Mistume woke up early to get onto her mission. She walked in the room to see Xigbar, Larxene, and Marluxia standing there. "Good morining Misty~ Guess who's ready for her initiation," Marluxis told her. "It's been delaid for quite a while but now's the time," He continued. Xigbar got out a bucket of water.

"Xiggy what are you-," Mistume stoped as Xigbar put the bucket of water onto her head and then she sat there. The water froze on her head because she had ice powers a bit like Vexen who was gonna train her. She looked up with a wierd look on her face. "What was that for," She asked.

The three laughed and Xigbar spoke up. "Thats right! Her original person used to give me that exact, same look," he tol them compairing her look to Marcus. She took the bucket off. She wiped her frosty hair and looked at Larxene who was about to speak.

"Welp, welcome to the Oginazation kid! You've done good," Larxene laughed. That's when Vexen and Saix walked in.

"What is the meaning of this? The bucket trick again you three," Saix asked and continued,"You three take out a hord of heartless and then beat 3 huge heartless!" Saix sent the three off then and then Vexen went to his misson on a recon with Mistume in a new world.

After that, Mistume went to a small feild to meet Lexeaus. They both went there that day to meet. Mistume ran in there and saw Lexeaus. "Well look who's early", Lexeaus laughed.

"Yep I'm late. Sorry! Hehe," She said joining the laughter. She sat down and took out two cookies. "Want one," She asked him.

"Sure," he said. they ate the cookies and left a bit later. Lexeaus had to carry her back because Mistume had fallen asleep. Thay went back, the main room quiet and empty. He put her into her bed and he then went off to sleep too.

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