explains that drinking out of the bottle will cause the drinker to shrink small enough to enter the door without opening it. Then the Queen said that Alice's other crime is planting white roses in her garden. Before Alice could explain herself, I pulled her aside and told her about the playing cards' plight with the roses. She then asked me to help her sort things out since she didn't want anyone to get hurt.

I went into the garden and got rid of all the White Rose Heartless so that there would be no crime to speak of for either Alice or the playing cards. The Queen seemed pretty disappointed, but then accused Alice of bringing monsters into Wonderland. Preposterous! However, it would be pretty hard to disprove. Maybe someone witnessed the Heartless coming into Wonderland without Alice's assistance...

I tracked down the Cheshire Cat and asked him to be a witness in Alice's trial. He seemed excited for it. Maybe a little too excited...

As I didn't expect at all, Cheshire Cat actually came through and testified to Alice's innocence about the monsters. Obviously the Queen did not appreciate it at all and was furious that there was nothing to charge Alice for. Despite that, she still declared the poor girl was guilty and demanded her head. Of course, I couldn't let them get Alice so I told her to hide while I held back the playing cards and the Queen. I managed to distract them long enough for Alice to get away and then I lost them through the garden maze. I eventually met up with Alice, who thanked me for helping her out. She then decided that she would continue exploring Wonderland on her own, knowing that I would protect her. I couldn't even get a word in before she dashed off. Chirithy says that doing what her heart desires is what gives Alice her light, and that I could learn something from that.

Day 35

I had another dream about Ephemer again. In the dream, we finally met up at the fountain. He apologized profusely about not meeting up the other day and said that he had something important to do. He then asked if I wanted to continue our adventure into the clock tower, which surprised me. However, when we got to the part where we last left off, I felt hesitant to continue. Ephemer said it's because I'm not ready yet and that he would wait for me until I am. Then he disappeared into a cloud of dandelions.

I woke up in the middle of the night and Chirithy asked if I had dreamt about Ephemer again. I told him that I feel that I should go find him in the tower, but Chirithy wouldn't have any of it. He said that only the foretellers are allowed in the tower. He went on to say that it wasn't a good time to do so either way because the foretellers have been conflicting with each other lately.

I went to the tower against Chirithy's wishes, but I had a feeling about something. I decided to ask the other keyblade-wielders about Ephemer first before going into the tower. It seems Ephemer's comrades haven't seen him in a while. Keyblade-wielders going missing apparently happens every so often, so they don't think much of it. Could it be that both the previous keyblade-wielder and Ephemer couldn't meet up with me because they went missing? The plot thickens.

A fellow Keyblade-wielder told me that some Keyblade-wielders have been hanging around the fountain a lot. There's rumors that Master Ava, the forteller of the Vulpes Union, is recruiting Keyblade-wielders with potential. She also seems to hang around the plaza often.

Someone said she spotted Ephemer talking to Master Ava the other day. She says she knows someone who's well-acquainted with Master Ava, but he's in Agrabah. Guess I'll have to look him up for more information.

Day 36

Took a while to find the Keyblade-wielder, but I managed. (Good thing he's wearing a very noticeable Jack o' Lantern on his head.) The Keyblade-wielder said he's not at liberty to tell me much other than he sees Master Ava hanging around the clock tower a lot. Looks like it's back to investigating the tower again.

Day 37

I didn't get far into the tower before I came across Master Ava herself! She demanded to know why I was there and I explained that I had come with Ephemer to investigate the tower because of a dream I had. She said that the area is restricted and that she can't tell me much else other than I'm not too far off my hunch about her being involved with Ephemer's disappearance. She then took out her Keyblade and ordered me to fight her! Just what is going on here?

It was tough, but I managed to hold my own against Master Ava. She was impressed and said that I had potential. Unfortunately, she also detected sadness in me and warned that it will lead me down the road to darkness. She still wouldn't tell me what happened to Ephemer and demanded that I go home. How disappointing.

Day 38

Chirithy discovered a new world in peril and so we head off towards it. Hopefully it will help me take my mind off what happened the other day.

We found ourselves in front of a very gothic castle. Chirithy said it gives him the creeps. There were quite a lot of Heartless here, so we went after them into the castle. I quickly became overwhelmed until something rushed over and got rid of the Heartless. It then turned its attention to me and threw me into the castle dungeon.

Chirithy said the Beast fought the Heartless so maybe he wasn't all that bad. He reminded me of what Master Ava said and thinks that maybe the Beast has sadness in his heart as well. In any case, we needed to break out and get rid of the Heartless so I went to try to unlock the door with my Keyblade. But before I could, we heard a noise and in came a lady in blue and some talking houseware. She introduced herself as Belle and apologized for my imprisonment. I explained that I had come to defeat the Heartless and that they have appeared in their world to follow the darkness in someone's heart. Everyone suspects that the culprit is Beast so Belle led me to his room to find out.

Beast was about to attack us when we entered his room, but Belle got him to come to his senses. He explained that the Heartless were trying to take something important to him and that was why he was being so aggressive. He then accused me of being one of them and demanded that I leave. Belle told him no and explained that I was here to help them. She told him that unless we work together, the Heartless will overrun the castle. Beast was hesitant to leave his room, but changed his mind when we were about to go. All the other servants overheard and said that they will support him wholeheartedly.

It took some time, but we were able to drive away all of the Heartless. Beast said he will go to the West Wing to check up on Belle. Of course we couldn't let him go by himself.

Belle was glad to see we were allright. Beast thanked her for helping him see that there was still kindness within him. In return, he gifted Belle his giant library. They later had their first dance in Beast's ballroom. That guy's not so bad after all. We figured everything would be fine after all that, but later Chirithy and I found Belle storming out of the castle. What happened?

It turns out Belle left to help her father, who had become lost in the snowstorm. She didn't realize there were more Heartless outside of the castle. After I fought them off, she told me that she had to take her father home and asked me to check on Beast back at the castle.

Day 39

The snowstorm turned into a rainstorm. A guy spilling darkness all around him was spotted approaching the castle with an army of Heartless in tow. Mrs. Potts and I went to Beast to tell him and all he wanted to do was to be left alone. Belle leaving really left him uninterested in doing anything. He doesn't even want to defend the castle. We decided to take matters into our own hands and take on the intruders.

We managed to push the Heartless back from the gate, but the guy with the dark aura got inside and was fighting Beast. I rushed to help, but Chirithy said he doesn't think there's anything I can do for Beast. Only one person could help him with his heart full of sadness and that was Belle. Just in the nick of time, Belle and her father came to stop the guy whose name was Gaston. The dark aura around him suddenly manifested into a powerful Heartless and flew down to attack Belle and her father. I may not be able to help Beast, but I can protect Belle and her father at least.

The Heartless was really powerful. Chirithy said that the greater the darkness in someone, the stronger the Heartless that comes from it. After I defeated it, I rushed back into the castle to aid Beast.

We were too late. Gaston landed a fatal blow on Beast and he passed on as the last petal fell from the enchanted rose. But then something crazy happened and Beast became covered in light. When the light faded, he wasn't Beast anymore, but a human. We were all so happy to see him back, even if he looked a little different. Belle's light did more to help this world than I did and that was fine with me.

Day 42

Chirithy says a new Heartless has been spotted. Off to work I go!

Met up with Snow White at the dwarfs' cottage. She was just resting there for a bit before the Prince comes to pick her up. Apparently there's a tea party at his castle. Good to see she's doing well.

Left the cottage to run into Doc. He seems really glad to see me, since the new bee Heartless have been wreaking havoc. He warned me to watch out for them as they sting pretty bad. I followed him to the mines to clear out the bee Heartless there.

Day 43

After I cleared out the Dwarf Woodlands, Chirithy and I head over to Wonderland to find that the bee Heartless have been invading the Queen's garden. Better get to it before I lose my head.

Day 44

With Dwarf Woodlands and Wonderland cleared of those pesky bees, I return home to Daybreak Town to meet up with Chirithy. He gave me a Bracelet of Light, which will help me protect myself against darkness. He then tells me I'll need it for a special mission issued by the Foretellers themselves! I am to defeat the Heartless in the Corridor of Darkness. He told me to be careful, as the bracelet will only do so much to protect me. Guess I don't really have any other choice.

The Corridor of Darkness is unlike any world I've seen before. It's really unnerving. I think this is the first time I've felt really scared. It's so hard for me to gather the courage to get through this place.

The Corridor of Darkness led me through Wonderland, Agrabah, and then Dwarf Woodlands. I couldn't help but feel a twinge of nostalgia as I fought the Heartless, even though I've been to those worlds so many times. What is this sadness in my heart...?

I thought I would never get out of there, but I managed to get through the Corridor of Darkness! Chirithy is really proud of me. He told me to rest up and prepare for the possibility of another mission like that one. I don't know if I can handle going through something like that again. It was really tough.

Day 45

I met a fellow green-haired Keyblade-wielder at the cafe, but he didn't seem as eager to see me as I was. Said something about us being rivals, and that making friends with wielders from different unions would slow him down. I mean, sure we're all in different unions, but we're all collecting Lux to help protect the worlds... right?

I went looking for the green-haired wielder and managed to catch up to him. Turns out he doesn't care about anyone and said that his so-called friend only wishes he was his friend. He then ran off just as the other wielder caught up with us. The wielder told us about a rumor that a new Heartless has sprung up at Beast's Castle. Off to work I go!

The blonde-haired wielder was surprised to see that I came to Beast's Castle because I was worried about the green-haired wielder. We decided to split up to look for him.

I ran into Belle in the castle and explained the situation to her. She said that she hasn't seen a green-haired wielder around at all, which was disappointing. She suggested checking out the forest as there's all sorts of creatures lurking about there.

I caught up to the green-haired wielder who was looking rather solemn. Apparently he had rushed into battle without thinking and the blonde-haired wielder jumped in to protect him from a dire blow. The blonde-haired wielder is back in Daybreak Town recovering, but the green-haired wielder refused to return until he avenges him. Obviously I couldn't let him fight by himself so I went after the Heartless along with him.

We managed to defeat the Huge Snowman together, but the green-haired wielder seemed confused. He asked why I bothered to help him out despite everything he's said to me, but I simply told him that that's what friends do. He didn't seem satisfied with my answer so he wandered off on his own. Chirithy said to give him some time.

We later met up with the green-haired wielder back in Daybreak Town and he decided to explain to us why he was acting the way he did. He said that he's pretty reckless on his own, but was always able to rely on his friends. Because that that, he started pushing them away because he was tired of them getting hurt for his sake. He figured they wouldn't try to save him anymore if they started hating him. But he realized that he was wrong, as some of them still stuck around, including the blonde-haired wielder that kept following him. By the end of it all, he gained another friend: me!

Chirithy explained to me that anger is another path to darkness along with sadness. He was proud that I didn't let that get the best of me either. I guess I'm starting to become a better wielder.

Day 47

Spent the day collecting Lux in the Dwarf Woodlands and the underworld of the Coliseum. It was tiring work, but Chirithy kept encouraging me through it all. We decided to rest for a bit back in Daybreak Town, but Chirithy said that if I don't keep going, the other unions will start getting ahead. That was when we encountered a black-haired wielder name Skuld who wondered why it mattered if the other unions were progressing faster. She doesn't think there's a competition among the unions, and if there was, there shouldn't be. She apparently knew about me through Ephemer, who used to be in her party. They met soon after Skuld became a wielder and spent many a great time together. Then he suddenly left the party and that upset her very much. As if that wasn't coincidental enough, Skuld said that Ephemer showed up in her dream the other night and told her to find me! After I told her that Ephemer showed up in my dream, too, we decided to head over to the clock tower. But before we could, the whole area began to shake with tremendous force! What could it be?

We arrived in time to find Master Invi fighting with Master Aced in the middle of town! It was then that Skuld tells us that Emphemer said the world was going to end. With the foretellers fighting amongst themselves, I figured this was as good a time as any to get into the clock tower. Chirithy doesn't seem to approve, but I want to find out what's going on. Why did Ephemer disappear? Why are the Foretellers fighting? And why has Ephemer shown up in both Skuld's and my dreams?

On the way to the secret entrance that Ephemer and I found, Skuld and I came across a group of unusual Heartless; the likes we've never seen before. They called themselves Darklings and demanded that we hand over our Lux. Skuld and I manage to defeat them, but they were really strong. A dark Chirithy appeared and told us that those Darklings were actually former Keyblade wielders that had fallen to darkness. We couldn't believe it! What could lead a wielder to follow darkness?

We finally made it into the tower where I last saw Ephemer. Skuld wondered if Chirithy could lead the way, but Chirithy seemed hesitant as the tower was supposed to be off-limits to us. He eventually gave in and said that we must leave promptly once we find what we were looking for.

It took some time, but we finally made it to the Foretellers' chambers. We were a bit disappointed to find nothing but desks and stacks upon stacks of books. Ephemer was nowhere to be found. Before we could do anything, we were suddenly found by Master Gula. Chirithy tried to take the blame for us finding the chambers, but Master Gula was still disappointed by his actions. He then went on to say that he found another Keyblade-wielder in the chambers and I immediately deducted that it was Ephemer. Master Gula said that as punishment for sneaking into the chambers, Ephemer was disposed of. Skuld and I couldn't believe it. I felt sad, angry, and hurt all at once over the revelation. Without a second thought, I took out my Keyblade and challenged Master Gula, as I felt that Ephemer would've done the same for me.

It was tough, but I managed to defeat Master Gula. However, it turned out Master Gula and the Foretellers' chambers didn't exist as Master Ava had projected that entire scenario to Skuld, Chirithy, and me. She finally revealed that the reason she was looking for Keyblade-wielders with potential was to recruit members for Dandelion. She explained that the Keyblade War was inevitable and that Dandelion was meant to keep Keyblade-wielding alive after the war. Because Ephemer was able to figure out the truth so vehemently, Master Ava had chosen him to be the leader of Dandelion and that he is safely waiting somewhere far away for everyone. Skuld accepted Master Ava's invitation to Dandelion, but a question still lingered in my mind: what will happen to those who don't join Dandelion? Master Ava grimly responded that they will be wiped out during the war. Knowing that, I couldn't go through with joining Dandelion, so I asked if I could spend more time to think about it.

Day 48

Skuld and Chirithy met up with me later at the fountain to talk about all that had happened. Skuld told us the story about how she was so excited when she first became a Keyblade-wielder that she immediately formed a party of her own. But it took her a long time to recruit anyone and Ephemer was the first wielder to join her party. Eventually more joined the party and because they became so busy collecting light, Ephemer and Skuld talked less and less. When he left her party, he told her that she would be fine on her own. As time passed, the rest of her party members left until it was back to just her again. But by that time, Skuld admitted that she was fine on her own and that she felt in her heart that Ephemer never really left her. That was when he led her to me.

I still don't feel good about joining Dandelion and abandoning everyone else to their fates in the Keyblade War. But I don't know what to do about it.

Day 49

Decided to go check up on Aladdin and see how he's been doing. Found him moping around in Agrabah, talking about how it's hopeless he'll ever find Abu. I told him that he can't give up yet, that Abu needs him. Who else would look for him? Aladdin came to his senses and we went off to find Abu.

There's been reports of some strange monkeys hanging around the oasis nearby. Aladdin thinks Abu might be with them so we head towards the oasis to investigate.

No luck at the oasis, so Aladdin tries to seek out one more spot that Abu might be. We came up empty again and went back to his place in Agrabah. Just as we arrive in Aladdin's home, three Bandits make off with rubies that were Aladdin's only clue to finding Abu. We split up to search for them through Agrabah.

We managed to get the rubies back, but Aladdin didn't know what to do with them. He wished that he could find Abu and suddenly the rubies began to glow and fly away. Perhaps the rubies heard his wish. In any case, we needed to follow after them so off to the desert we go.

The rubies led us to a cave in the middle of the desert. It went deep down into the ground. We walked for a really long time until we finally ran into the Wily Bandit that Aladdin recognized as Abu's kidnapper. We managed to defeat the Heartless and reunite Aladdin with Abu at long last. Abu seemed rather irked when he saw me, but Aladdin assured him that he wasn't replaced. I escorted the both of them safely back to Agrabah where I said my goodbyes. Chirithy said that Aladdin was able to find Abu because of their friendship and that I might be able to see Ephemer again if I continue to believe in ours.

Day 50

Chirithy and I came to a world where a pretty amazing-looking castle stood in the distance. We found a poor guy getting accosted by Large Bodies and went to help him out. Oddly enough, he asks me to deliver a message to the chateau he was on the way to before the Large Bodies appeared. I decided to take the letter for him since I didn't really have much else to do in this world aside from hunting down Heartless anyhow.

I managed to find the chateau and was about to use my Keyblade on it until Chirithy tells me that I don't have to use my Keyblade every time I come across a locked door. I guess it was pretty silly of me to do that, so I dismissed my Keyblade and knocked on the door. It wasn't long after I delivered the letter that I found a bunch of Shadows chasing after a poor mouse. These guys just go after anything, don't they?

Seems the little mouse is name Jaq and he was rather surprised to discover that I could understand him. I guess I don't look much like an animal whisperer as a Keyblade warrior. Jaq says the only other person who understands him is Cinderella and offers to introduce me to her. Turns out Cinderella was the name of the girl I had delivered the letter to earlier. Apparently the letter was a royal request for all eligible maidens in the kingdom to attend a ball at the castle and Cinderella was considering modifying her mother's dress for the occasion. After Cinderella went off to tend to her family, Jaq tells me that Cinderella won't be going to the ball because her family will work her as much as possible so she won't have time to work on the dress. Well, that wouldn't do at all, so I suggested that we work on the dress for her. Jaq got pretty excited and we set off to go find some materials for the dress.

We came across a nice necklace that one of the stepsisters threw out, but Lucifer the cat surprised us and took it away. Jaq and I took chase all over the chateau until we managed to corner Lucifer. Suddenly, some weird mousey Heartless showed up and scared Lucifer into dropping the necklace and running off. Jaq snagged the necklace while I held off the Heartless. Hopefully he'll be able to complete the dress without me.

Later that night, we surprised Cinderella with her new dress. She really seemed to like it a lot. Jaq told her to hurry up and put it on or else she would be late for the ball. We accompanied her down to the stairs to watch her leave without being noticed by her family, but we became shocked when her sisters started tearing up her dress. It took everything in me to not go down there and stop them. I was so mad, but I remembered that the Keyblade is not supposed to be used on non-Heartless, no matter how Heartless-like some people can be. It was hard to watch Cinderella run off in tears. Jaq suggests that we go comfort her.

We found Cinderella crying her heart out in the backyard, but before we could get close, something strange happened. A fairy godmother appeared and turned a random pumpkin into a carriage while Jaq and his mice friends became horses. She then turned Cinderella's dress into one even more beautiful, complete with glass slippers. The fairy godmother warns her that the spell is only temporary and that she has until midnight to enjoy its magic. Soon after Cinderella left for the ball, a wolfish Heartless went dashing after her. Chirithy told me to give chase, because Cinderella was the light of that world. Well, why didn't he tell me earlier? I ran as fast as I could to catch up to the wolfy Heartless.

I managed to get to the castle in time to fend off some candle-looking Heartless that were in Cinderella's way. I told her it was too dangerous to continue, but she insisted on following her dreams. She had faith that as long as I was there, there shouldn't be any more trouble. I guess there was nothing more I could say to stop her, so I helped her get into the ballroom. The Werewolf Heartless caught up to us, but I was strong enough to chase it off. Chirithy says that Cinderella's conviction is what gives her heart light. I hope she has a great time at the ball.

Day 52

I went to visit the Moogle's shop back in Daybreak Town and ended up in ankle-high water. Apparently a shark Heartless was wreaking havoc in the plumbing. I tried to take it on by myself, but it overpowered me pretty quickly. That was when other Keyblade-wielders came in and helped out. The five of us chased the shark Heartless through the sewer system and eventually got rid of it. It was nice having someone to back me up again.

After we got rid of the Heartless, I went to check in on the Moogle, who managed to fix up the broken floor and repair the piping. He then tried to get me to buy something and I quickly rushed out of there. I met up with the other Keyblade-wielders outside and we had a nice conversation about the Moogle and the day we had hunting down the water-based Heartless. Chirithy seemed pretty happy about me making new friends, telling me that they're my power.

Day 53

Chirithy and I went back to Castle of Dreams and came across a royal notice requesting all maidens in the kingdom were to try on a glass slipper for the Prince's hand in marriage. Chirithy and I have a pretty good idea who the glass slipper belongs to and decided to go see how Cinderella was doing.

I came across that Grand Duke I saved before, who just so happens to be accosted by Heartless yet again. After I helped him out, the duke remembered that the royal decree stated that all maidens were to try on the glass slipper and he looked at me. Silly me, I fell into girl mode since I was a girl myself and tried to put on the slipper. Of course, the slipper wouldn't fit me so I snapped out of it and let the duke get on his way.

On the way up to the chateau, I ran into Jaq who looked really frantic. He kept telling me to follow him and so I did up to Cinderella's tower. He told me how Cinderella's stepmother locked her in her attic room to keep her from trying on the glass slipper that the Grand Duke has. Jaq managed to get the key to Cinderella's room, but when we got to the tower, there were Heartless everywhere.

We managed to get to Cinderella's room to slip her the key. But as soon as she unlocked her door, a terribly strong Heartless appeared! I rushed in and pushed the Heartless away enough for Cinderella and Jaq to escape. The battle was tough, but I defeated the strong Heartless and ran down to join Cinderella and Jaq.

Cinderella ran ahead of us to get to the Grand Duke while Jaq and I hid around the chateau's foyer to see her fit into the glass slipper. We were pretty happy for her. Chirithy and I went to see her off to the palace before we said our goodbyes. Chirithy said that dreams can come true and mentions that he wished he could show me dreams that I'd want to come true. When I asked him about what he meant, he just shook it off as nothing important. Didn't sound like it was unimportant.

Day 54

Feeling pretty good about helping Cinderella, I joined up with the Keyblade-wielders I met the other day and one of them ended up being late. We were informed that the Moogle Head Keyblade-wielder was absent for the day, so we decided to work extra hard for our team to catch up on Lux-collecting. Today we're hunting down a Heartless known as Dual Blade and the other wielder warned not to rush into a fight so hastily. Well, as a team, we should be tackling everything together, right?

We managed to hunt down the Dual Blade in the town's aqueducts and one of the Keyblade-wielders decided that our job was done for the day. The pink Keyblade-wielder was surprised that she would want to end the team's efforts so soon and the Keyblade-wielder responded that the Dual Blade was in an area that was forbidden by the fortellers. The pink Keyblade-wielder said that we were so close and decided to go on ahead to the clock tower without us. Remembering what happened with Ephemer, I decided to go along with the pink Keyblade-wielder. I didn't want her to end up with the same fate as him. Whatever that may be...

Day 55

I later met up with the Moogle Head Keyblade-wielder, who apparently heard about how great I was from the others. He said that it was rather nerve-wracking being on his own, so I decided to join up with him for the day. He was pretty ecstatic and briefed me that our target for the day was the blue Dual Blade. We then headed over to Dwarf Woodlands.

We managed to hunt down the blue Dual Blade and the Moogle Head Keyblade-wielder seemed pretty happy about it. He hopes that he has enough Lux to get caught up with the others.

I wonder what Skuld and Ephemer are doing. And if they even remember me.

Day 56

I headed over to Moogle's tavern where I received a message from the others saying that there was a new Heartless in the Underworld. I immediately headed over to the world of Olympus Coliseum to join them.

Managed to find them having trouble with the newly discovered Heat Saber. I jumped in to help out and we were able to defeat it.

I later had a very disturbing dream where I had fallen in the midst of a rainy battlefield. The Keyblades of those that were lost were scattered all around me. The next thing I knew, I was in Daybreak Town with Chirithy when we came across two Keyblade-wielders having an argument. Chirithy told me to stay out of it, but it frustrated me to see fellow wielders fighting each other. Suddenly, both wielders summoned their Keyblades and I rushed in to stop their fight from getting worse. Then Skuld appeared to help me out and the wielders started turning on the both of us. More wielders appeared and then Master Aced came and talked about how strength was more important than the Light. He started targeting Skuld for being one of the Dandelions and I defended her even though I'm not a Dandelion member. When Master Aced questioned which union I belonged to, I answered Leopardus and Master Aced drew his Keyblade on me!

Although I was able to defeat Master Aced, I still awoke in a cold sweat. Chirithy comforted me and I was somehow able to fall back asleep. What the heck was going on? Are these visions of things to come?

Day 57

I had the same nightmare again where I was on a rainy battlefield. Chirithy was there this time and he was telling me it was okay and that I had done enough. Suddenly the rain stopped and the whole area was bathed in a bright light. I saw Skuld and then Ephemer, which brought me to tears.

Is there anything I can do to stop this war from happening? I hope there is.

Day 58

Chirithy and I were having a relaxing day in Daybreak Town when the afro wielder came up to me and told me to get to the warehouse as soon as possible before quickly dashing off.

I met up with the afro wielder and he apologized for not being able to explain himself earlier. Apparently he and the others managed to wrangle up a new breed of Heartless in the warehouse and needed backup. I followed the Heartless into the Corridor of Darkness where it escaped to a new world. I used a Door to Light and found myself in the Enchanted Dominion.

While walking through a forest, I began hearing someone singing beautifully and came across a man name Phillip who had also heard the singing as well. He goes off in search of the singer, causing some Heartless to follow after him. Of course, I went to hunt them down.

I eventually caught up with Phillip, who had managed to find a blonde maiden that was the source of the singing. I wanted to meet up with them, but Chirithy suggested we leave them be for now since they're not in any immediate danger. The maiden then runs off and Chirithy thinks the darkness was after her instead of Phillip.

I found the maiden and defeated some Heartless that were terrorizing her. She thanked me for the help, but had to quickly be on her way. I was going to go after here, but then the new flying Heartless went by and Chirithy said that was of higher priority than the maiden. So much to do, so little time.

I came across a cottage where a swarm of the flying Heartless were scaring three little old ladies and I jumped into action. The old ladies thanked me for the help, although the one called Merryweather seemed rather suspicious of me because of my use of magic. Flora and Fauna don't seem to think I'm bad, but then they all ran into the cottage as it seems they had prior engagements before the Flutterings attacked. Coincidentally, the maiden came by and she apparently lives there with the three ladies. She apologized again for running off earlier and invited me in for tea.

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are apparently aunts of the maiden, name Rose. She was so excited when they presented a cake and a dress for her birthday and blurted out that she had invited a man to her birthday. It was then when her aunts revealed that Rose is actually Princess Aurora and already betrothed to Prince Phillip. Before I could tell her anything, Rose (or Aurora) ran off to her room to cry over the unexpected change in plans. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather took me outside where they explain that they're not actually Rose's aunts but simple fairies. After hearing their story, I agreed to help them take Rose to her parents and keep the Heartless away. Rose looked so sad, but I decided to keep Prince Phillip's identity to myself so she could at least have one pleasant surprise when she returns home.

I went with them as far as the castle, where they fairies assured me they'll take it from there. Chirithy and I watch them leave and Chirithy suspects that everything may be tied to Maleficent. I suggest continuing after them to make sure Rose remains safe and Chirithy agrees.

I was able to make my way into the castle when I heard Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather's desperate cries. I rushed into Rose's room where the fairies were glad to see me again. The told me that there wasn't much time and the four of us rushed into the fireplace. We ended up splitting up and I came across what I assume to be Maleficent herself. She summoned a three-headed serpent Heartless and disappeared.

The four of us managed to find Rose, but it was too late. Maleficent had already gotten to her. We laid Rose down on her bed and the fairies struggled to figure out what to do once her parents found out. Flora decided that they'll put the entire kingdom to sleep until Rose herself awakens from love's true kiss. They thanked me for all I've done and then flew off. Chirithy assured me that he could still since Rose's light and that all hope was not lost just yet. Despite that, there was nothing more for us to do so we headed back to Daybreak Town.