If anyone knows the game Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed , then you should know that the release of the PC version for Steam contains a third-party racer called Team Fortress with the Heavy, Pyro, and Spy classes from Team Fortress 2. This is the second time anyone has known that characters from a mature rated game appeared in a game targeted at a younger audience (the first being Super Smash Bros. Brawl) . This was done with Valve as Sega knew Team Fortress 2's popularity and wanted to expand the Sonic fanbase to Team Fortress players. With this in mind, Disney and Square Enix should do this as well so the Kingodm Hearts fanbase could be expanded to TF2 players. The Mercenaries could have attacks based on weapons/taunts used in TF2 and would be allies to the party. the plot would also be set at the time of the TF2 time the Mann vs. Machine gamemode is set in (around 1970) and would possibly a world the group stumbles upon and is being invaded by Heartless.

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