My curiosity has caused me to read this rather lengthy thread and this thread. If I may be be so bold, since I'm a newbie in regards to this particular wiki, I would like to say some things about how this wiki is being managed.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am known as ZeroTigress and I currently manage both the Ragnarok Wiki and the Tree of Savior Wiki as well as assisting the admin at the Hatoful Boyfriend Wiki. (Yes, I know, strange collection of wikis.) I have read up about a similar issue at the World of Warcraft Wiki where Wikia changes have also resulted in the editing community over there to split up, and I have personally experienced such a situation in which there is content war between a Wikia wiki and an independent wiki. It's very troubling for a passionate community to be split on a wiki project due to outside forces, but it can't be helped; people will feel what they feel and we can do nothing but accept it.

I have to say that it's completely unfair for the KHWiki to monopolize certain Kingdom Hearts information. Effort was made to compile information that is meant to be shared with the entire Kingdom Hearts community and no single wiki should have exclusive right to that data. I honestly don't see why both wikis can't contain the same information. The Wikipedia platform and the Wikia platform are different and appeal to different kinds of editors. Why not have the same information presented differently in the Kingdom Hearts Wikia and the KHWiki?

Personally, I think the Kingdom Hearts Wikia would be much more successful as a multimedia franchise wiki, covering everything from the video games to the manga; an information hub for anything and everything Kingdom Hearts. Wikia changed because it realized that the Wikipedia platform had its limitations; it's great for PCs, but not so much for modern communication devices such as smartphones and tablets. I think you guys should really capitalize on those feature differences and attract a new generation of editors with the newer Wikia forums (you can see how I decorated the forums on the Ragnarok Wiki here) and the newer Message Wall system. (I can show you the world how to update your signatures to work with the newer forums and message wall.) By doing so, editors would only be split between this wiki and the KHWiki by how they want to edit (Wikipedia style or Wikia style).

I can understand the hesitation to use Wikia features to their fullest when you're so used to the Wikipedia way of doing things. But it's not so bad once you get the hang of it. I really think it's the best way to go about bringing new life to this wiki instead of trying to revive it with old methods. I mean, you guys stuck around despite the different direction that Wikia has gone. Why not take the wiki down that path instead of letting the past hold it back?

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