Mistume woke up and saw she was in some sort of glass compartment. She banged on the glass madly and shouted, "Let me out of here!!!" Just then she saw Xemnas and Saix. Mistume backed up in fear and slid down. "Erk... L-Leave me alone... Please," She whispered.

"Ya right... What we're gonna do is drain your power from the scar. Apparently you have the poewr to steal hearts like a heartless," Saix said. She got up scaredly then one of the sides made her get shocked several times. With eyes wide she shouted in pain.

"Gah! L-Let me out of here! Please," She pleaded. They did this for a few minutes. "Why did this have to happen... Just help me somebody..." She fell down slowly.

Just then Demyx fell in. "Hi supeirors! Hehe..." Demyx laughed. "I can explane..." Vexen then came in with some of the others. "Sorry kinda ruined it..." Demyx said, then getting up.

"Gee wizz just burst in why don't ya," Zexion mumbled. They then attacked while Vexen and Lexeaus got Mistume. They escaped back to Wonderland and it took a while for her to wake up. Mistume sat in a corner quietly with her hood up while the others were discussing where to get to tommorow. Zexion nudged Demyx. "Go over there..." Zexion said pointing behind himself at Mistume. Demyx sighed and got up and went and sat next to her.

"H-Hey Mistume... Listen I wanted to talk to ya... We can make it through this with you. I mean... you... seem like a little sister to me." Demyx said smiling. "I mean... you should take your hood off," Demyx whispered a bit sliding her hood off with Mistume's red hair sliding down. he smiled a bit thinking positive. Zexion looked back then at the group.

"Heh... we are a bit like family," Zexion smiled. He looked at the others and laughed. Demyx came back with Mistume and some fell asleep. The others who were awake planed where to go. They agreed to go to Sora and Riku's home, Destiny Island.

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