In the Castle that Never Was, Mistume was sitting on a chair. Across from her, Xigbar and Demyx were sitting there talking to each other and Mistume sat there quietly watching.

"Hey Xiggy, isn't Mistume a bit odd," Demyx asked Xigbar.

"Now Deymx, you know not to say bad things about people. But now that you mention it, she is a bit odd... I mean, she doesn't have an X in her name. I'm though... Not gonna blab to Xemnas. He would probobly turn me into a Dusk", Xigbar said seeming worried.

Saix called Mistume over and ran across the room to him, almost crashing derectly into Larxene who's temper then flaired.

"You have to learn to be careful Mistume... Now today your going on your first mission with Marluxia. Wait where is he anyways" Saix asked and then called to Zexion, "Zexion! Go fetch Marluxia for me!"

Zexion seemd to hate this idea so much and said, "Why me?!"

"Because your not doing anything. Now go get Marluxia," Saix shouted at him.

Fifteen minutes later, he came back dragging Marluxia and he was shouting and mumbling. Most of his shouting was about how Zexion didn't let him finish tending to a flower and how i could wilt without him there.

"Good Marluxia. There you are, now go with Mistume on her first mission. You can take care of the flower afterwords ok" he told him.

Marluxia didn't want to do this but he went with her into the portal where they arrived at a forest. Inside Mistume was very excited but on the outside she sat there quietly, not doing anything. "I can feel it, your SO pumped for this Mistume. Now don't ask about it. Ok, Moving on. Draw your wepon girly," He informed her.

Avoiding the stupid nickname, she drew her wepon. A bright light flashed and she sheilded her eyes from it's light. When the light slowly faded, she uncovered her eyes and saw, in her hand, a Keyblade. Both her and Marluxia were amazed to see the Keyblade in her hand.

" Wow! A Keyblade! That means we have three times the work with collecting hearts! Ok Mistume, you can put it away. Now stay here. I'll hide a treasure chest for you to find. Before I do, I shall explane. Chests can hold importiant items in them, like potions," He informed Mistume. He then went off into the woods leaving her alone.

Mistume talked for the first time and told herself, "Three Keyblades? So there names I heard Roxas and Xion! Ya," she told herself.

Marluxia then came back and sent her off.  Mistume wandered in the forest. She watched passing trees and swore she saw passing shadows that frightened her. She carefully shook in fear and kept going. Mistume encountered a clearing and saw the chest in the middle. She ran in to open it, when suddenly, a Heartless appeared in front of her. Mistume yelped in fear for Marluxia and then hit the Heratless with her keyblade untill it was down.

Marluxia then ran in shouting, "MISTUME ARE YOU OK?!"

Mistume turned around, poition in her hand and told him what happened.

"Well done Mistume. You've taken down your first Heartless. We'll have Kingdom Hearts done in no time. C'mon lets go. Your task is complete," Marluxia told her and they walked off to the portal.

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