If anyone is interested. Tonight from 7:30 pm ET/4:30 PT to 11 pm ET/8:00 PT I'm doing a livestream of the PS4 version fo Destiny starting off with the very first raid unlocked to players on Very hard difficulty. There will live gameplay of story missions, competiteve multiplayer, and other missions Live on Twitch. And yes, my PSN name is Bioniclekid, thats because I made the account years ago. But if you have Destiny on PS4 and see me before 7:00 pm ET, thats because I'm still setting things up for the live stream. I'll post the link when the stream starts. I hope to other Kingdom Hearts fans in-game! Edit: Due to unforseen technical difficulties, the stream will be starting later than planned. DUe to technical diffculties the stream has been canceled.

My profile:

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