Do you guys think the Kingdom Hearts 3 should be muti-platform? While KH1&2 where PS2 excusives, there are a few reasons why I think a Wii U and 360 verson should be released. For starters, Square released Final Fantisy games on bolth the PS3 and 360, but when FF games where on the PS2 only, they were exlusives.  Also, more resent KH games have been exulsive on Nintendo hand helds, (Such as, 358/2 days, and 3D DDD,) while these were more filler games, and hand held, they still give hope for a Wii U KH3.

I could also see many sony fans getting mad like with Final Fantasy going onto 360, and losing one of there exlusives. I've even seen people who thought FF started with 7 on the playstation and didn't believe me when I said the FF1-6 were released on a Nintendo consle, making them even more mad.

I know I got off topic a bit, but I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject. This is a topic that has interested me to no end, and only got one other persons openion on it.

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