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Good day ya Kingdom Hearts fan guys and gals! This is Saxton Hale from Team Fortress 2 here (ya know the game that other Kingdom Hearts wiki The Keyhole works with made fun of for April Fools day a couple years back) and I just came back from the Kingdom Hearts universe from an adventure (making that spiky haired kid's job easier) KICKING BAD GUY BUTT AND FORCING THEIR BUTTS DOWN THEIR THORATS! I've "generously asked" that The spy1 "help" me tell you my ploys in the world where you all cheerish (The spy1 wanted to announce a cruddy gmod remake of a Mickey Mouse cartoon called Runaway Brain with that spiky haried kid and that girl who MIGHT be his girlfriend as the heroes).

Me vs that guy that fights with water

If this was put on a TF2 wiki people would ask me RIGHT from the title: "Saxton Hale, why would you fight a guy that uses water as a weapon?" WELL I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!! I was looking something in the underworld (after that kid and his dog and duck friends were gone) like a giant Heartless or Nobody. Anything that could tear a normal human being into little bloody pieces and use the bones as toothpicks. BUT that punk showed up and decided to pick a fight with me to "practice" for a possible rematch with that kid later.

Demyx KHD

This is what that little wanka looked like. Think his name was Demyx or something.

So what all happened was that somehow he knew I was looking for something to fight (pummel to death really) He says "Hey grandpa!" I look at the little punk (since I'm not THAT old) and say the cloaked punk "Who you callin' grandpa wanka!" Since he apprently doesn't know wanka is an australian curse word he scratches his and it takes him a minute (literally a FULL minute) to figure it out and then pulls out a guitar, plays a few notes and some water thingys pop up. I say to him "What ya gonna do? sprinkle me with water?" He replied by saying " No grandpa, I'm gonna make eat those words!" From the guitar and the clothes, I could smell hippie all over him, and I hate hippes. I destroy the water thingys and punch his clock out like it was no tomorrow. I let the fellow live since there was not much use killin 'im (thats probably why when you fight him again in the Kingdom Hearts II game, its harder). I say to his puny beaten face "I eat hippies like you for breakfest, some cases literally (joking, of course)! So thats how I fought that guy, join me if I decide to tell you more of my adventure in KH universe. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to Mann Co. as there is a grizzly bear in my office for a late night beating. Until next time SAXTON HAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLEEEEEE!!!!!        

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