Mistume stayed awake for a second and listened to something two people were talking about. She couldn't figure out one person's voice. "Marluxia this isn't a good idea... Do you know what could happen if you tried taking over Orginazation?! I mean, Xemnas would have you turned into a Dusk so fast I..." the unfamiliar voice said. She wasn't too sure who it was.

"Now Vexen. I bet we can do this. I just need your help," Marluxia said. So the voice was Vexens... She wasn't sure what they we're talking about. Taking over the Orginazation? That could be dangerous. She listened a bit more hearing Vexen continue.

"Well, I see the darkness came to you. I need to tell Mistume about what I saw. I found out everyone in this Orginization, will become evil," Vexen told him. She was then in fear and rushed to bed scaredly. Mistume didn't know what to do, but she silently went to sleep.

She then had a dream, she heard a voice. She wasn't sure how it was familiar. "Mistume... Mistume... Wake up," The person said. She opened her eyes and looked around. Oddly no one was there but then looked up seeing two boys with silver hair.

"Riku... and Marcus? Where am I..." She asked. Mistume got up. "Oh. Wait I'm in Twilight Town forest," She said. "So, why am I here," She asked.

"We're here to warn you about the darkness Vexen said about. You have to leave and find somewhere to go" Riku told her. She looked at him nervously.

"Well can I be able to take a few people with me? Like Lexeaus and some others," She asked.

"You will. Meet us in this forest in two days," Marcus told her. She woke up with alarm and rushed into the Gray Room.  Everyone she hoped would come along was there. Roxas, Xion, Vexen, Demyx, Zexion, and Lexeaus. They were able to all go in groups to Twilight Town and met up later.

"ok, everyones here... Tomorrow we will go to the forest and meet my somebody, Marcus, and his freind Riku. We're gonna find somewhere to go," She informed.

It was then night and Mistume got up to look around for anyone looking for them. She saw a red glow and hid hearing familiar mumbling. "Why send me out here... Agh... Why," the voice said. She then realised it was Axel. She grabed his arm and ran back. "Great! We'll be able to all go now," He said. They then went to sleep.

Mistume looked at everyone asleep. Axel had ade a fire for them. She looked as a shadowy figure passed by Zexion and a Nova Shadow was about to slash him and Mistume got up and defeated it. Zexion woke up and looked at her. "W-w-what happened Mistume..." He nervously asked.

"I helped you from a Nova Shadow Zexion. Just go back to sleep..." She told him. Zexion went back to sleep and Mistume went over and fell asleep.

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