Mistume sat down next to Roxas and Xion. They kindly looked at her and Roxas started a conversation, "So Mistume, I hear you have a Keyblade. I bet it's going to be fun working with you guys both!"

Xion giggled and Mistume and Roxas joined in on the joyful laughter. "So Mistume, I hear today we're all going out to smash a big Heartless! Together I bet we can do it," Xion said positively.

The three did a triple high-five and went over to Saix and told them they were ready. Saix opened the portal and went into a small town outside of the forest Mistume had visited yesterday. They went to look around town. Roxas and Xion knew this town like the back of there hand it seemed. They said it was some place called Twighlight Town.

In front of the clock tower they stoped. "Hold up guys. I have a weird feeling of this place," Roxas told them. They all drew their Keyblades when a huge Heartless appered. Roxas was right, and it was just how Saix described it.  Something called a Lurker. They ran at it striking it many times with the Keyblade untill... It stroked a claw at the three and they were all sent flying and very injured from the blow. Mistume had been knocked out cold. "Xion! Go get help! I'll take care of the Heartless," Roxas told Xion and he continued fighting.

About 30 minutes later the Heartless was defeated and Xion arrived with Vexen and Lexaeus. Vexen confirmed Mistume was in a coma and getting the worst of it. Lexaeus picked her up and hey went back. "She seems, a bit cold Vexen. Will she be ok? Because Mistume doesn't seem like it..." Lexaeus pointed out.

Vexen looked at her and rubbed Mistumes head carefully. "She'll be fine and I'll take care of her, I promise...," He said quietly.

They returned to the castle and Xemnas was waiting. In fact everyone was. They looked at her, some fearing the worst. "Will she be ok," came from Demyx. Demyx had talked with her the night before and they we're like friends now.

Vexen and Lexaeus went into her room and sat her down in her bed. Xemnas came in. "I think she may fair well... We must only wait. It may be Namine at work." Xemnas said looking at her.

Vexen looked at her and felt her. "Lexaeus you we're right... She... is cold... I'll go get some stuff and maybe we can do something to work," He told them. Everyone then left the room.

Mistume was having a dream. It was a bit hazy though. There was a young silver-haired boy with three others. One had looked like Roxas but it couldn't have been him. It ended though. Vexen came back in with the supplise and tended to her.

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