Everyone was asleep. 11 days had passed and Lexaeus was watching over her. He looked at her and sighed with pity. Mistumes' hand then twitched and Lexaeus looked up. She was carefully waking up. "Mistume... your awake," He told her.

She looked over at him. "L-Lexaeus...? What happened..." She said in confusion. She took a look around the room thinking she might see the looming dark figure of the Lurker in front of her again. Vexen had heard a noise so he came in to see.

"Ah, Mistume's awake. I hope your feeling well," Vexen told her. He untied the bandage around her waist and bundled it up. "Tommorow you'll continue regular missions. You'll get another whack at a Lurker with Lexeaus and Luxord". he said.

She then seemed streesed. She had to face another Lurker. The only way she was calm knowing those two would be there for her.

The next day they set off for Twighlight Town. Luxord seemed so bored. He decided to throw one of his playing cards at a building. Lexeaus looked at him. "You gonna pick that up Lux..." He said with a glare.

"Ya ya... Later kay" He assured Lexeaus. They continued with Mistume on the lead. Oddly things began to get dark.

Mistume wandered in this darkness lost. She then found the dark figure of the Lurker in front of her. She drew her Keyblade but it was slashed aside and landed at Luxord and Lexeaus's feet and they were arguing where to go. "At least I heard they sent last minute backup Lex- huh," Luxord stoped. He saw the Keyblade on the ground.

Across the way, Mistume was hanging onto a building edge as Neoshaows tried to get her down untill one slashed her eye and she fell. Something caught her. She opened her eyes and saw Axle. "Need a little help," He joked. Lexaeus threw the Keyblade to her and she caught it as they heard the voice of Xaldin.

"Hey where are you guys," Xaldin shouted at them. They all grouped up circling the Lurker and defeated it, striking one final blow at them before they finished it.

They found Luxord pinned to a wall with his own cards. Mistume had been smashed into the wall right next to him. One of the shops had been detroyed as they found Axle inside on the ground covered in different jewlrey. After they helped everyone out Lexaeus looked at Mistume who had a scar which had oddly looked like the Heartless symbol. They left it alone and R.T.C'd before more of those Lurkers showed up.

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