Mistume was still asleep. Lexaeus was sitting next to her, seeming very conserned. "I hope she's ok... That was a pretty powerful blow she got.." Lexaeus wispered.

Demyx and Vexen came in. Demyx looked at her and whispered to himself, "Why must things happen like this?"

Vexen had wraped some bandages around her to clear the bleeding. Vexen looked at her. "I know you two are worried also. I'll make sure she's ok. Like I said, I promised and I shall not break it," Vexen told them.

Mistume was having another dream. The Silver-haired boy was there too. The other one that looked like Roxas said something. "I'll trust you Marcus. Forever," the person said.

Marcus looked at him. "Thank you, Sora. Riku, and Kairi too. Wish me luck on the jorney," he told the three. So they were Sora, Riku, and Kairi. But why was she getting this dream? She then turned over and the boys looked at her.

"Hm... At least she's moving... Mistume, I think is getting some memory of her past by Namine..." Vexen told them.

Lexaeus smiled. He rubbed her head carefully. "We'll make sure your fine Mistume... And we wont let you down, we promise," He told her even though she wouldn't hear it. Demyx also smiled and said that he promised too.

Then Roxas came in with Xion. Xion looked over at Roxas and sighed. "I ...think this is my fault... I wasn't there to help her," Xion said.

"Hey it's not your fault. It's that Heartless's fault. It caused her to get hurt," Roxas reasured her. They all looked at her worriedly but everyone knew she'd be ok. When Vexen finished working on her wounds, they all left and let her rest.

Finding herself in these dreams, made her think. Who were these people? Why were they in HER dreams? Awnsers lied ahead that couldn't be much explained. But she had to find out.

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