It had been 8 days scince Mistume went into her coma. Xion was counting every day waiting.  In the main room, Marluxia paced around for a while. Lexaeus and Demyx simply watched him thinking. "We wont find anything for Mistume at the rate your thinking Marly..." Deymx commented.

"Hey these things take time Demyx," He told Demyx annoyed. He continued walking around and Vexen came in.

"I found some stuff with the help of Xemnas. He told me it was Namines' work. That gave me a short lead at least," Vexen told them.

Lexaeus went in to see her and sat down and thought, could this be my fault? Were we there too late...? He sighed at this thought and looked at her. She rolled over and seemed to be in some sort of pain. "Huh...," He whispered. Lexaeus felt her forehead and she was a bit warm.

Vexen came in. "Hey, is everything ok," He asked as Lexaeus looked up at him. He seemed to have a look of anxiety.

"She's warm... I don't think she's doing well..." Lexaeus said a bit quietly. Vexen left to get an ice pack. Lexaeus got up and left too.

Mistume was having a bad dream at the time too. Marcus and Kairi were in danger at the time. Marcus was holding on to ther cliffside while he had Kairi in his other grip. They accedently then fell. It made Mistume get worse.

Vexen came in and put the ice pack on her. He looked at her cautiously. "We'll make sure you get better..." Vexen sighed.

A few days later, Demyx and Axle were watching Larxene who was asleep on one of the couches. "How does she sleep when Mistume could be in somewhat danger..." Demyx asked Axle. He simply shrugged. Xigbar got up then and got a marker out of his coat.

"Hey what'cha gonna do with the marker Zig" Axle asked him. He wnet over with the marker and drew a mustache on her. The boys laughed. "That's what she gets for saying," Axle then mimked her voice,"Things will be much better with one less brat around!"

Xigbar fliped the marker and put it in his pocket. "Sweet, sweet, revenge~," He said with pleasure.

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