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  • ZeroTigress

    Dearly Beloved

    July 11, 2017 by ZeroTigress

    Really nice made-up lyrics to Dearly Beloved. Would fit in really well in a Kingdom Hearts game.

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  • ZeroTigress

    Arby Key

    December 16, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    Arby's been doing some neat cardboard crafts.

    Arby's Keyblade

    Wonder what they do with all of their crafts after their campaign is over.

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  • ZeroTigress

    A friend of mine recently introduced me to this.

    Might be a little impractical if you keep your keys in your pocket. Although I'd be tempted to keep this key separated from the others with its own special keychain.

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  • ZeroTigress

    Ignis' Journal

    May 1, 2016 by ZeroTigress

    Decided to do a role-play journal for my Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ character Ignis. She's a member of the Leopardus union who is always curious and open to the worlds around her.

    The days don't correspond to the amount of quests in the game or anything. I'll probably just update this blog entry with every day instead of splitting the days up into separate entries since there's not much to talk about in the quests.

    Not sure how, but I became a Keyblade-wielder. Chirithy said that because of my pursuit of light, I was an excellent candidate for becoming a Keyblade-wielder. Seems more Keyblade-wielders are being recruited because darkness is spreading to all worlds. Chirithy says that he's been assigned to watch over me as I learn how to use t…

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  • ZeroTigress

    My curiosity has caused me to read this rather lengthy thread and this thread. If I may be be so bold, since I'm a newbie in regards to this particular wiki, I would like to say some things about how this wiki is being managed.

    First of all, let me introduce myself. I am known as ZeroTigress and I currently manage both the Ragnarok Wiki and the Tree of Savior Wiki as well as assisting the admin at the Hatoful Boyfriend Wiki. (Yes, I know, strange collection of wikis.) I have read up about a similar issue at the World of Warcraft Wiki where Wikia changes have also resulted in the editing community over there to split up, and I have personally experienced such a situation in which there is content war between a Wikia wiki and an independent w…

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