Please note this page may contain mature content due to ESRB's Mature rating for the Diablo series

Kingdom Hearts Diablo logo
Kingdom Hearts: Diablo
is an upcoming fan made crossver between the Kingdom Hearts and the Diablo series developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is a sequel to Diablo III and possibly set as either a sequel to Kingdom Hearts III or as an alternate plot. The story's is set to much darker than what is seen in the official Kingdom Hearts games and adaptions and revolves around preventing the extinction off all life. The story can also be consider a "what-if" as it explores the idea that the Diablo universe is the precursor to the Kingdom Hearts universe.


Virtually nothing is known of the plot except from a poster which leads to the idea that the χ-blade is responsible for imprisoning the title antangonist of the Diablo series. And that another keyblade war would result in his release and threatening the world of light once again after being imprisoned for thousands of years.


The story will foucus on expanding the Kingdom Hearts universe and explain the results in the events seen in the Diablo series

  • The Princesses of Heart would be decendants of the Archangels (which princess is decendant to which one will be revealed over time).
  • Keyblade weldiers and masters would be the decendants of angels.
  • The Realm of Light would be the combination of half of the human world and the High Heavens.
  • The Realm of Darkness would be the comination of half the human world and the Burning Hells.
  • Riku and Terra would be decendants of both an angel and a Prime Evil  (decided to either be Baal or Diablo for the Prime Evils).
  • Sora would be a decendant of the hero from either Diablo II , or from Diablo III .

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