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  • My occupation is NA (like to draw like Namine)
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  • XionFan0202

    Mistume woke up and saw she was in some sort of glass compartment. She banged on the glass madly and shouted, "Let me out of here!!!" Just then she saw Xemnas and Saix. Mistume backed up in fear and slid down. "Erk... L-Leave me alone... Please," She whispered.

    "Ya right... What we're gonna do is drain your power from the scar. Apparently you have the poewr to steal hearts like a heartless," Saix said. She got up scaredly then one of the sides made her get shocked several times. With eyes wide she shouted in pain.

    "Gah! L-Let me out of here! Please," She pleaded. They did this for a few minutes. "Why did this have to happen... Just help me somebody..." She fell down slowly.

    Just then Demyx fell in. "Hi supeirors! Hehe..." Demyx laughed. "I ca…

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  • XionFan0202

    KH Day: 29 pain...

    April 28, 2013 by XionFan0202

    Mistume woke up expecting to see everyone ready to start the day. Instead she heard moaning. "Huh... what the..." She said sleeply and woke up seeing she was on a wall, stuck there by... Luxord's cards? Mistume looked side to side seeing Zexion and Demyx there too. She then looked down and saw the others surrouded by giant cards like some sort of cage. In front of it was Luxord.

    "Look who's awake... I suppose I should tell you whats going on," Luxord said. Vexen looked up dimly. By the look on his face, he seemed to already know.

    Vexen then replied, "The darkness... It has gotten to you too... And I know your here for Mistume." Mistume looked at Vexen in shock. How was she invovled? But she was the one in somewhat pain and beaten up.

    "How am …

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  • XionFan0202

    Mistume stayed awake for a second and listened to something two people were talking about. She couldn't figure out one person's voice. "Marluxia this isn't a good idea... Do you know what could happen if you tried taking over Orginazation?! I mean, Xemnas would have you turned into a Dusk so fast I..." the unfamiliar voice said. She wasn't too sure who it was.

    "Now Vexen. I bet we can do this. I just need your help," Marluxia said. So the voice was Vexens... She wasn't sure what they we're talking about. Taking over the Orginazation? That could be dangerous. She listened a bit more hearing Vexen continue.

    "Well, I see the darkness came to you. I need to tell Mistume about what I saw. I found out everyone in this Orginization, will become evi…

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  • XionFan0202

    Mistume woke up early to get onto her mission. She walked in the room to see Xigbar, Larxene, and Marluxia standing there. "Good morining Misty~ Guess who's ready for her initiation," Marluxis told her. "It's been delaid for quite a while but now's the time," He continued. Xigbar got out a bucket of water.

    "Xiggy what are you-," Mistume stoped as Xigbar put the bucket of water onto her head and then she sat there. The water froze on her head because she had ice powers a bit like Vexen who was gonna train her. She looked up with a wierd look on her face. "What was that for," She asked.

    The three laughed and Xigbar spoke up. "Thats right! Her original person used to give me that exact, same look," he tol them compairing her look to Marcus. She…

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  • XionFan0202

    Everyone was asleep. 11 days had passed and Lexaeus was watching over her. He looked at her and sighed with pity. Mistumes' hand then twitched and Lexaeus looked up. She was carefully waking up. "Mistume... your awake," He told her.

    She looked over at him. "L-Lexaeus...? What happened..." She said in confusion. She took a look around the room thinking she might see the looming dark figure of the Lurker in front of her again. Vexen had heard a noise so he came in to see.

    "Ah, Mistume's awake. I hope your feeling well," Vexen told her. He untied the bandage around her waist and bundled it up. "Tommorow you'll continue regular missions. You'll get another whack at a Lurker with Lexeaus and Luxord". he said.

    She then seemed streesed. She had to f…

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